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We have a large selection of knitting needles and knitting accessories. You can find everything you need to knit here. Browse straight and circular knitting needles, bent tip tapestry needles, sock knitting needles, French knitting dollies, knitting hoops, knitting mills and more. Choose from knitting needles in many different sizes, materials and models.

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Knitting needles and accessories for all your woolen projects

Knitting again has become a modern trend, and we at Creativ Company know exactly why. Because knitting is fun, and that’s why it’s a hobby that can quickly make many cosy hours pass on the sofa, the train, or anywhere else.

In addition, knitting is one of those creative activities that results in you making something really lovely and useful. Because there’s nothing better than pulling a home-knit wool sweater over your head on a cold January day, and there’s no better gift for a newborn baby in your family than a pair of home-knitted socks or other home-knitted items.

Knitting allows you to make clothes of a really high quality with just a few materials of your own choice. You can also choose the colours and design of the clothes when you knit, so knitting allows you to fill your wardrobe with unique clothes that suit you and your style.

Knitting is also something that everyone can do, as there are many different levels and degrees of difficulty involved in knitting. There are fun projects for both experienced knitters and beginners, and all you need to get started is a little drive, and of course the right knitting equipment and some good yarn.

Of course, the most important knitting equipment are your knitting needles, which is why every knitting adventure starts by choosing some knitting needles, and possibly some knitting needles that suit your project perfectly.

That’s why we’ve put together a large selection of knitting needles on this page. Here you will find knitting needles in different sizes and materials, as well as all the other accessories you need for your knitting project. For example, we offer circular knitting needles, knitting mills, knitting needles, or knitting hooks.

Which knitting needles suit you and your project?

Not all knitting needles are the same. As mentioned, there are many different types that differ in size and material. Some needles are long, while others are short, and some needles are thick, while others are thin.

In terms of material, you can choose between either wood or metal knitting needles, and for these categories there is also a difference between the specific types of wood and metal.

So what should you choose? It depends on several different things, but it is a good idea to first consider your level of knitting experience. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to choose some large knitting needles that are long. For example, 35 cm knitting needles are a good choice, as they are easy to control, while at the same time they give you the opportunity to follow a wealth of exciting knitting instructions.

When choosing knitting needles, also look at what you want to knit. Some knitting instructions require special knitting needles, and you should therefore always look at the instructions to see which knitting needles are recommended for that specific project. This applies to e.g. knitting socks. When knitting socks, you have to use smaller 20 cm knitting needles, which will be easier to control as socks are small. These short knitting needles are also known as sock knitting needles, and they a must for those who want to make their own lovely socks – regardless of whether they are beginners or more experienced.

When choosing knitting needles, it is also worth looking at which material you like to use. Some needles are better for , and therefore it is worth investigating which needles are best suited to your favourite material. If you’re lucky, you can find this information along with the yarn when you buy it.

Ultimately, your choice of knitting needles also depends on your knitting preferences. Some like to knit with long knitting needles, while others prefer shorter ones. The use of material is also a very individual choice, as some materials are lighter than others, while some materials also glide more easily through the yarn than others. That’s why it takes a little experience to find out exactly what’s right for you when it comes to knitting needles.

Circular knitting needles, knitting needles, and much more

Once you have gained some experience in knitting, and you want to try some more advanced instructions, you may need a little extra equipment. Circular knitting needles and knitting needles are often both necessary, which is why it is also worth keeping both circular knitting needles and knitting needles at home.

Circular knitting needles are in principle just two needles connected to a wire at one end, but you get some different opportunities by using circular knitting needles.

Knitting needles are needles as you know them from sewing. However, knitting needles are quite a bit larger than classic sewing needles, which is why these needles also give you plenty of good opportunities in your knitting projects.

Find your next knitting project in our catalogue of ideas

Knitting is a fun activity that can give you plenty of good times, and can fill your wardrobe with gorgeous and good quality clothes. Knitting also give you a lot of opportunities in the creative world, as you can also use your knitting skills to make

Once you’ve mastered knitting, you’ll discover how many options open up, which is why knitting is a fantastic activity.

If you’re tired of knitting socks and scarves, and you’re ready for a new challenge, you can check out where we have gathered a lot of different knitting instructions.

Here you will find instructions for fun and creative projects, which is why it is always a good place to find some inspiration when you're in a knitting mood. All our projects also contain detailed guides, so that everyone can join in and get great results, like a beautiful knitted decoration.

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