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Buy sewing needles and straight pins for your sewing projects. Here, you'll find a range of different needles, including sewing needles, straight pins and darning needles, as well as needle repair kits and sewing threads for easy threading of the needles. Choose from many types of pins and sewing needles.



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Sewing needles, pins and needle repair kits for all your projects

If you want to start a meaningful hobby, sewing is a good place to start. Sewing gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative, because with a little practice you can sew anything everything you can imagine.

You can sew Christmas elves, dolls and many other beautiful decorations for the home; only your imagination sets the limits.

In addition, sewing is a practical skill to master, as with needle and thread you can easily patch and repair damage to clothes and other textiles.

You will certainly not regret it once you have started sewing! The best thing about it is that sewing is a hobby that everyone can easily get started on. Sewing is easy to learn and you will soon be able to master a lot of different, fun techniques.

But to get started, you must of course have the right equipment. Of course, sewing needles cannot be ignored, because as long as you have a needle and thread on hand, there is hardly anything you can't do.

That’s why a selection of the classic sewing needles in different sizes is a must for anyone who wants to start sewing. Sewing needles are the most basic tool for anyone who wants to sew, so choosing quality needles that will make your work both more fun and easier is worth the effort.

That is why we have put together a large assortment of sewing needles on this page. Here you will find normal sewing needles, which you can buy in different size packs, so you have something to choose from when you need to find the right sewing needle for a specific project.

At Creativ Company, we also sell an assortment of craftsmen’s needles, which are used for sewing projects involving work with other than normal soft fabrics.

Thus, you have every opportunity to find some sewing needles here that suit you and the projects you plan to start with.

Large selection of straight pins

Another indispensable item for any creative soul who has embarked on sewing are straight pins. Straight pins have many sewing applications, but they are mainly useful for holding different fabrics together when sewing.

For example, if you want to sew a beautiful pixie, you can use pins to connect the whole figure before sewing. That will make it easier to assess whether the final result will be as you have imagined, while at the same time it is easier to sew two fabrics together when they are held firmly by pins all the way around.

Therefore, a good stock of pins is also an important element in any sewing box. You can use pins for many different projects, and they are also nice to have on hand when you make patchwork, laces and the like.

Pins also have many other uses around the home, so you will definitely find a use for them in many different places in your daily life. For example, you could hang things on your bulletin board, or you could hang photos on a wall.

Our range of straight pins also includes lovely push pins, which can be described as a type of decorative pin. Push pins have attractively coloured plastic heads, making them the obvious choice for projects where the pins need to be visible. The colourful pins add a beautiful look that will suit your projects.

Many possibilities with a needle repair kit

Needle repair kits contain needles used for projects other than the typical sewing project. A whole new world of possibilities will open up with a needle repair kit, as its various needles make an exciting choice for those who are curious and want to try something new.

Repair kit needles come in different shapes, so there is no strict definition of how they should look. Repair kit needles are used for various projects where a normal sewing needle cannot be used.

For example, if a normal sewing needle is too small and thin, and you need a thicker needle to pass through hard leather.

A needle repair kit may also be necessary if you need a needle with a different shape. You can buy curved repair kit needles that can be used for upholstering furniture and similar, and you will also find them in other shapes that can be used in a wealth of different projects where a normal sewing needle is inadequate.

Get an idea for your next project with sewing needles, straight pins and a needle repair kit

With sewing needles and a needle repair kit, there are virtually no limits to what beautiful things you can create and repair. A needle and a thread willgive you the power to do most things, which is why sewing is a classic activity to throw yourself into if you are looking for a good hobby, or if you just want to learn new skills for the benefit of everyday life.

ewing needles you have many creative opportunities. If you would like to explore some of the many options, you might take a look at our idea catalogue, where you will find a lot of projects that involve sewing needles.

In our idea catalogue, you will discover how many exciting things you can actually do with a needle and thread, so it is a good place to look for a new, fun project or new challenges.

All projects in our idea catalogue come with detailed guides that make it easy for even beginners to create  really nice things with sewing needles and a few other items. All the projects include shopping lists, so you can purchase all the necessary items together.

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