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Find extra strong tape here, which you can use for everything from minor repair jobs and securing items to surfaces to creative projects, wrapping gifts and much more. Check out our selection of gaffer tape, canvas tape and duct tape below. Choose from several colours, sizes and patterns.



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Cloth tape and duct tape

Who says Duct Tape is used for practical purposes only? If you have a creative mind and love to take on all kinds of hobby projects, it is always good to have canvas tape and duct tape at hand. A strong tape can be used for many different things in creative work:

  • Repair and fastening of individual parts - First and foremost, you can use duct tape to repair small and large items in the home and effectively attach individual parts to one other.
  • Protection and sealing - if you want to seal a package, a painting or a DIY project to protect it from rain and wind, you can wrap it in a large plastic bag and then tape it with canvas tape. Duct tape can also be used to attach several bags together so they can be used as a kind of protective floor covering.
  • Creative projects - If you or your children love to work on hobby projects, duct tape is an indispensable part of your shared hobby box. With duct tape everything is possible, so there are no limits to what you and your children can create together from old milk cartons, glass, empty toilet paper rolls and duct tape. Make everything from race cars to carnival costumes, play signs, a homemade refrigerator and many more fun items.
  • Edge binding and decoration - Our range of coloured and patterned duct tapes can easily be used for creative decorations and projects, e.g., as an edge binding that can function as a frame around a box or a sign.
  • Decorative packaging - If you would like to use canvas tape as a decoration for a cardboard box to be sent to a recipient, you can take a look at our selection of coloured and patterned duct tapes, which are more festive for gift-wrapping, etc.

On our website we have gathered our selection of cloth tapes and duct tapes, which are available in several different colours, patterns and widths. It can often be nice to find duct tape in other colours than the dull grey variety you typically find in supermarkets and DIY stores. With our range, you can therefore find a roll of tape that fits your unique DIY project.

Kid-size creative projects during school holidays

The calendar includes many holiday periods for school-aged children. Therefore, if you need something that you and the children (or grandchildren) can get into, it is a good idea to embark on joint creative activities. Start now thinking about and planning what might be of interest to your children. With canvas tape and duct tape, you can create your very own fantasy universe, where you can build anything from a zoo, a farm, a race track or maybe even the solar system in an old shoe box. The possibilities are many with strong tape, but first of all it may be a good idea to search through the home for all the cardboard and other material that you will be able to use for your project.

In addition to individual theme weeks or weekends with construction projects for both young and old, parents can also plan a lot of competitions for themed birthdays, for example. Here, too, strong tape will be useful for everything from signage to competitions, etc.

An extra-strong tape gives you many advantages

There are many good arguments for why canvas tape and duct tape are preferable for creative DIY projects. The standard tape you normally use for gift wrapping is not at all as strong, thus severely limiting your hobby project possibilities. On the other hand, an extra-strong tape such as duct tape is:

  • Durable - canvas tape and duct tape are durable tapes that last far longer than regular tape. You can use strong tape in new ways that make the impossible possible. So it is a really good tool to have on hand when trying out creative ideas and putting things together.
  • Waterproof - If you want to protect a material, edge or frame from water, then duct tape is a good solution. Duct tape is waterproof and can therefore provide the necessary protection.
  • Effective - canvas tapes and duct tapes can be used for all materials, which is another good reason why it is smart to have them on hand in the DIY world. With strong tape you can attach small elements and create your own whole, e.g., as part of a carnival or Halloween costume for your child. A costume like a robot or refrigerator consists of several large parts that need to be put together, but at the same time you can use the tape to attach small elements such as an antenna or colourful buttons that can be the project's finishing touch.

Be inspired by our online idea catalogues

At Creativ Company, we do not believe that you can be too old for creativity, fun and play. That’s why our creative universe is designed for both children and adults who want to find peace and contemplation in a wealth of different projects. If you love undertake small DIY projects at home, you’ve landed on the right page.

Sometimes, inspiration for new designs and ideas may be hard to find. But fear not! On our website you can find several different idea catalogues where you can be inspired by new projects for both children and adults. In addition, you will find several catalogues organised by season and holiday. You will find practically everything you need for your DIY projects through our online shop, and it is easy to access. For many of our hobby projects, you will find that a cloth tape or duct tape will make your work much easier.

Not sure what kind of strong tape to choose? Or do you have questions about how you can use it specifically for your DIY project? At Creativ Company, we are always ready to answer all your questions, so that you are sure to order the right product.

Order your canvas tape or duct tape today and look forward to easy, fast delivery within 3-5 working days.

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