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We carry a wide range of embroidery fabrics and accessories for hobby, institution and school use. Can be used for both embroidery and punch needle. Browse cross stitch cardboard with and without motifs, embroidery fabric, Aida cloth, string art boards, felt with holes, plastic canvas and floor cloths for embroidery.



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A large selection of embroidery fabrics and other items

Some of the categories in our webshop are quite narrow, so you can only find a certain type of fabric or paper/card, for example. Some category pages are broader, however, and this is one of them. Embroidery fabrics and other pieces to embroider encompasses a lot of things, but if you’re looking for something you can embroider with either yarn or thread, then you've come to the right place here.

On this page, we've gathered together all kinds of items, and what they have in common is that you can embroider on all of them. Our selection ranges from Aida embroidery fabric and sewing sheets to cross stitch cardboard and string art patterns. You can embroider on much more than just ordinary fabric, but embroidery fabric is particularly suitable for embroidering, as it's equipped with holes that you can pass the needle through without destroying the fabric.

Among our selection you'll find cross stitch cardboard sheets shaped like Christmas baubles or cute little animal figures. We also sell sewing cloths and felt with holes, as well as floor cloths that are perfect for embroidery.

What can you use embroidery fabric for?

Embroidery fabrics and other products on this page are perfect for embroidery with yarn or thread. You can let your creativity loose and make your own patterns on boards or embroidery fabric, or you can choose to buy boards or pieces of fabric that already have a pattern pre-printed on them, which is easy to embroider over.

What embroidery fabric can be used for depends on the type and design, but there are almost no limits to what you can do with it.

For example you can make a cushion, where you take a piece of Aida embroidery fabric and embroider something on it – it could be abstract or a specific motif. Once you've embroidered on this piece of fabric, you're ready to start sewing the back of the cushion together with the embroidered front. Before sewing the cushion together, make sure to fill it with some appropriate stuffing. You can easily use teddy bear stuffing in your deco pillow, but you can also use other stuffing.

What is cross stitch cardboard good for?

Cross stitch cardboard is well-suited to a wide range of things. At Creativ Company, there is no age limit to the things you want to do, so you're welcome to embroider cute animal figures on cardboard, just as your children are welcome to embroider things such as Christmas baubles made from cardboard for hanging.

As with everything else on this category page, there are also different things that cross stitch cardboard can be used for. Cross stitch cardboard is particularly suitable for decorative items and hanging decorations, as long as you don't place them in spots where they could get wet. Cardboard is a heavy-duty type of paper, but since paper easily breaks when it gets wet, it’s all about taking good care of the things you make with cross stitch cardboard.

Cross stitch cardboard can be used for many different things, but there are some things that it's more suitable for than others. It's up to you whether you want to buy a blank piece of shiny cross stitch cardboard and make up your own mind, or whether you want a little help in the form of cardboard that already has a specific shape, and which may also have a motif that you can use to embroider.

What is Aida embroidery fabric and how can it be used?

Aida embroidery fabric is a bit of an odd mix, as it's actually a blend of fabric and natural mesh. This is quite a thin, soft fabric that has large holes in it and is normally made of 100% cotton. Other materials may be used.

For cotton Aida embroidery fabric, the colour can vary between different shades of white. You can find Aida embroidery fabric in crisp white, off-white and grey-white. Some of the Aida embroidery fabric can be used for embroidery with a punch needle, which is a heavy-duty needle with a large hole for the yarn or thread and possibly a wooden handle that the yarn can thread through. When you embroider with a punch needle on Aida embroidery fabric, the surface will have a furry appearance, as the yarn or thread will sit in small curves out of the holes in the fabric.

You can also easily use standard needles to embroider. All that matters is that the eye of the needle is large enough to get the yarn or thread through. To make a 'fatter' embroidery in less time, you can double or even triple or quadruple the yarn or thread when embroidering. However, this will require you to change the embroidery yarn more often and make more knots to prevent the embroidery from going up.

Embroidery fabric, Aida embroidery fabric, cross stitch cardboard and lots of other things perfect for embroidery

We sell more different products than the ones mentioned in the text above. All the items are ideal for embroidery of one type or another, so there’s plenty to get you started, whether you're new to embroidery or more experienced.

One of the products that's exciting and a little more different from the rest are the string art patterns. When you look at embroidered string art patterns, it looks like ordinary embroidery, but the technique differs in that the thread or yarn is not fed through the cardboard but remains on the outside.

The motif on a string art pattern comes from connecting some points on the board that you have made with straight pins. This allows you to make a sort of 'connect the dots' drawing, where you use yarn or thread instead of a pencil to join up the points.  String art patterns are a great supplement to the embroidery craft and also offer a little variety.

Find good creative ideas in our idea catalogue

You can make a great many things with products like embroidery fabric, cross stitch cardboard, Aida embroidery fabric, string art patterns, punched MDF panels, floor cloths and more. Whether you’ve embroidered before or not, it’s nice to have some good inspiration, served in an easy to understand way.

You can try looking for exciting embroidery projects in our big idea catalogue. You will often be able to see ideas for things you can do with the individual product. You do this by either clicking directly on the product or by tapping or clicking on QuickView. Quick viewing is possible when you touch the image with the mouse or gently with your finger.

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