We have a large selection of buttons for clothing, decoration and creative projects. Browse general-purpose buttons in wood or plastic, as well as special figure buttons in a range of shapes, deco buttons and covered buttons. Choose from buttons in a wide range of colours, shapes and designs.



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With us, there is nothing minimalist about buttons.

At Creativ Company, we are fascinated by everything related to creativity and hobbies. We especially love DIY projects where you really get to use your imagination; we also love to cut and apply stickers and do things with buttons. That’s why we don't ease up when it comes to our selection of buttons.

Here in our online shop you will find many different buttons. We sell finished buttons, covered buttons, deco buttons and mixes of buttons in many different colours. You can count on us always having a wide range of buttons, as we take pride in selling thousands of different products for hobby and DIY.

The plastic buttons typically come in larger packages, where you get many different colours of the same size and type of button, but you can also find sets with both large and small plastic buttons. The same applies to wooden buttons. Among the wooden buttons you can choose from plain specific solid colours, wooden/unpainted buttons and buttons with retro patterns.

You can't go wrong having a large selection of buttons

If you sew, knit and crochet and do things in felt and a lot else, you can't avoid having to use buttons occasionally, even if your creatiuons aren't using buttons for their normal purpose. Buttons are perfect for clothes, but also for eyes on plush toys and for decorating everything from cute pillows to slippers.

Whether you prefer sewing, crocheting, felting or something completely different, you can be happy to have a wide range of buttons at your fingertips. If you don't have buttons on hand, you can always just buy some online or in a brick-and-mortar store, but this means either that you will have to wait to receive them  or go out to find them.

When you buy a good selection of buttons from our online shop, you can expect to receive them within a few days, but the advantage of buying more at once is that you can better access free shipping, and you won't be obliged to wait before you can proceed with your hobby or DIY project.

Do you want to choose wooden buttons, plastic buttons or metal buttons?

As we sell a large selection of buttons, it can be quite difficult to choose which ones to buy. You can either choose to buy a little bit of everything, but if you know that you only need a few buttons, or buttons of a certain type, you will hopefully be able to identify them.

Before you decide on the type of button, you should also consider the material on which the buttons will be sewn or glued. If you attach buttons to garments that are occasionally washed, it may be advantageous to select metal or plastic buttons. However, if you need to attach buttons to soft toys where the buttons function as eyes or decorations, you can easily choose painted or natural wooden buttons.

The metal buttons will typically be do-it-yourself buttons and you will need to afix them to other parts. The advantage of this is that you, yourself, can decide how they will look by covering them with fabric.

What can you do with the buttons?

Shape buttons, decorative buttons, figure buttons, ordinary buttons. There are many options for decorating many different objects or sewing functional buttons on clothes. It is up to you what you will use the buttons for. But if you would like specific ideas, you can browse our extensive idea catalogue, which contains hundreds of ideas in total.

When it comes to button inspiration, you can make slippers adorned with deco buttons, or you can make Christmas cards with round, unpainted wooden buttons. Other ideas include eyes for stuffed animals, spring decorations and cut-out elf figures with buttons  decorating their clothes.

You can also find good ideas by . You can also be inspired by the products that each item is a part of. When you click on a product on this page, you will be able to see the relevant ideas if you swipe or scroll down the page a little.

You can also make your own buttons or customise the finished buttons

Regardless of which product you buy here from our online shop, you can always personalise it to suit your intended project. You are welcome to buy wooden buttons and then spray paint them, just as you can also buy plastic buttons and paint them with acrylics.

There are many options for getting exactly the buttons you want. But since we do our best to have a good selection, we hope that you will find many buttons that will serve your needs. If you just want to make your own buttons, this is also an option.

We sell covered buttons DIY, which you can put together yourself, then personalise it by putting on a soft material such as fabric. Then you press the button together and you now have a button in your own design.

Good reasons why you can easily buy your buttons from Creativ Company

Our customers love us. It’s that simple. If you look at , you can quickly see that we have a very high average. Our average is usually between 4.5 and 5, which means excellent.

We are delighted that thousands of people have given us a review. We value all feedback, and we are particularly pleased with reviews on Trustpilot, as these ratings help guide other customers so that they know which company they are doing business with. We offer fast delivery, secure encrypted payment and a 14-day right of return.

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