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Browse our wide selection of kitchen textiles that you can colour yourself, for example with textile paint or markers or using batik or dip dye techniques. Here, you'll find neutral white pot holders, oven gloves, tea towels, aprons and dishcloths. Buy kitchen textiles for home dyeing below.



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Convert your white kitchen textiles into colourful elements

In our range you will find a wealth of different kitchen textiles. This includes pot holders, pot gloves, tea towels, sponge cloths, aprons, and whatever else you might need in a kitchen. All of our finished items on this page have a design that is neutral and white. This gives you ample opportunity to engage in creative and colourful projects.

When you place some of the finished items in your virtual shopping basket, remember to check out our text decorating  materials, so that you can decorate your newly purchased pot holders or apron as you wish. This can be done using textile markers, textile paint, batik paint, and much, much more. Many of the colours can be machine washed, which is a great advantage when it comes to kitchen textiles that often become dirty fast.

Search our extensive catalogue of ideas, in which you can find inspiration on how to decorate your new kitchen textiles.

Elevate your kitchen decor

The kitchen is often an overlooked room when it comes to interior design. All of our focus is put into decorating the living room and bedrooms – but what about the kitchen? Most Danes spend a relatively long time in the kitchen – this is where we cook delicious meals for family and friends, and enjoy chatting together over a lasagne or a pot of tenderloin stew. The kitchen has increasingly become a room that is used as a conversation and living room, which is why its design is also important.

Our range of kitchen textiles can help to create a pretty and uniform look throughout the entire kitchen. For example, your tea towels, apron and pot holders could be made in the same style – e.g. in the same colour or pattern – which gives the kitchen a beatiful look. Display your textiles on hooks, which quickly creates a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Give kitchen textiles as a gift

Whether or not someone has put kitchen textiles on their wish list, they are always a welcome gift. Because everyone uses kitchen textiles. Aprons and pot holders are a necessity in every kitchen.

One great idea is to personalise the kitchen textiles so that they suit the recipient's style. You can also buy a complete DIY kit for the recipient, so that they can design their own unique pot holders and sponge cloths. Our range includes white pot holders and oven gloves, which you can freshen up with all kinds of wonderful colours and textile paint – you could test the popular tie-dye effect, among others.

Homemade kitchen textiles are a unique and distinctive gift that will delight the recipient – regardless of age and gender. An apron is an obvious gift for amateur chefs who can spend hours at a time in the kitchen. When you wear an apron, you automatically feel like you're a better chef – and perhaps this feeling is enhanced when you wear a homemade and personalised apron? Write a sweet quote on the recipient's apron, such as “my favorite chef” or “mom is the best cook”. Your imagination is the only limit.

Let your children fall in love with the kitchen

Most children have a completely natural interest in the kitchen, as well as in food and drink. However, there are also children who are picky eaters. But you can break this pickiness on several levels. Let your children become part of the kitchen – and let them fall in love with the big world that the kitchen provides.

The kitchen should not be a forbidden area for children, but instead they should be invited into the creativity of cooking. But how do you do this properly? At Creativ Company, we recommend letting your children make their own small kitchen set of clothes. Our range includes an apron for the younger children.

Buy some different kitchen textiles and let your children colour them in as they wish. Let them write their name on the textiles and decorate the pieces with motifs of all their favourite foods. This way, your children will soon be interested in the kitchen and will look forward to wearing their new favourite apron while chopping carrots for the bolognese.

It is also a relatively easy task to colour in kitchen textiles, e.g. if you choose textile markers that are particularly suitable for younger children.

Out with the dull sponge cloths and in with the fresh and colourful ones

In supermarkets around the world, we can all find the the regular, boring sponge cloths in  pink, blue, white and yellow colours. But have you also been dreaming of a wider selection? Don't worry, help is on its way from Creativ Company. In our range, you can choose from a variety of sponge cloths that you can decorate freely and produce in your own personal favourite colour.

One good idea is to colour the sponge cloths with batik paint, which can result in the ultra-popular tie-dye effect from batik paint. Tie-dye is a fun effect that has existed for many years – but at the moment it has once again become popular. You can create fun patterns, or the popular effect where the colour goes from ultra-strong to fading. Batik paint is a water-based paint that can be used in both a dye bath or the washing machine. Read more on the product descriptions. You’ll also find a wealth of gorgeous colours that will really add a bit of style to your sponge cloth.

You will have some completely unique sponge cloths in your kitchen that are not available anywhere else. Suddenly, you will want to display your washcloths instead of hiding them away.

Take a look at our range of ready-made textiles

Once you’ve made and decorated your first kitchen textiles, do you have the courage to go even further? Here you can explore our range of more finished items – click here. Here you can find everything from Christmas socks, caps, tote bags, T-shirts, scarves, and much more that you can decorate as you like.

You’ll soon have a home and wardrobe filled with creativity and personality. This is where you can really let your creativity loose. 

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