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Browse our selection of whiteboards, markers and whiteboard foil. Whiteboard foil comes in rolls and is a special film with an adhesive backing that you can apply to panels, doors and other surfaces to make a DIY whiteboard. We stock whiteboard markers in a range of different colours.



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We sell a wide range of whiteboards and accessories

A whiteboard is a board that most people might know from the classroom or from being used by many companies. In other words, a whiteboard can be described as the modern chalkboard. It is simply a magnetic board that you can write on or use as a projector canvas. The whiteboard has a steel-ceramic surface that you can write on with non-permanent markers and then delete it again so that the board can be used again. 

A whiteboard can be used for many different purposes. Among other things, the whiteboard can be used as part of a presentation where you want to illustrate something to students, customers or colleagues. It can also serve as a notice board, as it is magnetic. This means that you can hang notes, messages or photos on the board, depending on what you want to use it for.

At Creativ Company you will find an exciting selection of whiteboards and accessories. We have compliled a number of different whiteboards, markers and whiteboard wipers at low prices.

Here are 3 good reasons to choose a whiteboard

As mentioned, a whiteboard has several different functions that makes it useful in everyday life. It is a popular way of communicating at school or in the workplace. It can be used for PowerPoint presentations, or for creating a mind map where ideas can be jotted on the board. 

There are also a number of other practical advantages of choosing a whiteboard, which we will clarify here.

  • Use a whiteboard as a screen

The fact that a whiteboard has a steel ceramic surface allows you to project a projector onto the board. This means you avoid having to invest in a projector canvas that you have to pull back and forth when you need to use it. It is already built into the board so you can use it directly as a screen. An added bonus is that a whiteboard allows you to write and mark on the board at the same time as a picture or film is being shown on the projector. 

  • A whiteboard is a sustainable solution

In a world where we constantly focus on the green transition and how we can become better at taking care of the environment, the whiteboard comes into its element. By investing in a whiteboard, you will, for example, avoid having to use lots of paper and resources writing notes or making illustrations for meetings and presentations. You can also use a whiteboard in the kitchen, where you can note down important agreements or what is on the schedule for the week ahead

  • A whiteboard is a dust-free solution 

Traditional chalkboards tend to create dust. It comes from the chalk that is used for writing and drawing on the board. You can avoid this altogether with a whiteboard. Here you use a pen or markers designed for a whiteboard instead. They’re also much more comfortable to write with, and avoid getting chalk on your fingers and clothes.

Buy whiteboard foil for a whiteboard

A whiteboard has many good features and functions that you can benefit greatly from privately, at a workplace or at a school. However, when you use a whiteboard every day to draw and write on, it will of course wear out over time. Small marks or scratches may appear on the whiteboard. If, at some point, you get fed up of looking at these marks and scratches, you may want to invest in some whiteboard foil. Whiteboard foil makes your whiteboard look brand-new again. It is both an affordable solution and easy to install compared to buying a new board

We have gathered a selection of whiteboard foils for whiteboards in different sizes and variants. You can therefore choose one that fits the size of your whiteboard. The advantage of whiteboard foil is that you can also use it on doors and other surfaces if you want a board to write on. For example, there are many families who use it in the kitchen.

Why it's so important to have the right accessories for a whiteboard 

Despite the fact that a whiteboard is a simple product, it has many excellent properties. Most schools and educational establishments have replaced their old chalkboards with a whiteboard. This is simply because they are easier to clean and use again. Here it is important to buy the right markers, so that writing or figures are easy to rub out. However, there can be a big difference between normal markers and markers that can be used for your whiteboard.

At Creativ Company, we have carefully selected some good markers that are particularly suitable for whiteboards. The key points are that they should be comfortable and good to write with, as well as easy to remove again with a whiteboard wiper. You can also choose to use a microfibre cloth if you prefer – even though a whiteboard wiper is more efficient. 

Find high quality whiteboards and accessories at low prices 

At Creativ Company, we believe that everyone should be able to have a whiteboard at home or in the classroom or workplace. That’s why we’ve also hand-picked smart and simple whiteboards that you can either hang on the wall or place on a stand. We have gathered a number of whiteboards in different sizes, so you can choose what fits the wall or room where it is to be placed. We hope that the selection suits your taste and that you'lll enjoy your new whiteboard for many years to come. 

We want to, and are working hard to, become your favourite hobby store in Denmark. We therefore try our best to create a fun and creative universe with everything you need to explore your creative talents. If you have any questions about one of our whiteboards or which accessories to choose, please call our competent and service-minded customer service on +45 96 13 30 10 or write to us directly at mail@cchobby.dk

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