Office tape and tape dispenser

Tape is an almost indispensable item that can be used to hold down so many things. Here, you'll find a wide selection of clear tape, office tape and tape dispensers. Choose from many models, sizes and types. Our assortment includes standard clear tape, packaging tape, magic tape and invisible tape.



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The essential tools for the hobby room and office

On this page we have gathered our selection of classic tapes, which come in different sizes and thickness. In our webshop, we refer to the tape as office tape, as it is the most common type of tape that can be found in various office spaces and in drawers at home.

Clear tapes are really something that should be present in every household, as the usage possibilities are many and varied. If you often use tape at home or in the workplace, it is of course also necessary to have a tape dispenser, so you don't have to fiddle with various loose tape pieces. A tape dispenser makes the work easier and simpler. Tape dispensers are of course also available here on our webshop, and fit different thickness options of tape.

You can buy our tape individually or in a pack of several rolls. It can be very frustrating to not have tape when you need it – therefore, you should always make sure that you have some rolls left over. The range also includes packaging tape, which can be used for large items, such as moving boxes and the like. 

Quality of invisible tape

Have you heard of invisible tape before? In our range you will find a large selection of these. The tape is invisible when applied and stays in place. The classic office tapes and clear tapes are well-known for their slightly shiny surface, which can shine in the sunlight – this is not something you will experience when using invisible tape.

In addition, the tape has the great advantage that it does not yellow over time – and in this way it remains invisible forever. If you need to make photocopies, the tape will also be invisible during this process. The invisible tape is therefore the perfect tool if you need to repair some paper documents.

In the range, we also have what we call magic tape, which has many similarities and some of the same qualities as invisible tape. In addition, the tape has a special surface that makes it possible to write on top of it – with markers, ballpoint pens and pencils. In this way, the tape can also be used to keep track of documents and the like, and allow you an overview of what they are.

Gift wrapping tape

Of course, tape is a big part of gift wrapping. Without tape, it would be very difficult to wrap gifts. The tape ensures that the paper is held in place, and it provides some pretty finishes.

The tape allows you to be creative when wrapping gifts. The recipient will truly appreciate a nicely wrapped gift, and it will create great joy. Feel free to use our standard tape or the invisible type for your gift wrapping, either of which will provide a beautiful result.

During the year we may have to wrap many gifts – especially during the Christmas season. That’s why there are also many homes that have their very own small, private gift-wrapping stand, in which they gather all the necessary items. This includes wrapping paper, giftbags, ribbons, to and from cards – and not least a lot of tape, so you never mess up the wrapping. Click here to find inspiration for your next gift wrapping session.

Tape for creative projects

Of course, tape can also be used for all kinds of creative projects – and in some cases it’s impossible to do without it. That's why office tape can be very useful, as it has good adhesive strength without being too strong. The tape works well as a replacement for e.g. glue stick. The tape leaves no traces and can be removed quickly if desired.

When children throw themselves into creative projects, it is recommended that they use tape rather than e.g. a glue gun, which is more durable – and where it is difficult to make changes if they regret doing something. Whereas tape can be removed and placed elsewhere.

Remember that we also have a large selection of decorative tapes in different colours and patterns, which children will undoubtedly be very enthusiastic about.

The perfect home office

Do you dream of the perfect home office with all the office supplies that you need? Then you’re in luck, because here at Creativ Company we have all the office supplies you could ever need. This includes paper pads, rulers, hole punches and staplers, ballpoint pens, and so much more. All of these office supplies work well with the tape and help to create the right framework for the office environment. 

No home office without the right supplies. It is important to have the right tools around you, so that your work can be conducted smoothly and without major interruptions.

You may need to use tape on a daily basis when working. This is especially true when dealing with many physical documents. Tape can help you to bind documents, and in this way gather them together. Documents or notes can also be fastened to the desk and notice board, so that they are always clearly visible.

Looking for other types of tape?

Are you looking for other types of tape than the classic office tape we presented to you above? Then fear not – here at Creativ Company we have almost all kinds of tape. This includes painting tape, gaffer tape, double-sided adhesive tape, and many more. You can find all these by clicking here.

All of our tape is good quality, and comes at a good price too. It is easy to quickly become a major consumer of tape, which is why affordability is so important. Therefore, you are welcome to buy some extra rolls of tape, so you always have it in stock. You can also save a good amount of money by buying a multipack of tape here at Creativ Company.

If you have any questions about any of our products, you are of course always welcome to contact our skilled customer service, who strive to provide you with the best possible service. You can contact us via email or telephone – as well as through our smart live chat on weekdays. 

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