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Candy and sweet making supplies

Explore our wide selection of products for candy production. Make your own homemade candy, boiled sweets and lollipops. Here, you'll find complete DIY kits with all the accessories for candy making, as well as raw ingredients, tools, flavourings and food colouring so you can produce your own delicious boiled sweets.

Candy and sweet making supplies
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Make your own sweets at home in your kitchen

If you have a sweet tooth, candy is probably one of the things that are high on your list of things to enjoy on a Friday evening. Because although cakes, cookies, chocolate and so on are delicious, there are a few things that can beat the tasty, colourful potential of confectionary in all its different shapes and flavours.

The same fascination naturally applies to children, where candy, with its rainbow of colours, really makes mouths water and catches the interest of the little ones.

If you love candy and you have sweet-loving kids, you’re probably happy to hear that it really isn't all that hard to make your own. Candy making is easy and you can easily do it at home in your own kitchen if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Making sweets in your own kitchen allows you to craft confectionary with unique shapes and unique flavours, making it a fun activity for any sweet lover. Candy making is also a fun activity for gathering together all the family, because there's such a lot of work involved in all the different processes, for example cutting out the small pieces of candy.

That’s why we’ve gathered all our confectionary-making products on this page, where you’ll have plenty of opportunity to find both the ingredients and the tools you need to get started on making candy yourself.

Attractive and colourful sweets

One type of confectionary that is especially fun to make yourself is boiled sweets. Homemade boiled sweets are especially tasty and attractive, and you can actually make some really professional-looking confectionary yourself. You can make sweets in all the colours of the rainbow and in a wealth of different flavours, so you can flavour them to suit precisely your taste buds.

The ingredients for boiled sweets are relatively simple, and you’ll find everything right here on this page. As hard candy, or boiled sweets, mainly consist of sugar, the most important ingredient when you start making candy is dextrose (grape sugar).

In addition to dextrose you’ll need different oils, confectionary colours and flavourings, and you're ready to begin. Making your own candy also requires a number of specialist tools however, which are worth investing in if you want to make your life easier. It's good idea to invest in a good thermometer, a silicone confectionary sheet and a good pastry brush.

You can find both ingredients and tools right here on the website, where you can also buy a starter kit with different content. With a boiled sweets-making starter kit, you get all the ingredients and tools to get started making your own boiled sweets, and it’s an easy way of making sure you've bought everything if you'd like to start right away.

Delicious wine gums and tasty liquorice

Another sure hit in the kitchen when it comes to candy making is wine gums and liquorice. Wine gums and liquorice are also classic sweets that have been making mouths water for many years, so it should be a fun experience for you to start making your own.

At Creativ Company, you'll find everything you need for ingredients to get started on making your own wine gums, liquorice and many other kinds of delicious homemade sweets.

Wine gums are even easier to make than hard candy. Even better, you can use many of the same tools that you bought to make hard candy to make wine gums. For example, you can use the same silicone confectionary sheet, the same thermometer and the same pastry brush.

The ingredients are also simple, because wine gums are made up mainly of sugar and gelatine, so this is a recipe that everyone can help with.

At Creativ Company, you'll find a wealth of different flavours and ingredients, so you always have the opportunity to vary your recipes and try something new – for example if you get tired of pineapple flavoured wine gums.

A sure hit with all kids

If you’re looking for a fun activity to throw yourself into with the whole family, candy making is the perfect choice. As we said before, there's not much that kids like more than sweets, so it shouldn't be difficult to convince your children to help make wine gums, hard candy or another type of confectionary.

Candy making is an activity where you really have to work fast, because when you're making hard candy, for example, it's important to shape and cut the sweets out before the candy mass solidifies.

Candy making is an ideal activity for holidays such as Christmas, as well as a fun option for a weekend day when the whole family has some room in their calendar.

Find recipes and ideas in our idea catalogue

If you need a good idea or a tasty recipe that can help you get started with candy making, try browing through our idea catalogue. Our catalogue of ideas is home to a wealth of creative projects, and you can also find plenty of mouth-watering recipes to get started with candy making.

When making hard candy or other types of confectionary it's important to follow the recipe carefully, which is why we've prepared a number of detailed guides that take you step by step through the process of making wine gums, hard candy and much more.

Naturally, you'll also find a detailed list of ingredients for the various projects, so that you can quickly and easily get started with your candy-making. All the tools and ingredients in our recipes can also be purchased here from us, so once you've found a recipe you love, you can buy all the ingredients and tools together.

This makes it very easy to try sweet-making for yourself, and it's an activity that we're sure you won't regret trying once you've got started.

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