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We offer a wide range of special glues, so you can glue almost all materials together. Find wood glue, VTR glue, mounting glue, spray glue, latex, wallpaper paste, epoxy glue, contact adhesive, textile glue, glass glue and glue markers.



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Find special glue for your project

At Creativ Company, we have a wide range of glues, so you can find the exact kind of glue that is perfect for your project. There are different versions of the common allround glues, and you can also find wood glue, glass glue and silicone, which can also be used as glue for some projects.

Some of our glues are suitable for children, while others are not suitable for children. It is important to be aware of this. Also, remember to use a mat when using glue so that you don't ruin the table or the tablecloth underneath your project. It is a good idea to always check what is underneath your project. Sometimes it can also be a good idea to wear an apron if you want to take good care of your clothes. Young children in particular can benefit from wearing an apron.

Glue for glass, paper and fabric  

If you are doing projects where you need to glue things together, and this cannot be done using standard allround glue, you you'll need a special glue that can stick to the items you are working with.

In other words, if you are working with glass, you need to get hold of glass glue. If you are creating projects using fabric, you'll need textile glue. You may be lucky enough that some allround glues can do the job on different surfaces for you. But if you want to be completely sure, you need to buy the glue that matches your material. You will not regret this.

If you need to glue large surfaces, and just don't want to use a small glue stick, then you'll need spray glue. This is bottled glue that allows you to apply glue to large surfaces quickly and easily. Be aware of what else you risk hitting with the glue, and move these before you start.

You can also find wallpaper paste at Creativ Company. As the name suggests, you use wallpaper paste to mount wallpaper. But you can also use it for much more fun activities. Namely, papier-mâché. All you need is a balloon, a bunch of newspaper in strips, and a bowl of wallpaper paste. Then you are well on your way to making your own papier-mâché piggy bank. If you’re really dexterous and creative about what to make on the outside, there are actually no limits to what you can make from papier-mâché 

Wood glue – works on both wood and porcelain

For projects involving wood, it is a good idea to use proper wood glue. The wood glue works by penetrating the pores of the wood and hardening it from the inside. And that way, it connects your two pieces of wood together. Other types of glue do not penetrate the pores in the same way, and you will therefore find that the glue only settles on the surface of the wood. It will not last as good as proper wood glue.

Another great way to use wood glue is to fix broken pieces of porcelain. Because porcelain is actually a kind of clay and therefore it has a porous surface on the broken edge, so you can use wood glue to glue the pieces back together again. The wood glue penetrates the porcelain and holds the pieces together, just like it does with wood. It does not work in the same way on the glazed surface of the porcelain, but it works well on the broken shards. 

Inspiration for projects using glue

Almost all hobby projects require some kind of glue. Perhaps you'll need to take out your glue gun, or perhaps you want to create a pretty project by gluing leather pieces together using raw latex.

Whatever kind of glue you need, you can find it on this page. If we don't have exactly what you need, please contact our customer service. They will do everything they can to help you.

In our huge inspirational catalogue, you can find many fun and exciting projects to get started on. There are projects ranging between many levels of difficulty, and there are guidelines for the projects, so that you can get help all the way through.

For example, you can find instructions for creating your own postcards using glue and deco foil. You will need cardboard, a soft pencil, a glue marker, and deco foil in the colours you want to use. On our website you can find templates of different motifs, if you want help with drawing something on your card. Or you can just draw something on your own. Draw softly with the pencil so that it does not show through the glue afterwards. If you want to use one of our templates, print it out in a size that fits your card. Then you have to heavily shade the back of the paper that has the drawing. Thereafter, place the stencil on top of your card, with the drawing at the top and the shaded section against your card. Draw on top of the motif, and it will transfer to your card.

Then draw on top of the line using your glue marker. Use only one colour at a time if you're using more than one colour. When the glue is so dry that it still sticks to your fingers but does not come off, place your deco foil over it and smooth it down hard over the glue. Then carefully remove it and you will see that the foil stays in the glue and gives your motif beautiful metallic colours.

You can also sprinkle glitter over your glue. Then your motif will glimmer without using foil, but it is entirely up to you what kind of card you want to make.

You know how some socks are too slippery, so you end up slipping around on the floor? You can do something about this. With our Sock Stop liquid latex, you can make your own non-slip socks. Simply dab the latex on the underside of the sock, possibly in a pretty pattern. Let it dry and voila, you’ll have socks that don't slide on the living room floor. This is perfect for your children’s socks.

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