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Silk Clay Pendants


These pendants are modelled from Silk Clay. A key ring is pressed into the finished Silk Clay pendant immediately. Let the finished key rings with the pendants dry for 24 hours on a plastic pocket before using.

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Silk Clay Pendants
Silk Clay Pendants

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    How to do it
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    Making a Silk Clay muffin: start by pressing or rolling the modelling clay flat.
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    You may cut the Silk Clay into small pieces using a pair of scissors. This is how to cut the muffin base.
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    Use a shape cutter and make a perfect flower shape from Silk Clay. This is the whipped cream for the small muffin.
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    Silk Clay is very flexible to work with. It can be stretched wide without breaking. Therefore, the Silk Clay shapes do not need to be made to a specific scale. Assemble the Silk Clay layers to make the muffin.
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    When the decorative berry has been put on top of the small muffin, attach the key ring at the top. You may choose to attach it between the Silk Clay layers.
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    Finished examples
    NB! The Silk Clay modelling clay hardens by air drying for 24 hours.
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    TIP! Do not take more Silk Clay from the packaging/container than you need, and keep the container sealed. In the event that the modelling clay becomes dry, add a drop of water to Silk Clay in the container.
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