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Need to make your own labels? Then take a look at our selection of label machines and Dymo tape for labels. With a user-friendly Label Manager from Dymo, you can print one line per label of 6, 9 or 12 mm.



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High quality and usable machines

Perhaps you are currently thinking about whether you should buy a label machine. You need a clear recommendation of what to do. Perhaps you don't think that a label machine is a necessary item in your home. But once you have held a label machine in your hands, you will find it difficult to do without it again. It is a very practical tool that you will probably benefit from in your daily life.

In our range we have different types of label machines. When you click on the product, you can read more about the specifications. In our range, you will find the brand Dymo, which specialises in the manufacture of label machines and other accessories. The products are of high quality, and it is a machine that you will be able to use for many years to come. Remember to buy Dymo tape so that you always have some in stock.

Our label makers are of good quality and are suitable for both private homes and workplaces, where some extra control over things is needed. Our label machines are also available at a good price, so that most people can afford them. We promise you good value for money, because your newly purchased label machine will be of great benefit to you – even more than you might think.

A label machine can also be a great gift for an organised friend (or perhaps a disorganised one).

Create a better overview of your every day life

Labels can help to simplify everyday life in so many ways. Here are some examples:

  • Labels can be used for family planners, note books, meal plans, and so much more. These labels can help to create a better overview for the entire household.

  • Labels can also be attached to personal belongings – such as a lunch box, thermal cup, and the like. In this way, you can make sure that colleagues confuse your things with their own. In the future, you will also be able to happily keep your delicious sandwich and cooldrink in the shared fridge.

  • Labels can also be used for the freezer and fridge, where you can quickly get a clear view of what is stored in bags and boxes.

  • Use labels for marking the date. Within a week, we can quickly open many different tubs of mayonnaise, milk, creme fraiche, and the like. So it could be a good idea to mark each tub with the date, so that you do not suddenly eat something that has expired.


  • Place labels on your mailbox. They are easy to remove again in the event of address changes and extensions to the household.

Labels can thus be used for a wide range of different things in everyday life. So you will undoubtedly benefit from investing in a label machine for your home. Not only can it make your daily life easier, but labels also have the great advantage of being more durable than handwritten labels using a ballpoint pen or pencil. And it won't matter if you accidentally spill some liquid on your labels – just wipe it off again with a damp cloth.

Organise your kitchen

Is your kitchen also packed with various spices, pastas, and all kinds of flour? And do you also find it difficult to keep track of everything? Then you should put a label machine on this year’s wish list, or add one to your virtual shopping basket today.

A good idea is to buy a lot of spice bottles and jars that you can add labels to. If they are in a drawer, then place the labels at the top so that you can quickly see what each label says. This will greatly ease your stress in the kitchen. Because sometimes it can become a bit hectic in the kitchen, which is why it is a great advantage to keep track of all your spices and the like, so that you don't suddenly sprinkle the wrong spice into your stew.

Create structure in the children's bedroom

If you have children in your household, you probably also know how quickly the children’s room can become a proper mess, where toys, teddy bears, and much more are spread around the room.

Fortunately, good housekeeping can be boosted by using labels. You can achieve a much better structure in the children’s room by putting labels on various storage baskets and boxes. In this way, children always know which box to put their toys in, and order can quickly be created.

It is also possible to ease your children’s everyday life by using labels. There will come a day when they need to learn how to find their clothes and put them on. Here, labels can serve as a small and useful guide. Put a label on each wardrobe shelf, which tells them which garments can be found where. It’s about giving your children a helping hand, but also allowing them to try ordinary, everyday things on their own.

Labels for packing and decorating the table

Labels are not only practical in everyday life, but can also be used for parties and festivities. If you cannot boast of Denmark’s prettiest handwriting, this is where a label machine really comes into its own. It allows you to create beautiful invitations, envelopes and cards using labels. You can write the recipient’s name using a label, but you can also write the entire message using labels, thus creating a unique and quirky look. Click here to see how this can be done.

Will your party have a buffet? Then it might be a good idea to place small signs with labels next to the dishes, so that the guests know what they are putting on their plates. Here you can also note whether a dish is vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free. This is something that most guests will highly appreciate – and in this way you will also be taking everyone into consideration.

The small labels can also be used as classic to-and-from cards when you don't have any. They can give your gift wrapping a very cool look, and make your gifts stand out from the traditional manilla tags.

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