Sock yarn

Sock yarn is a reinforced yarn that's suitable for knitting socks. Our range consists of superwash-treated sock yarn in good quality, made from 75% wool and 25% nylon. Choose between plain-coloured or multicoloured yarn for socks.



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Gorgeous sock yarn for the tootsies

Knitting is a fun, educational activity, so it is understandable that it has once again become a popular hobby for many people. Knitting allows you to pass a lot of happy hours, and the good thing about it is that you can knit on the train, in the waiting room and everywhere else where you would normally just be wasting your time. Of course, you can also sit and enjoy your knitting at home on the sofa, because with a little yarn and a couple of knitting needles in your bag, you can knit anywhere.

 is also a practical hobby to get started with, because if everything goes according to plan, some useful things come out of all your projects. Home-knitted clothes are something that can be used on a daily basis and they are an exclusive product that is both gorgeous to look at, nice to touch and good for keeping you warm on a cold day.

This applies, for example, to home-knit socks, which have the potential to become some really gorgeous accessories for your feet that cannot be compared to anything you can buy in a shop. Home-knit socks are unique garments that will keep your feet warm in the cold winter if you choose some good yarn.

Knitting socks is therefore a popular activity, and it is also a good place to start for a beginner looking for a fun and meaningful project to start with.

If you also want to start knitting socks, you should use some good sock yarn that will wrap your feet well. That is why we have put together our wide assortment of sock yarn right here on this page, where you can choose from many different colours, including multicoloured yarn.

High quality sock yarn

Home-knit socks are gorgeous and warm to wear. That is why friends and family are sure to envy you for your lovely homemade wool socks when it gets wintery cold. But when you want to start knitting socks, it’s important that you don't just choose any yarn. When you have spent a long time making your socks yourself, you want them to last for many years, which is why it pays to choose some high-quality yarn.

Sock yarn is a good quality yarn, as it is reinforced to withstand the extra wear to which socks are exposed. When you zip around on the living room floor in your socks, it will naturally wear them out your, which is why your socks wear out faster than your T-shirts.

It is therefore a good idea to choose our sock yarn, which consists of 75% wool and 25% nylon. This special combination makes your socks strong, so they can be worn all day long.

If you buy yarn for a sweater, for example, you can easily choose 100% wool yarn, but for socks, a good nylon blend sock yarn is a safe choice that will also give you the same high comfort as other yarn.

Many sock yarn options

Here at Creativ Company you will find a large selection of quality sock yarns. And even though socks may be a simple thing for the feet, you still have many options for to varying your designs from project to project, and thus every opportunity to make some sock yarn socks that fit your particular style.

You can make classic socks from sock yarn in a solid colour if you love a clean and classic look, or you can choose multicoloured sock yarn in a blend of 2-4 colours if you want a lively look for your feet. When using multi-coloured sock yarn, it will always be a surprise to see how the final project will look, and it is therefore always exciting.

If you prefer sharp colours, you can mix several single colours of sock yarn to get the exact design you want. For example, you can make a beautiful pattern on your socks that will stand out distinctly if you use different clear coloured sock yarns.

You can also vary the design of your socks by choosing different size , which will have an impact on how the final sock will look.

With socks, only your imagination sets the limits for what you can create; it is just a matter of finding your creativity and starting to create a unique sock design that suits you or the person you want to give a pair of gorgeous socks made from quality sock yarn.

Get inspiration for your next sock project

Knitting socks is fun and practical, and with many different options for colour and design, it is a perfect project to start with for any creative soul who loves to create beautiful things from scratch. Sock yarn lets you fill your drawer with high-quality socks, while you can also use your home knitwear as personal gifts for the people you love.

When you start knitting socks from sock yarn, you have many options when it comes to design and colour choices. Thus, it can sometimes be a good idea to find inspiration from outside if you are in some doubt as to which path to take.

That is why we have gathered a wide range of different knitting patterns in our , where you can always look when you need a good idea for your next sock design. All projects come with detailed guides, so it’s easy for everyone to participate.

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