Cotton yarn

Large selection of cotton yarn that can be used for almost all knitting projects. Find 100% cotton yarn in excellent quality here. Certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Choose between classic cotton yarn and mercerized options in many different colours.



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A colourful world of cotton yarn

Cotton yarn is very soft and easy to work with. Most cotton yarn can be used for sewing, knitting, crochet and weaving, but this type of yarn is probably best-suited to knitting and crochet projects.

Here at Creativ Company, you'll find a wide variety of balls of yarn in different qualities, surfaces, colours, grams per ball, treatment methods and running lengths. You can see specifications like running length by clicking on the product or the product image.

Clicking on the field that appears on top of the image when you either move the mouse over or touch the image lightly with your finger presents you with a quick view that appears in a pop-up window.

The quick view gives you an overview of the most basic information as well as suggestions for creative ideas that each yarn ball can be used for. The quick view allows you to add the item to your basket, and you can also switch between the different variants if more are available.

Cotton yarn is a popular material for many types of craft projects. You can choose to buy a single ball of yarn or you can buy a wide range of different varieties, so you'll always have the right ball to hand for your project. For many of the products there are several variants to choose from, so you can opt to purchase a ball of yarn in a specific colour, or you can choose a variety with many more colours, including the shade you clicked on to start with.

Whether you need a little or a lot of balls of yarn, you know best and only you can answer which type you'd like to buy. There may be money to save if you buy in bulk.

Our wide range of real cotton yarns

The natural and pure is something we're passionate about. That’s why you can trust the cotton yarn we sell here at Creativ Company to be real cotton. You can also count on the yarn being made of 100% cotton and the individual balls of yarn being Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

You may find yarn here on this page, which is not Oeko-Tex certified and which is not 100% cotton. We strive to have a wide range of cotton yarns that appeal to different people, different projects and different budgets.

Whether you want to knit, sew, crochet, weave or something completely different with the yarn, it's essential for us that you have a good range of colours to choose from. That’s why you can find cotton yarns in many different colours, such as purple, grey, green, black, brown, yellow, blue and turquoise.

We should all be doing our bit to take care of the environment, which is why it's so fantastic that we can offer a selection of yarn balls made from recycled cotton. Just because the yarn is recycled, it's still of a gorgeously high quality.

One last important difference between the many products on this page is the treatment of the yarn. You’ll find both classic and mercerised cotton yarn. This classic yarn has had no special treatment besides being made into yarn and dyed. Mercerised cotton yarn has had an additional step, which consists of the yarn having been surface-treated with sodium hydroxide, which gives the yarn a more uniform, smoother and shinier appearance.

What can cotton yarn be used for?

The type of cotton yarn you choose often directly influences the finished result and the process itself. If you use the classic cotton yarn, you can expect a soft and smooth textile piece that has good absorbency and is effective at retaining heat. The regular cotton yarn is especially lovely for knitted and crochet items.

If you choose mercerised cotton yarn, you get a smoother and shinier yarn, which can be used to knit, crochet and embroider. It's a good choice aesthetically, and although it's been given a surface treatment that stretches out the fibres, it's still very durable. Some people say that the process actually strengthens the fibres and gives the yarn greater durability.

If you hold one ball of regular cotton yarn and one of mercerised cotton next to each other, you can easily see a difference.

Here on our website as well on the internet in general, you can find many crochet, knitting and embroidery patterns to try following. For one that's easy to start with, you can find lots of good ideas in our idea catalogue.

Our idea catalogue contains many other ideas than just inspiration for using cotton yarn, but if you're looking for ideas involving cotton, you'll find a wide range of suggestions. You'll find quite a difference in how much of the completed DIY project is made of this type of yarn, however.

What are the advantages of using cotton yarn?

Depending on what you want to use it for, there are various advantages to using cotton yarn. There are specific advantages to choosing yarn made of 100% cotton, but there are also advantages to mixing yarn, even if it's not real cotton.

In general, cotton has a number of advantages, as it's a natural material that has only been lightly treated and then dyed, or both dyed and surface-treated. No matter how the cotton has been processed by the manufacturer, it will have a good insulating effect, and is also a material that effectively absorbs moisture. This makes cotton perfect as a garment material, but it also makes it well-suited to decorative pieces and everyday items such as pot holders. However, it can be an advantage to crochet or knit a double layer so that you don't burn your fingers when you need to take something hot out of the oven.

Another obvious advantage of choosing cotton over other fabrics is that it can be washed. If you knit or crochet cotton clothes or pot holders, which often get dirty, it's important that they can be washed at temperatures that are high enough to kill the bacteria. A lot of cotton can withstand a wash at 40 or 60 degrees. You can see washing and care information by clicking on the individual product.

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