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Elastic for creative hobby ideas

Elastic can come in so many different forms. From brown rubber bands used in kitchens to small coloured rubber bands for making bracelets, and gold and silver elastic on rolls. Traditionally, elastic is known for its practical purposes. But who says that you can't have creative fun with elastic, at the same time as it can also hold your trousers up and keep your hair out of your eyes.

At Creativ Company you can find many different kinds of elastic. We have thin plastic elastic that is suitable for delicate and elegant bead projects. And we have wide elastic band, which is ideal if you need to use it as belt elastic. As well as having all sorts of other amazing types in between.

For example, you can buy the most gorgeous gold-coloured elastic cord, which is great for using in projects that need a little touch of glitter. You could also use it as the cord in a drawstring on a jacket, or as a drawstring on a stylish cloth bag. In fact, a simple knot on an elastic cord is all it takes to create a pretty hair elastic or a gold bracelet.

You can also find elastic cords in many other colours at Creativ Company.

Elastic provides a wealth of exciting creative possibilities.

For example, you can use it to create a super stylish and creative notice board for your bedroom or another room in the house that could use a little extra colour. You'll need a board made of either wood or cork. If it’s made of wood, it's not to easy to insert drawing pins, but it doesn't matter because you'll be using the elastic pieces.

Attach them to the board so that they stretch tightly across the board. If necessary,  you can attach them with a stapler on the back to keep them firmly in place. Arrange the beautiful pieces of coloured elastic across the board in all different directions. You can choose either to place them at right angles to each other, or you can place them higgledy-piggledy. The finished result will be fun and exciting no matter which variant you opt for.

If you need more creative input on how to be creative and not just practical with elastic, have a look at our huge catalogue of ideas, which is full of great, fun and inspiring ideas. It also includes patterns and instructions on the different projects, so you can get help to fulfil your creative expressions.

Elastic can also be practical. In fact, this is where elastic is perhaps best known and loved – in trouser waistbands, in socks, and as the foundation for a pretty bead bracelet.

Creativity and practicality can easily be combined. For example, you might like to put some lovely coloured belt elastic in your trousers. Or sew your own scrunchie to create a fun hair elastic for tying up your locks. You can find patterns and instructions for making scrunchies in our idea catalogue.

Rubber bands, elastic cord and nylon elastic

Different types of elastic each have their own functions, which they are best suited to. For example, if you need to use some belt elastic for your trousers or a skirt, you need to get hold of wide elastic band.

If, on the other hand, you want to make a jumping elastic so the kids can jump in the elastic, you'll need a couple of metres of narrow elastic band. You can either sew the ends together or tie a knot, and it will provide hours of play for the kids to enjoy. Depending on how many children want to play, you can either put the elastic band around two chairs, or they can put the elastic band around their own legs. Elastic jumping is great fun, as well as challenging the kids' motor and concentration skills.

If your project involves making jewellery for yourself or others, or perhaps the kids want to start making Christmas gifts for their grandparents, then you should get hold of our elastic cord. It is available in different thicknesses, and you should of course choose the one that fits the beads or pendants you'll be using.

Our elastic cord comes in many beautiful colours, so you can experiment with different looks, such as putting the beads on a coloured elastic cord instead of the traditional white one.

Finally, we have fine transparent nylon elastic thread, which is ideal for making jewellery with finer beads or pendants. The fine nylon thread is virtually invisible when covered with beads, which gives it a more discreet appearance than the visible fabric-covered elastic cords.

Nylon elastic is also thin enough to be threaded with the finest and thinnest beads. Just remember to have a beading needle, to make sure you can get the beads on the thread. A beading needle is the same thickness all the way down, and does not have the small bulge that is usually found at the needle eye. This bulging prevents a normal needle from passing through the small, fine beads. A bead needle is therefore the perfect solution when working with small, fine beads.

Creativity brings peace into hectic everyday life

Whether you need elastic for a sewing project, beads or jewellery work, it’s usually something that requires immersion and concentration. Both for children and adults. Threading beads on a string is also very good for fine motor skill training in small children. Just make sure that young children don't play with beads by themselves, to make sure they don't put beads in places where they shouldn't.

Immersing yourself in a creative project can create a short break in your everyday routine, which helps you to recharge for enjoying your time with friends and family. If adults and children can find creative projects to work on together, it can give their relationships a real boost because the children feel that their needs for friendly and close contact have been met. At the same time, adults can enjoy watching their children having fun whilst expressing their creativity at the same time. And who knows, maybe a pretty bracelet might even find its way to mum or dad.

Whether you need elastic band , elastic cord or just a brown kitchen rubber band, you can find exactly whatever you need at Creativ Company.

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