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Kraft paper is made from recycled paper and is typically coarse, thick paper with or without a pattern. Recycled Kraft paper has a rough surface suitable for watercolours, crayons, dry pastels and liquid paints. Choose between plain recycled paper and Kraft paper with a print.



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Recycled paper is in

Recycling is a word that on everyone's lips, and is currently a popular phenomenon. There has been an increased focus on our environment and the future of our planet, and recycling is an important factor here. Therefore, we also sell a large selection of recycled paper here at Creativ Company.

Recycled paper is often characterised by being relatively coarse and thick, and can be of a similar quality to papier-mâché. It has a more robust and natural look than, for example, the standard and classic white paper that we know so well.

Our recycled and kraft paper/cardboard can vary slightly in appearance, as it is recycled material – and therefore it looks completely unique. Some of our recycled paper also comes with a motif that makes the paper even more distinctive, and opens up an incredible number of creative opportunities.

Our recycled paper is available in both A4 and A3 sizes, and you can buy it in sheets and rolls. Feel free to buy one of our multi-sheet packs in e.g. 125 sheets or 500 sheets if you need it for the entire office and workplace. Recycled paper can also be used for printing on standard printers. That natual brownish colour is the classic colour of recycled paper, but in our range you will also find it in other colours, including grey, white and black.

Kraft paper, recycled paper, or recycled cardboard?

There are many terms – when you scroll down our selection you will most likely enounter all the various words – including kraft paper, recycled paper, recycled cardboard and sulphite paper. But what exactly are the differences between all these types? First of all, let’s take it from the top: The difference between cardboard and paper. Cardboard is a heavier material than paper, and thus also more durable. But what do kraft and recycled mean? Both types are rough and thick pieces of paper, which is often characterised by being brown or grey. The recycled paper is so named because recycled pulp is used in the manufacture of the paper – the composition is often about 70% recycling paper and the remaining 30% is recycled pulp.

Kraft paper is also referred to as wood pulp paper, so be aware of this if you encounter this expression in our range or elsewhere.

You can read more about each individual piece of paper by clicking on the product descriptions and learning more about their unique specifications. However, if you still have questions, you can of course contact our customer service, who will be happy to help you.

Support recycling and the environment through recycled paper

If you, as a company or just as a private individual, have the desire to support ecology, recycling, and the environment – you should invest in recycled and kraft paper. As we’ve already seen, it’s more rustic and raw in its expression – and it also shows that you recycle. For example, if you own a company that markets itself as green, you should not be printing large quantities of marketing material on classic white paper. Instead, print brochures, leaflets, and posters on recycled paper, which will show what you stand for. It will earn you some environmental brownie points.

A CV or business card can also appear more unique and distinctive when printed on recycled paper. It gives a different look compared to traditional white paper.

Of course, you can then discuss how much more environmentally friendly recycled paper is compared to traditional white paper. In short, though, it has some good qualities, and it supports something quite special.

The good quality of the paper

Kraft and recycled paper has a rough surface, which can be a great advantage if you work with certain materials, e.g. if you are a big fan of greasy oil pastels, which bind well to raw and absorbent paper types like recycled paper.

The good thing about recycled paper is that all types of materials can be used on it, such as markers, paints, inks, and the like. This includes water colours, crayons, soft pastels, and liquid paint. When you paint or draw on recycled paper, you get a completely different look than on just ordinary white paper. If you have painted a colourful motif, a transition to glossy white paper may seem a bit hard – and the natural beige colour will provide a more calm and harmonious look.

Always keep some recycled paper in stock for use in all kinds of creative projects. In this way, your children also have some recycled paper for painting and colouring beautiful motifs.

Party decorations and table decorations made from recycled paper

Would you like to be a little untraditional when decorating your table or creating invites? Then read on to find out how to use recycled paper for your next big party.

There should be a common thread throughout the party, which creates coherence and harmony. This can be done in several different ways – but one idea could be to use the same type of material all the way through. And this begins with the invitation.

Make some wonderful invitations from recycled paper and combine it with some of our other paper and cardboard from the range. Use the same style for the place cards, party song, party menu, etc. Yes, you can even make an entire tablecloth out of recycled paper – you can find a roll of recycled paper in our range.

Recycled paper can even be used for wrapping gifts. Like all other paper, you also have the option of colouring and painting recycled paper. Feel free to buy some different colours and markers that you can use to decorate your gift wrapping. Recycling evokes natural associations to nature, partly because of its brown colour. You can continue this concept with dried flowers, rustic yarn, etc.

Looking for more ideas on how to use recycled paper in a creative way? Then take a look through our big catalogue of ideas and get inspired.

If you have any questions about any of our recycled paper, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who can help you with any questions, both big and small.

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