Plain felt

Large selection of traditional, sturdy and plain-coloured hobby felt, which is suitable for a wide variety of hobby, cutting and sewing projects. Buy felt in sheets or rolls, or with a display for a hobby store or school. Choose from many different colours and sizes of felt.



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Plain felt opens up a world of possibilities

Felt can be used for almost anything. There is hardly any creativity project that felt cannot be added to. Felt can be used alone or with other materials.

Plain felt comes in an incredible number of beautiful colours, all of which are good quality and dyed all the way through. At Creativ Company, we have felt in many different thicknesses and sizes. You can buy felt on rolls or by the sheet, and both very fine, thin felt as well as thick, strong hobby felt.

In other words, you can find plain felt that is perfectly suited to the exact project you're dreaming about starting. If, contrary to expectations, you can't find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We’ll help you find an alternative, or maybe we can order the items you need. 

What is the material felt actually?

Felt consists of fibres that have been wrung and compressed to produce the well-known sheets. The fibres can consist of wool or other natural fibres, or they can consist of artificial fibres. At Creativ Company, our felts are made from high-quality polyester.

Felt can be used for an incredible number of things, because it is relatively easy to work with, is robust and durable, and you can easily cut, sew and glue felt. Working with felt is so much fun.

In fact, you can use felt for so many different things, including clothes and hats, decorative items, teddy bears, shoe soles and bags. There is almost no limit to what you can use felt for. 

Projects with plain felt

Plain felt is good for children when they want to make their own small projects. Because felt is so easy to work with, it is a good idea for children to use felt when they try sewing with a needle and thread for the first time. This will hopefully give them a positive experience.

If the children aren't quite old enough to use a needle and thread, glue is the best alternative. Felt is easy to attach to other felt and other materials. That’s why there's nothing to stop you from just getting started.

If Christmas is just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start making your own Christmas decorations with hobby felt. For example, you can make elves or reindeers. Maybe you can make beautiful felt Christmas baubles, which you can decorate with motifs. The motif can be glued to the ball, and once you've attached some string, it's ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

If you have lots of potted plants, you can also make small felt figures in a double layer and place an ice lolly stick at the bottom. Then the figure can be placed in the potted plants, perhaps with the legs dangling over the edge, as if it were sitting on the plant pot? If you have fibrefill or some other kind of filling, it is a good idea to put some of it in your figure. This will make it look more alive and fill out the landscape a bit more. Because why hide yourself away when you look cute and funny?

Slightly more ambitious projects with hobby felt

If you are into more challenging projects where you need scissors, glue, colours, imagination and dexterity, you might like to consider this idea.

Why not make your own Christmas landscape with homes for elves out of a toilet roll and hobby felt? Imagine the toilet roll – or the paper towel roll, if you want to make a tower – as a tall, circular house. Now draw where the doors and windows should be. Cut out the windows with a knife or scissors. Leave the door closed.

Then measure the right sized felt for the house and glue it over the entire toilet roll. It might be a good idea to mark where windows and doors should be so that they aren't completely covered by the felt. Now cut the hole in the felt for the windows.

It’s time to put the roof on. Make a cone of cardboard that fits the diameter of the toilet roll. Cut out the felt in the desired colour to a suitable size and glue it onto the roof. Place the roof on the house.

And the rest is just up to your imagination. What do you want your house to look like? You can draw on the felt with markers, but be aware that the colour may rub off and smudge. You can also glue beads and sequins onto the house and maybe a little smoke could come out of the chimney?

Once you are completely satisfied with your elf house, you can take an electric tealight and place it inside the toilet roll. This allows light to enter the house, which shines out of the windows. That's why you should leave the door closed instead of cutting a hole in it. So you can't see the tealight inside the toilet roll.

If other creative projects have given you a taste for working with plain hobby felt, but you need some specific inspiration, you can take a look at our large catalogue of ideas, where you will find countless projects, patterns and instructions for creating the most beautiful projects all year round.

Enjoy cosy times with peace and calm with creative projects with plain felt

When you are creative with your hands, you have time to immerse yourself in a project and your body relaxes. It’s healthy for your body and mind. Creative moments during a hectic everyday allow you to slow down and find peace and value in what really matters. If you have children, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time together on a cosy project, and both you and the kids grow from letting your imagination bloom and find a way express yourselves.

Did you know that when you are creative with small and large projects, you train your creativity? And this actually makes you better at being creative and problem-solving in other contexts as well. That’s why finding time in your everyday life to get down to some creativity is a win-win situation. It only needs to be ten minutes here and there. It all has an impact, and there's something particularly beautiful about homemade projects.

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