Colourful Easter

Spring means Easter and Easter means lots of cosy creative hours for the whole family. Cover the table with creative materials so that everyone, children and adults alike, can shape lots of colourful Easter eggs, make cute Easter bunnies and cheerful yellow chicks. If you’re just as crazy about crepe paper flowers as we are, you can try creating an entire one-of-a-kind bouquet that will last for years to come. Don't forget your Easter bunny’s cute little door. I wonder when it will sneak out and hide eggs around the house or maybe in the garden? Find lots of craft kits for children and adults and ideas for hours of creative Easter fun for the whole family below.



Louise Ballegaard Juul

Creative manager

Both young and old love wonderful pastel colours and our new Easter Craft Kits are perfect for creative enthusiasts of all ages.

Surprise the kids with the Easter bunny door

If your children love the Elf Door, they will love the Easter Bunny Door too. Hide the little wooden Easter eggs in the garden and let the children find them.

View our creative kits and new arrivals

View our creative kits and new arrivals

Creative Easter eggs

for hours of cosy, creative fun

Check out our latest ideas

Check out our latest ideas

See more Easter ideas

Sweeten the wait for Easter with lots of creativity. Find inspiration in all of our ideas for Easter.

See more Easter ideas

Sweeten the wait for Easter with lots of creativity. Find inspiration in all of our ideas for Easter.



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Colorful Easter

Make this year's Easter the most creative of all. On this page, we have gathered everything that makes Easter extra fun, cozy, and colorful. We want to inspire you to create fun Easter things with the whole family – both adults and children. So, let's dive into Easter's biggest trend together, which includes beautiful pastel colors, yellow feathers, and creative eggs in all shades.


Creative easter activities for children and adults

Easter is a time for creativity, fun, and togetherness – it's about creating memories with your children. Here are some enjoyable Easter activities you can do during the Easter holiday:


  • Paint Easter eggs

Bring out the brushes and let the children paint Easter eggs. They can use different colors, patterns, and even try to create small Easter figures on the eggs. Use classic spring colors like yellow and green – and feel free to enhance them with lovely pastel shades. Afterwards, they can decorate the painted eggs with stickers, glitter, sequins, or markers.


  • Shape Easter figures

Use our easy Silk Clay and Foam Clay to create cute Easter figures like rabbits, chicks, and eggs. This is a fun way to let children express their imagination.


  • Hunt for Easter eggs

Organize an Easter egg hunt in the garden or indoors. Hide small chocolate eggs or colorful Easter eggs, and let the children explore. It creates excitement and gives them a delightful Easter experience.


  • Make homemade Easter decorations

Try making your own Easter decorations. You can cut out your own Easter motifs in cardboard, which you can then decorate with various materials such as sequins, glitter, and beads.


What creative Easter decorations can you make?

If you enjoy making your own Easter decorations, check out our exciting do-it-yourself craft kits. These kits contain everything you need – from materials to simple instructions, making it easy for you to create Easter chicks, Easter rabbits, and Easter eggs. Whether you're a child, teenager, or adult, we have plenty of kits for those who love creative Easter activities. Let's take a look at some of our popular Easter kits:


Craft Kit Modeling Easter Figures

Create cute Easter figures with this kit! Modeling is an activity that many children love – and it's easy for them to work with. They can, for example, shape cute Easter rabbits, yellow chicks, or other fun fantasy figures.


Mini Craft Kit Crocheted Easter Eggs

Do you feel like crocheting during the Easter days? With this kit, you get everything you need to crochet your own small Easter eggs. Make them in lovely Easter colors and hang them on fresh spring branches from the garden.


Craft Kit Crepe Paper Crepe Paper Flowers

Get your home ready for spring with beautiful crepe paper flowers. This kit contains all the necessary materials to create colorful flowers that can adorn the table for the Easter lunch.


Mini Craft Kit Easter Eggs of Pompons

Make cute, small Easter eggs out of pompons that are super soft and colorful. Hang them on branches or use them as part of your Easter decoration.


Mini Craft Kit Easter Chicks of Pompons

Small pompon chicks are super fun to make – and the result is super cute. Make them together with your children, and then hang them up in the children's room.


Mini Craft Kit Marbled Easter Eggs in Silk Clay

Create marbled Easter eggs with Silk Clay – a perfect project for children during the Easter holidays. This kit contains all the necessary materials, and the finished Easter eggs are perfect as children's Easter decorations.


We have many other Easter kits besides the ones mentioned here. If you want to see them all, we have gathered them right here.


The little door with great magic

Just like the elf door, the Easter bunny's door is a sweet Easter activity for children. With our DIY Craft Easter Bunny Door, the Easter bunny can easily move in with you during the Easter holiday. The kit contains everything you need to build and decorate your own little door.

How to use the Easter bunny's door:

  • Find the perfect spot: Choose a special place for the Easter bunny's door. It can be in the child's room, in the living room – or a special place in the home where the family often gathers.


  • Decorate around the door: Create a small Easter garden or a mini landscape around the door. Use artificial flowers, small stones, and other decorative items to create a cozy home for the Easter bunny.


  • Expect surprises: The Easter bunny loves to spread joy – so children can expect small surprises during the Easter days. You never know what the Easter bunny might have left by the door. It could be mini eggs, small notes, or even bunny tracks.


  • Follow the Easter bunny's adventures: Include the children in the Easter fun by doing things for the Easter bunny together. You can write letters to the Easter bunny or leave small gifts that you think he might like – such as carrots, homemade Easter eggs, chocolate eggs, or a daffodil from the garden.


  • Create small Easter stories: The Easter bunny's door also allows for using imagination. As parents, you can write small Easter stories from the perspective of the Easter bunny, which you read aloud to the children during the Easter holiday.


Who is the Easter bunny?

The Easter bunny is like a festive guest who visits your home during Easter. In several countries, it is a longstanding tradition – and it often appears in various Easter stories. The Easter bunny is known for hiding small surprises such as colored eggs or sweet treats around. Like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny is often invisible – and therefore, not many children see it when it plays Easter pranks.


Why do we give Easter eggs?

Long ago, when spring began, people believed that eggs symbolized new life and fertility. In the past, people were supposed to avoid eating eggs during Lent, a period when they abstained from certain foods before Easter. So, when Easter came, they had a lot of eggs they wanted to eat.

To make it more enjoyable, people decided to decorate the eggs. They painted them in beautiful colors and created intricate patterns. It wasn't just to make the eggs prettier but also to symbolize new life and the joy of spring.

As time passed, people began hiding decorated eggs in gardens. Children loved searching for them, and it evolved into the fun activity we call an Easter egg hunt.

Today, Easter eggs are an essential part of Easter celebrations everywhere. Some still make beautiful hand-painted eggs, while others prefer delicious chocolate eggs. Find plenty of inspiration for your creative Easter eggs right here.

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