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We have a full range of glossy paper and garland strips in bright, strong colours with white backing. Choose from many colours of glossy paper and garland paper. Available in both plain and patterned designs. Buy glossy paper in single colours or in packs of assorted colours.

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Unfold your creativity using glazed paper

Fortunately, more focus has been put on creativity in the last few years, and this is a trend we are pleased with. For us, creativity and hobbies are the essence of our company, as we believe that people become happier when they can disconnect and do something creative, using both their head and hands.

We focus on the creative things, which is why we are pleased to present you with our exciting range of glazed paper and garland strips here on our webshop.

Glazed paper is characterised by being thinner than ordinary paper and by having a glossy surface. Although glazed paper is thin, it typically weighs the same as the thinnest piece of ordinary paper. The surface can be either patterned or plain, so there is something to suit every taste and practically every DIY project.

We hope you find the glazed paper you need. It’s up to you whether you want to buy glazed paper, garland strips, or both.

A large selection of glazed paper and garland strips

You can buy all the glazed paper you would like from us, if the item is in stock. If the item is not in stock, you can click on the product for more information. Typically, there will be a date showing you when we expect the item to be back in stock. This is useful information for both you, as you know when you can order the item, and it is useful for us, as you do not have to call or write to us for information about the expected restocking date.

We sell a wide range of both glazed paper and garland strips. There are advantages to having both strips and sheets. As glazed paper doesn't grow old, as opposed to glue and other biological materials, there’s nothing wrong with bulking up your own stock.

Here on our webshop you can find packs of plain glazed paper, as well as packs of patterned glazed paper. The typical size of the sheets is 24x32 cm or 32x48 cm, and the typical size of the strips is 16x1.5 cm.

What can you use glazed paper for?

Glazed paper is versatile and delicate to work with. If you work a carefully with it, you can easily do many different things with it.

Among other things, you can make laminated name tags from glazed paper, and you can also make obvious things like cones and woven Christmas hearts. You can also make Christmas bags and cardboard Christmas bags, which are decorated with small shapes made from glazed paper.

If you want to see all our , you can search for glazed paper in the search field and select ideas.

Another obvious thing you can use glazed paper for is to cut out strips of the paper to make garlands.

What can you use garland strips for?

Garland strips are perfect for making garlands. If you buy strips of glazed paper with perfect dimensions and optimum length and width, then you do not have to cut the strips yourself. When you buy the ready-made strips, you are ensured that the edge is straight and neat, and that all the strips are the exact same size. Then you can make some perfect garlands.

In addition to making garlands, you can also use garland strips to make cardboard hanging decorations that are decorated with figures and strips of glazed paper. You can also make hanging decorations from EVA foam, and then cover them with garland strips. One last thing we will mention here is mouse stairs. If you don't mind the the finished mouse stairs being a little short, you can easily use garland strips.

Decorate with garlands

Garlands are both easy and cosy to make. It is an activity that everyone can join. You never get too old to make garlands. Whether you’re making garlands out of readymade garland strips, or using glazed paper that you’ve cut into strips yourself, there are many ways to personalise your garlands.

Garlands are perfect for decorating ordinary parties and as Christmas decorations. Because you don't have to be content with only hanging garlands around your house during special occasions. Whether you choose glazed paper in one colour, or strips in different colours, you can make your own unique garlands, with each ring displaying its own colour or pattern. You can then combine the rings, either randomly or systematically, so that the entire garland beautifully changes colour from ring to ring.

If you choose garland strips or paper in colours such as red and green, the finished garland will look more Christmas appropriate, and you can hang it on the Christmas tree. You can also choose other colours, such as yellow, purple, blue and orange, and use the garland as festive decorations for everything from christenings to house parties.

Find more inspiration in our catalogue of ideas

At Creativ Company, one of our main focuses is you, the customer, and the joy you get from your products. We would love to see what you make with garland strips and glazed paper, and you are more than welcome to tag us or use the hashtag cchobby on Instagram. In that way, you can help by sharing inspiration with us and other creative people.

If you're starting out and would like a little inspiration of what you can make with some of our products, check out our catalogue of ideas. In our catalogue, you will also find creative ideas for using both glazed paper and garland strips.

However, we are sure that if we don't have any ideas that you can use, you will find inspiration by searching the Internet. Alternatively, you can look at our Instagram posts and follow us and/or the hashtag. This way you will stay up-to-date on new, creative ideas.

Do you have any questions? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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