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We carry a large selection of pens, pencils and writing pens for both office and school supplies. Browse drawing pencils, mechanical pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, alcohol-based markers, highlighters and HB pencils. We also have a wide range of pencil sharpeners, pencil sharpening machines and erasers of good quality.



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A large selection of writing utensils

Although we currently write down most things digitally, ballpoint pens and pencils are still indispensable tools. Most of us always carry one in our bags, inside our pockets, or have some lying around the house. In everyday life, writing utensils can be very useful – for example, when a telephone number needs to be written down quickly, or your shopping list needs to be updated.

Many people also use writing utensils at school and at the workplace, when writing important notes from the meeting, or teaching. Several people also claim to remember things better when they write them down in a note pad. Because the brain has a sensory modality, in which language functions as a channel into your memory.

Here at Creativ Company, we have a wide range of different writing utensils such as ballpoint pens, metallic pens, and pencils. We have classic pencils and ballpoint pens, as well as more distinctive ones, where extra focus has been placed on design. All of our products are of a high quality – and a good price too. Find your new favourite writing utensil with us – and get it delivered within a few business days.

Which pencil should you choose?

Here at Creativ Company, we have a wide selection of pencils. They are presented below. It can be a bit difficult to choose between the different types of pencils. But hopefully you will learn a bit more about pencils in the section below.

  • School pencils. These pencils have a standard thickness and are hexagonal, which makes them nicer to grip for longer periods of time. As the name also suggests, they are particularly suitable for school use, when notes need to be taken during teaching.

  • Correcting pencils. Thick, triangular correcting pencils are red on one end and blue on the other. These are good for learning e.g. vowels and consonants, as more visual learning is achieved through the colours.

  • Mechanical pencils With a mechanical pencil, you are free from the hassle of pulling out the pencil sharpener all the time. A mechanical pencil is always relatively sharp to write with, and always gives a nice result. That’s why the mechanical pencil is also gaining in popularity as everyone's new favourite pencil.

These are our three main categories of pencils, but please keep an eye on our range, as we update it regularly. If you still don't know which pencil to buy, remember that our prices are always razor sharp, so you can always buy more than one pencil at a time and test which one will be your new favourite.

Markers in all the colours of the rainbow

Here at Creativ Company, we have a large selection of markers  in every colour you can imagine. Metallic pens, which are ideal for various illustrations and beautiful works.

Colouring books have become extremely popular for both adults and children. And our markers are excellent for this. Our metallic pens are also available in different thicknesses, which is a great advantage when colouring in the colouring books – so you have markers for very small patterns, and some thicker markers for the bigger patterns. Colouring in of colouring books is an incredibly cosy activity that can give you the perfect break away from everyday life.

Colouring books can function as a form of mindfulness, as your creativity is given free rein, and tranquillity can be felt all over your body. When you buy a colouring book, most of the pictures are created for you in advance. So you don't have to struggle to make your own. Instead, you can just sit back and enjoy the cosy, creative activity, while concentrating on which colour to choose next. A very relaxing activity. You can find a wealth of different colouring books here in our webshop – both for adults and children.

In our range, you can also find some more special markers, such as metallic colours, which are great for decorating birthday cards or invitations. A colourful marker can elevate any card, and it looks more professional than just using a normal blue ballpoint pen. Therefore, always keep some colourful markers at hand. Colourful ballpoint pens and markers can also help to create more structure in everyday life. For example, if you have a family planner hanging in your home, colours can provide a better overview of the planning. Give each person a unique colour to make the planner easier to understand. A little tip for you from Creativ Company.

The writing utensil accessories

In our range, we also have all the accessories for your writing utensils. This includes pencil sharpeners, pencil sharpening machines, and erasers. A pencil sharpener is a must-have for the office and the pencil case. We have different versions for both thin and thick pencils. If you want some cool gadgets, we recommend that you invest in an electric pencil sharpener.

It can be difficult to hold a pencil for a long time, which is why it may be a good idea to use a rubber grip from our range. These rubber grips make sure that you hold the pencil ergonomically correct. This is an excellent accessory for  young children who are just learning to write with a pencil. 

Of course, an eraser is also a necessity for the pencil case, so you can quickly delete errors in your note books and school documents. Therefore, always use a pencil for e.g. maths tasks, so that you can quickly correct the equations.

Creative projects using pen and pencil

Ballpoint pens and pencils are first and foremost practical writing tools, but you can also create beautiful works of art using a pencil and ballpoint pen. Our colourful markers are, of course, ideal for creating beautiful works of art.

In recent years, it has become very trendy to make ballpoint pen art. You often just associate a ballpoint pen with doodles, but it is also a tool that can be advantageously used when creating art. A ballpoint pen can be used to draw portraits, landscapes, and so much more. Reinforce the classic ballpoint pen colour further by drawing several layers. Perhaps do your ballpoint pen work on recycled and kraft paper for a rustic look.

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