Cotton fabric

Our cotton fabric is good quality and made from 100% cotton. Cotton fabric can be used for both clothing and home decor. Our range of cotton fabrics is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Choose between plain or patterned cotton fabric.



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Plenty of ways to use cotton fabrics from our webshop

Creativity is not limited to things like creative writing, painting, drawing, crocheting, sewing and knitting. Being creative includes everything similar to handicrafts or activities where you use your imagination. When you get creative with your hands and do something practical, you can immerse yourself in the activity and let your mind wander.

Some creative activities are more demanding than others, but it's much better to sit and let your thoughts wander while sewing, knitting, painting or similar than to let yourself get distracted while you're driving, for example. In short, it’s cosy creative fun, where nothing much is going to happen if you're not paying full attention. In the worst-case scenario you'll make a mistake, but in this case you can simply start over or try to correct the error.

Some hobbies are more 'risky' than others. In craft projects that involve sewing and cutting you run the risk of getting your fingers in the way, but in most cases you're fine to get creative without giving it your full concentration.

Working with cotton fabric is an activity that you can easily do while chatting to family or friends. Even if you're cutting and sewing, there are limits to how much you can mess it up. It's even easier for you to do other things at the same time if you're following a set of instructions or if you've worked with cotton fabrics many times before.

Our wide range of cotton fabrics

You'll find a very extensive product range here at Creativ Company. We have several thousand items, and you'll find a wide selection here in the cotton fabric category. What all the fabrics have in common is that they're made of real cotton.

Many of the items on this cotton fabric page are in one specific width, 145 cm, but you can also find fabrics in other widths from time to time. Often, the fabrics will also weigh the same. The weight of the individual fabrics is given in grams, and the number refers to how many grams of fabric there are per square metre. This makes it easy for you to compare the thickness/weight of the individual fabrics across brands, fabric widths, fabric lengths and materials.

There's plenty of standard cotton fabric, here on this page, but you can also find cotton canvases, which typically weigh more per square metre than normal cotton fabric.

All the fabric we sell is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and you can count on all the fabric being 100% cotton, unless otherwise stated for the individual product.

You can choose between many different colours of fabric, and each cotton fabric comes either per metre or as a roll. Before you click on a specific product, you can easily see whether it's one or the other. It will either say '1 roll' or '1 lb.m.' in the small clickable text under the product. (Ib.m stands for 'running metre').

For the fabrics sold in running metres, you'll be able to see information about the minimum and maximum number of metres. If you buy more metres of fabric than the maximum number of metres, the fabric will not be in one piece. As long as you stay below the maximum, the fabric will come in one piece.

Information about the individual products will also contain information such as washing/care instructions and possible shrinkage as a percentage.

What can cotton fabric be used for?

Cotton fabric is feels gorgeous and soft, is highly effective at retaining heat and has good absorbency. These are some of the main reasons why cotton fabrics are often used for clothing. However, fabric made of real cotton can easily be used for many other things. No one says you can't make a homemade elf or sew a beautiful bed cover out of cotton fabric.

You can save a lot of money by sewing, gluing or otherwise making useful things from cotton. Here on our website you'll find a comprehensive idea catalogue that includes plenty of suggestions for things to do with cotton fabric.

However, cotton fabric can rarely stand alone as the finished D howeverIY product, even the relatively simple things such as bed covers consist odifferent elementsra When you look at the ideas in our idea catalogue, you not only get inspiration in the form of pictures, but you can also see what specific products you'll need (or might want to use) to make the individual things, as well as step-by-step instructions for how to make each idea.

Both the products you'll need (or can use, if you like) for the individual DIY project and detailed instructions will be shown on the individual product page, just as you can get a quick overview of the individual idea by clicking or tapping on QuickView, which appears above the picture when you either hold the mouse over it or touch it lightly with your finger without clicking.

Some examples of what you can make using cotton are:

  • Jar candles covered in fabric and buttons
  • Nursing pillows
  • Bed covers
  • Lined bags
  • Pin cushions
  • Christmas elves

The advantages of choosing real cotton

Cotton is a really nice product, but when you choose genuine cotton/fabric made from 100% cotton that's also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, then you get some gorgeous fabric that's soft and comfortable to wear and also safe to use.

Cotton is a natural material that people are rarely sensitive to. If you get an allergic reaction from cotton fabric, it's more likely to be from the treatment methods/chemicals and the fabric dye rather than the cotton itself. It will normally be written next to the individual fabric whether it should be washed before use. If you have sensitive skin, it might be worth considering avoiding fabric softener and using a mild detergent, as some types of washing powder can cause itching.

Another advantage of choosing cotton is that it's an ideal alternative to wool, which many people find itchy or prickly and some are also allergic to. Cotton is usually softer than wool, and it has many of the same properties in terms of insulation and moisture absorption.

Another advantage to choosing 100% cotton fabric is that you avoid synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, and semi-synthetic fabrics such as viscose.

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