Baby yarn

Baby yarn is a soft superwash yarn made from 100% wool from Merino sheep, which is especially suitable for baby knits. Baby yarn is a supersoft yarn that will not scratch your little one’s sensitive skin. Choose from many different colours of yarn for baby knits.



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Pamper your baby or a friend’s newborn with gorgeous products made from baby yarn

The term 'Baby wool yarn' says it all. It certainly says a lot about what type of product baby yarn is, as well as what it can be used for. You can see this written on the banderole, or label, of the yarn balls, as this is the term used by one of our main suppliers.

All the yarn on this page is characterised as being especially well-suited to knitted and crochet garments for babies, who can often have very sensitive skin. The yarn is therefore ideal for use in baby clothes that are knitted, crochet or woven as it's made of merino wool, which is known to be very soft.

Our balls of baby yarn include superwash yarns. This is a term for yarn made of wool that has been treated in a special way. Normally, wool cannot be washed at high temperatures. Yarn made from wool that is not of superwash quality will therefore shrink, whereas superwash yarn is better at retaining its original size and shape even after washing at higher temperatures.

Plenty of ideas for knitwear with soft yarn

Although we've chosen to call the types of yarn we’ve collected here on this page baby yarn, they're not reserved for babies. Adults, children and babies alike can all prefer soft wool to regular wool.

Babies can be particularly sensitive to certain materials, as they have been used to being soft, warm and well cared-for in the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid. This makes it a good idea to choose the softest materials for making crocheted, woven and knitted baby clothes. Many adults and older children also love the softer materials, so there are plenty of reasons to use baby yarn for all the family’s homemade clothes.

If you need a specific idea of what you can knit or crochet with baby yarn, you can find plenty of excellent inspiration on our website. You can also use this soft yarn to sew with in the form of attractive embroidery. Only your imagination sets the limits for what you can make. The inspiration page with information regarding crochet, stitching and knitting also includes other things such as macramé, felting and embroidery.

You can take a closer look at each subcategory of creative ideas and consider whether this is something you might like to use baby yarn for. Soft yarn is particularly suitable for clothing, as yarn that touches the skin should preferably be nice to wear. However, this shouldn't stop you from using baby yarn for pieces such as cushion covers and crochet figures if you'd prefer.

Many colours to choose from

These days, we appreciate that there's no such thing as 'boys' colours’ or 'girls' colours'. Previously, colours such as blue and green were considered as more suitable for boys, while colours such as purple, red and orange were associated with girls. Times have changed, however, and in modern society, there's nothing to stop boys from wearing warm, reddish tones – just as there's no reason why girls can't look great in colder blues and greens, which were previously reserved for boys.

Here on our website, you can choose from a wealth of different yarn colours. Yarn is available in colours including green, pink, blue, red, purple, yellow, grey and orange. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to create clothes or something completely different, and you can also go wild and use a whole rainbow of colours on one item.

A plain-coloured sweater is wonderful to have, but you can also try adding more colour to your life by knitting it using multiple colours of baby yarn. One obvious thing to make using many different colours is a rag rug, which consists of a lot of different square pieces that are either connected randomly or in a specific way that gives the rug a pattern. Rugs of this type are sometimes referred to as being made out of granny squares, but despite the name, they are suitable for all ages.

Advantages of choosing soft yarn with superwash

All the yarn featured on this page is called baby yarn, as it is soft and suitable for delicate skin. Yarn with superwash is not limited to merino wool, however, so you may find that there are superwash yarns in other types of wool. Superwash refers to the processing method and not the material.

However, much of the yarn here at Creativ Company is both superwash and merino wool. Merino wool comes from a special type of sheep, and this wool is naturally softer than other wool. So when you choose baby yarn, you can count on having soft wool yarn that can handle being washed at higher temperatures.

Besides being more comfortable to wear than other wool, it's important that the yarn can withstand being washed at 40 degrees, for example. Normally, wool must be washed on a gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees or washed by hand, but if the baby yarn is to be used for baby clothes, it's essential that the finished clothes can withstand frequent washing.

Another advantage of wool yarn with superwash is that it 'sheds' less, so you should find that the filter in your washing machine and/or tumble dryer does not clog up so easily.

Disadvantages of choosing wool yarn

Baby yarn is often made of wool, and wool is a natural material that has a limited durability. Sooner or later, garments made of this type of yarn will begin to fall apart. Clothes you buy in a store don't last forever either, regardless of what material they're made from.

Yarn made of wool can shrink, even if it's made with superwash, so you still need to take good care of clothes made with this type of yarn. Unfortunately, a lot of yarn still needs to be washed on a gentle cycle. Wool is an effective insulator and moisture absorber, but yarn with superwash has a reduced absorbency, as the fibres in the wool are treated and coated with polymer.

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