Buy cord and string for decorative and hobby use, macramé, knotting and much more. Our assortment includes cotton cord, macramé cord and rope, paper twine and yarn, nylon cord, jute wire, bamboo cord, satin cord, natural string and natural hemp. Choose from cords in many different colours, designs, patterns, thicknesses and lengths.



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Be creative with string

String is one of the most fun things to play with. At least if you ask children. It doesn't take much more than a length of string for lots of playing to happen. You can make a fishing rod, tie your dolls together, make a hammock for a teddy bear, or wrap your blankets beautifully together with string. You can also tie sticks together and, with a little ingenuity, you can build a whole piece of art from string and sticks.

String can also be used for fidgeting. If you or your child have restless fingers and body, it can be nice to have something in your hand that you can fidget with. A short piece of string that you can knot and untie again, or just pull between your fingers. It can be worth its weight in gold for some tranquility.

If you want to use string in other, more creative ways, you’ve come to the right place. At Creativ Company, we have a huge selection of different types of string. There is string for all kinds of different projects, and only your imagination will limit what you can do with a piece of string. 

Cotton cord, paper string, macramé string, natural string – all sorts of string

String isn't just string. There are so many different types of strings that can be used for different things. We have paper string, cotton cord, natural string, macramé cord, knotting string and bamboo yarn.

Many of our strings and yarns can be used for the same thing, but if you have a special project in mind, you need to get hold of just the right type of string or yarn. For example, you can knit your own placemats or trivets using paper yarn, or you can make beautiful bracelets and other jewellery using the Japanese weaving technique Kumihimo. For this, you can use a beautiful and shiny satin string, which will give your project just the right look. When you’re going to make kumihimo, you need a weaving board and a guide. You can buy the weaving board from us, and the instructions are included.

If you need extra inspiration, take a look at our huge inspiration catalogue. Here you will find a wealth of ideas and guides for lots of exciting projects with and without string.

Macramé string – make your own key rings, plant hangers and works of art

Macramé string may be an unknown term to you. But you’ve definitely seen it before. Perhaps you've seen a beautiful knotted plant hanger, where the pot is placed in a net of string?

Macramé is a technique that allows you to create beautiful things out of string. The Macramé string is a single-twisted yarn that you can use to create many different designs. It can be both pretty and elegant, and you can make it look more raw and wild. It all depends on how you handle the yarn.

With Macramé string, you can easily make your own key rings, plant hangers, or perhaps an abstract work of art. You will find detailed instructions here on our website, or in our large inspiration catalogue. Basically, it’s about making certain knots in a certain way. It is easiest to understand if you have pictures to look at.

Get creative with string and children

Kids love to be creative. And string is just a great opportunity to be creative with children in many different ways. For some of the projects, they may need help from an adult, and then it becomes a nice activity that you can do together. It’s a total win-win situation.

If you have children big enough to operate a hammer without getting hurt, you could make nail images. You will need a wooden board, many small nails, cotton cord in attractive colours, and possibly a pencil.

First, find out what your image is meant to depict. It should preferably be something where you only need the outline to see what it is. A circle or another geometric shape is a great place to start. It is easiest if it is not too detailed. Then draw the image on the board with light pencil lines, so that they do not show up once the artwork is finished. And then you’re going to hammer the nails. The nails should stand around the edge of the figure at an equal distance from each other. The more nails, the more full of yarn your figure will be.

And then you just wrap the cotton cord around the nails. Try to be a little consistent with how you wind the string, as this gives the best effect. As a starting point, the string across the figure should pass from a nail on one side to a nail on the other side. But you can also just wind the string however you want. It will be beautiful and exciting no matter what.

If you’re not very keen on nails, you might like to make a nice Christmas bauble or Easter egg – or just make an all year round string ornament. For this, you should use a balloon, preferably a water balloon or an ordinary balloon that is not fully inflated. You will also need a lot of string in your favourite colours, as well as wood glue and a bowl of water.

Inflate the balloon to the size that you want. Mix water and plenty of wood glue in the bowl. It is okay to add a lot of glue. Stir it to avoid lumps. Then take a good length of string or yarn and dip it well in the glue-water mix Then wrap the string around the balloon. It may be a bit difficult to start with, but once you've begun it will become easier Wrap as much string around the balloon as you like, and then hang it to dry somewhere. When it is dry, the string will have become stiff, and you can pop the balloon and take it out. You now have the cutest string bauble to hang as decoration wherever you want.

We hope you enjoy.

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