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Large selection of high quality stretched cotton and artist quality canvases for hobby artists, children and creative souls alike. Find canvases in many sizes and formats here. The canvases are mounted on a stretcher with a seamless edge and stapled at the back.

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Unleash your creativity on a real canvas

A painting canvas may seem a bit of a challenge when you are a beginner. But there’s no reason for that. The blank canvas is a platform for creativity and openness.

The casual and playful creativity you can experience when drawing and painting on plain A4 paper or sketchbooks is equally in play on a blank canvas. A good painting canvas is a platform where creativity can develop and ideas can be unleashed. 

In addition to the pictures you can create with a brush and paint on the canvas, there are plenty of great advantages to painting. Many experience this as a de-stressing and stimulating hobby. And it’s a fun pastime that can occupy children and adults for hours.

At Creative Company, we believe that it should be easy to be enbgaged in hobbies and creative pursuits. rawing and painting are activities that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

That’s why we have put together a large selection of canvases in all imaginable sizes and dimensions, and in both small and large packages. Do you want to experiment with a single image? Or are there several children and adults who want to paint?  Whatever the purpose, we have canvases to suit it.

It really is something everyone can do

Perhaps because we often associate painting with the fine art we see in the museums, there is something of a misconception that oil paint on canvas is an expensive or more binding creative hobby. If it is painted on canvas, it must also be possible to frame it and hang it on the wall. That’s certainly how many people think.

Have you also put off starting to paint on canvas, because you were not sure how it would turn out?

There is no need for that. A canvas is a simple, easily accessible and inexpensive product that everyone can use. Just as you can practice drawing and painting on plain paper, you can do so on a canvas, too.

In addition to single canvases, we sell many in packs of 5, 10 or even 20, because there must always be room to make mistakes and try again.

There are many types of paint that you can simply paint over afterwards, which is very smart for practicing.

A package with several canvases is also suitable for creative days at children's facilities. This is something we do together and at the same time see our very own personal picture taking shape

Wide range of sizes and dimensions

The finished picture deserves to be hung in the place that suits it best. So, naturally, it must also be of the right size. The motif you intend to paint may also require some quite specific dimensions.

That’s why we have put together a large selection of canvases in almost every imaginable dimension and shape, from tiny miniatures to 70 x 90 cm or larger,

all of them sturdy and of superior quality. Most are made with unbleached natural cotton canvas and primed in advance. The edges are seam-free and the fabric is attached with secure fasteners on the back.

There are precise dimensions and product descriptions for all the models on this page. You can definitely find a canvas, or several that are suitable for just your purpose.

Mounted or unmounted?

The term 'canvas' not only refers to the fabric on which paint is applied, but also to the whole assembly of a mounted canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Our canvases are available both ways – mounted, for those who want to get right to the painting, and unmounted or loose, for those who want to try their hand at the craft of canvas-stretching. 

Much more than paint

Did you know that canvases can be used for much more than classic oil paints?

If you are looking for good painting ideas or inspiration for creative projects, you will definitely enjoy looking in our large ideas catalogue, which you can also find here on this page.

You can get an overview of the entire catalogue by clicking on the tab at the top. For several of the products in the range, you can also see the good ideas and creations that include that very product.

With canvases, for example, it might be good ideas for fun children’s portraits, coloured outlines of hand sizes or cute figures.

You can also add an extra dimension to your photo in plaster gauze relief, or create decorative floral motifs with a stamp print. The only limits are those of your imagination.

What else do you find in the product line?

The classic white, paint-ready canvases are at the centre of this selection. But they are certainly not its only products.

A canvas doesn't even have to be white. With a black canvas, you can explore exciting contrasting colour effects and innovations.

We also have materials to make or replace your own canvas, e.g., wood mouldings, nails and canvas fabrics that can be assembled into a large canvas with a stretcher.

Or how about a block with 10 pieces of rigid A4 fabric? This is ideal if you would like to practice painting on the material. They can be attached to a frame or used as they are.

If you purchase for an institution or association, you should also take a look at our complete material packages containing canvases and all the accessories you need for day care or after-school activities. Perhaps you can also use our package with special long canvases and watercolours. It contains all the materials to create fun, narrow figure portraits with steel wire legs and arms

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