Merino wool

We have a wide range of 100% Merino wool for felting and spinning. Find Merino wool in a consistently high quality from South American Merino sheep here. There's a broad selection of colours to choose from, and the Merino wool can be purchased individually or in packs of assorted colours.



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Gorgeous wool for hobby and crafts

Whether you use wool tops and yarn for Christmas decorations or cute stuffed animals, or you make your own warm clothes, it all starts with the natural raw material, namely the wool. And the choice of wool is not insignificant.

Not all wool types are equally suitable for all purposes, and the quality of the processing must also be of top quality.

With the our selection of gorgeous, fine Merino wool, you are completely covered on all fronts,

including the colours. From off-white and black to turquoise and Christmas red – no matter what you need for your next project, we’ve got the wool to match it.

This is 100% merino wool from South American sheep flocks, and the super fine, soft quality will be felt in the working and everything you do with the wool.

Merino wool is famous for its high quality and good characteristics. It is a very popular material for knitting winter clothes for the colder regions, and it is also comfortable on the skin and nice to the touch.

If you are interested in felting or want to try it, Merino wool is definitely the material you need. On this page you can read much more about all the exciting things you can do with natural wool, and you will find plenty of good ideas and inspiration for the creative moments.

What is Merino wool?

What distinguishes the Merino wool is the fibre thickness of the individual wool hairs, which are extra fine. This can add many good qualities to the yarn made from the wool.

For example, it is very good at retaining heat. Clothes made of high-quality wool also have good moisture and dirt-repellent properties. All in all, Merino wool is a good prerequisite for creating textile products that are durable, long-lasting, and can be used in many contexts.

Merino wool has its name from the sheep breed it comes from. It originated in Spain, but today, with its ultra-fine wool quality, the breed has gained popularity over much of the world, including New Zealand, Australia and South America, where there are long traditions of supplying quality wool for fabrics and clothing.

Spin your own yarn

Spinning is one of the oldest forms of textile processing. It is a way of making natural wool into yarn. Today, of course, it’s done mechanically. But traditional hand-spinning can actually be cultivated as a hobby in its own right, and what's more, you can make your very own yarn for the handmade work.

Hand spinning is done by stretching the fibres and twisting, rolling or rubbing them together into threads of the desired length and thickness, what we call yarn. The distaff, or spool, is the traditional tool for the purpose, but it can also be done quite simply and nearly without any technical aids.

Knitwear and woollen products made from hand-spun yarn have a beautiful, rustic and natural look that is ideal for warm winter sweaters and hats in the Nordic climate, for example.  The Merino wool you can buy here is ideal for this purpose. Even if you just want to try to make yarn in the natural, authentic way.

The fibres of the woolen balls in our assortment are combed in advance and gathered in what are known as tops, so that they are easy to remove from the binding and ready for immediate working.

The best wool for all sorts of felting

Felting covers an incredible number of things, and there is hardly anything you cannot do with felted wool, from tiny Christmas mice to entire winter jackets. It is a truly versatile form of handicraft that never gets monotonous, and really lets your creativity unfold.

Felting is also very suitable for creative moments and hobby projects where everyone must be able to participate. As with everything else, practice also makes perfect when it comes to felting, but the methods are simple and the possibilities it offers quickly become evident, so that you can see what you want to do and get new good ideas along the way.

For hobby enthusiasts, Merino wool has the special advantage that it is almost perfect for felting. The very fine fibres that give the wool its good insulating ability are also what makes the tiny threads stick together well, ensuring smooth, firm results in the felting.

There are basically two different types of felting, and if you try them out, you will quickly see which method suits you best.

The more familiar method is called wet felting, which requires only warm or lukewarm water and soap, in addition to the wool. Felting is done by slowly rubbing or massaging the wool with soapy water, which allows you to slowly model the material into the desired shape.

The other kind of felting is called needle felting, which requires only a needle, as the name suggests.  The special felting needles have a small barb, so the wool fibres attach and bind together when the needle is manoeuvred in and out of the material. 

If you would like to try it, you will find a good selection of suitable felt needles and tools on this page.

Needle felting is particularly suitable for the slightly more detailed figure felting, and it is with this method in particular that fine-quality wool fibres really come into their own.

See all you can do with wool and felt

If you are looking for good ideas for knitting, felting or other exciting things you can do with Merino wool, you should also look in our large and well-assorted idea catalogue.

You can see the full catalogue by clicking on the tab at the top or see the ideas suggested for each product.

The possibilities are almost endless, and there are ideas and inspiration for quite many good hours of craftsmanship and creativity.

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