Be creative in open air

Spring is on its way, and with it, sunny days of blue skies and warm breezes. Now, the children can go outside more often and longer, where there's room to fly a kite, draw with chalk and jump with a skipping rope. Check out our popular products and be inspired by our creative ideas, so you're ready for lots of fun outdoor activities in the good weather.

Be creative in open air
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Summer is the time of year when the sun shines, the air is fresh and creativity really moves outside. When the warm sunshine finally returns, we know it’s time for the kids to go outside again – but what should they do out there? With us, you don't need to miss a thing. On this page, we've gathered all the toys that the kids will love to bring outside and play with this summer. You’ll find windmills, kites, skipping ropes, bats and frisbees – all things that children can help decorate and make their own. For example, they can use our different markers, paint and electric burners to decorate with. In other words, we have everything you need to fill up summer’s outdoor activities with lots of creativity.


Summer is the perfect season for anyone, young and old alike, who's interested in learning about nature. The weather is now warm enough for all the animals and insects to start coming out again. For example, children can get up close to the natural world and its tiny creatures with our magnifying glasses. With a magnifier in their hand, children can go exploring after the many insects in your garden – from ants and spiders to crane flies and beetles. If the plain wooden magnifying glass looks too boring for the family’s little insect hunters, you can decorate it together.

If you want to do something good for the garden’s insects that may be struggling to find food and shelter, you can try one of the popular insect hotels. Our wooden insect hotel is a project filled with creativity – it can be painted, drawn on and decorated. And once the insect hotel is finished, the cute ladybirds and chubby bumble bees will have a nice place to sleep, eat and rest.


For many, summer means going out for a walk in the nice weather – and while you're out walking, you can collect lots of stones to decorate at home. Painting on stones is a fun activity that you can involve the whole family in. Try our ideas that can transform the stones into turtles, fish or fruit. 


Pavement chalk will help you take creativity outside this summer – just a simple bucket of chalk can get the kids drawing away on the pavement concrete or patio paving stones for hours. You can try to make the best driveway on the street together by creating lots of small artworks and colourful chalk drawings. You can also use the chalk to start some fun outdoor games. If the children need a bike lane, for example, you can just paint one on the paving stones for the children to race along, and if you need a game, you can take a round of noughts and crosses on the concrete. Even letters and numbers can be practised outside in the summer sun rather than inside an exercise book. And if the rain comes and washes everything away, you can simply cover the paving stones with new decorations and new games.

Check out our colourful selection of pavement chalk, which is great for writing, drawing and making hopscotch lanes.


A skipping rope is a must-have for summer when the weather is mild and the urge to play is high. It makes it easy to try out the good old skipping games that we remember from our own childhood. You can skip in time to well-known rhymes, or count how many jumps each of you can do in one go. Regardless of which game the children jump into, it will strengthen their motor skills, coordination and fitness. Together, you can draw on the skipping rope with Posca markers and paint it with Plus Color craft paint to make it look fun and personal – see the idea right here.


We have lots of kites in stock that look fantastic as they're taken by the wind. Kites are super fun to take along on beach trips and summer excursions – places where there’s plenty of room to run until the wind takes hold and takes the kite into the air. Flying a kite is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise, and is perfect for summer days when the sky is blue and the wind is breezy. So head outside and enjoy a windy summer's day together.

The best thing about our kites is that the children can decorate them themselves. They can paint and draw on them with textile markers and watch their own artwork soar when they take them outside to fly them.

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