Large selection of laminators and laminating pouches for use in offices, schools, institutions and private use. We sell user-friendly laminators for both cold and hot lamination. High-quality machines that can withstand many laminations. We also have a large selection of laminating pouches in formats such as A3 and A4.



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What is the difference between cold and hot lamination?

Have you ever encountered the concepts of cold and hot lamination? As far as we know, these aren't words that are typically included in everyday language. But we will try to explain the concepts in a simple and easy way. Read on to learn more.

  • Cold lamination: The laminate pockets contain a type of glue that makes sure that the two sides stick together with the paper in the middle.
  • Hot lamination: The laminate pockets for heat lamination do not contain any type of glue. Rather, the heat that makes the plastic melt together.

In our range, we sell laminators for both cold and hot lamination, and most of the models can do both types of lamination. Regardless of which type of lamination you choose, we guarantee that you will get good results. The plastic ensures that the paper document is protected and sealed, and that it is tightly enclosed and that no liquids or similar substances can get in.

However, for your sensitive documents, we recommend using cold lamination. Cold lamination is gentler on documents, and can be useful for papers that cannot tolerate too much heat, such as older ink documents. However, cold lamination can have the slight disadvantage that the glue dissolves over time

How to laminate correctly and ensure good results

Have you never tried laminating before? Don't worry, it’s not rocket science. All of our laminators on this page are both high quality and user-friendly. Of course, you will also find a thorough manual for the product so you can quickly get to know it.

Our laminators are also automatic, which ensures that you get a good result time after time. So don't worry about finding the right temperature, as the machine will do this with its pre-set functions. But please make sure that no heat bubbles are formed in the plastic, as this is a clear indication that the temperature is too high.

  • Always make sure to insert the closed part of the lamination pocket into the machine first, as this reduces the risk of the document accidentally getting stuck. It also gives the best result. So make sure you don't forget this tip.

  • Please make sure that your document does not run through the machine too quickly. Let the machine keep its own natural pace and don't drag the document through it – be patient with the process.

What can you laminate?

In short, you can laminate almost everything. But perhaps there is something in your daily life that you have not yet considered laminating. Therefore, please read below, as we will give you some good tips on how you can use lamination in your daily work.

  • Lamination of recipes. When you’re in the kitchen cooking pumpkin soup, kneading roll dough, or doing something else entirely, your fingers can quickly get dirty. Therefore, it may be a good idea to laminate all your recipes so that they can be wiped off quickly with a damp cloth.

  • Lamination of business cards and CVs. When something is laminated, it just looks a bit more professional. Therefore, it is also a great idea to laminate your business cards, as this keeps them from getting crumpled in people’s back pockets.
  • Informational posters. If you need to hang a sign or the like outdoors, it may be a good idea to laminate it first. The plastic layer keep its durable, and makes sure that rain, sleet and snow cannot penetrate it.

If you want to preserve your documents or old photos, then it is certainly worth investing in a laminator. When you enclose your documents in a layer of strong plastic, you won't need to worry about them becoming wet, greasy and damaged.

Laminators for the office and home

Laminators are often associated with office environments, but can also be used in private homes.

Our laminators also come in different price classes, so there is something for every budget. In our range, we also have a laminator that does not require electricity and is available at a cheaper price. You have to physically turn the handle to make it laminate.

But no matter which laminator model you choose from Creativ Company – you are guaranteed good quality.

Laminating all your artworks

Do you have a little artist hidden inside you? And can you create one piece of art after another? Then you probably also have a large collection of your own works at home. So many pieces, that there is no longer room on the walls, and many of them have also been gifted to friends and acquaintances. That’s why you probably have a large pile of papers featuring your beautiful work lying around – and these should be taken care of, which you can do by laminating them. Lamination makes sure that they do not become wrinkled and uneven over time.

If you want to give away one of your artworks as a gift, we recommend that you laminate it first. In this way, your work of art will also appear more professional, and a frame will not be as necessary, as lamination ensures that the picture is protected.

If you love creative projects and have many works of art and documents lying around at home, we highly recommend that you invest in a laminator. We promise it will be worth every penny. It can also be a good gift idea for someone who has everything – except a high quality laminator. Buy it today and have it delivered within a few business days.

Do you have any questions about any of our laminators? Then please don't hesitate to contact us, as we can provide great help and advice when buying a laminator. Contact us by email, telephone, or via our live chat.

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