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Table decorations from a bamboo ring decorated with dried flowers


Make table decorations from bamboo rings by decorating them with sisal, dried flowers and a wood veneer sign with text made from rub-on stickers. Attach onto a wooden stand.

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Table decorations from a bamboo ring decorated with dried flowers
Table decorations from a bamboo ring decorated with dried flowers

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    How to do it
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    Wrap sisal around 1/3 of a bamboo ring. Secure the ends with a glue gun.
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    Glue dried flowers on top of the sisal using a glue gun. Start in the middle with the large flower heads and arrange the flowers in a fashion so that they gradually get smaller on each side. Arrange the flowers into colours for a harmonious look. Glue a wooden stick into a wooden stand. Glue a bit of sisal and dried flowers onto the stand as well.
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    Cut the wood veneer into 3 cm wide strips with a craft knife.
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    Attach rub-on stickers with letters onto the wood veneer. Measure 0.5 cm from the bottom edge. Place a ruler along the 0.5 cm mark as a guide. Cut out your chosen letters, remove the protective paper from the back as you place your letters along the ruler. Rub the letters onto the wood veneer using the supplied wooden stick.
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    Place the bamboo ring on top of the piece of wood veneer and mark the length and the curve with a pencil as shown in the photo. Make sure to place the text right in the middle of the ring. Trim the wood veneer with a pair of scissors and glue it onto the front of the ring.
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    Glue the finished decorated bamboo ring onto the wooden stick on the stand, either at the top or at the bottom of the bamboo ring. Support the bamboo ring whilst the glue dries. Glue on a small amount of sisal and a flower to cover the blob of glue.
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