Blackboard foil and blackboard chalk

Large selection of chalk for blackboards and classroom chalkboards. Browse our selection of chalks in both white and assorted colours below. We also sell chalkboard foil, so you can easily make your own chalkboard.



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Make your own beautiful blackboards with blackboard foil

Most of us recall the blackboards that were a permanent part of every classrooms for decades. There are many good reasons for this, because the black chalkboards are easy to write on, and just as easy to erase and edit as needed.

You may often have thought it would be fun to have a chalkboard at home that you can use to draw on, write down important things on, or maybe to teach your children.

However, there is no need to invest in a large, expensive chalkboard, because with blackboard foil, you can easily and quickly turn any surface in your home into a practical chalkboard.

Blackboard foil is a black material with a self-adhesive side, making it easy to mount on doors, walls, etc. in your home. Just find an available flat surface that you would like to decorate with a chalkboard. Then roll out your blackboard foil and cut it to the desired size and it is ready to be glued up on a door, for example.

Finally, it is a good idea to straighten out the surface of your new board with a plastic putty knife or similar, to eliminate any air bubbles trapped underneath. You will then be left with a nice, smooth black surface that you can use to write on, just as you recall from the chalkboards at school.

You can write with exactly the same type of chalk, and you can easily erase everything when necessary.

Blackboard foil is therefore an easy way for you to have a chalkboard in your home, and it will be a sure hit in all households with children.

At Creativ Company, you can buy blackboard foil on a roll for all your blackboard projects, and we also sell all types of white and coloured chalk, giving you and your children plenty of creative options for your new blackboards.

We also sell a variety of blackbo tools, which can be used to get complete control of the difficulties of geometry.

Practice the alphabet and all the difficult tables

If you want to prepare your child for school life, a homemade foil blackboard is a good choice. For example, you can hang the blackboard foil on a door or a kitchen wall and can start together with the alphabet and all the difficult numbers. Children can also have their own blackboard in their room, to try out the difficult alphabet themselves.

A home foil blackboard is also a great tool to let your children unleash their creative abilities. Drawing on a blackboard with chalk in all kinds of colours is fun, and since the drawings can easily be erased again, children have plenty of opportunities to try out their creative skills.

A foil blackboard is also a good choice for older children whom you would like to help with school work. It is easier for you and your child to keep track of maths, for example, if it is done on a large board instead of on a small piece of paper.

That is why a blackboard is a perfect place to practice fractions and much more for all children who are underway with maths at school.

A home blackboard can also be used for teaching other subjects, as it is a sure way to keep your child’s interest as you explain.

Unleash your creativity with blackboard foil

Blackboard foil gives you have many options for creating unique decorations at home. The smart thing about blackboard foil is that it can be cut out into all kinds of shapes and patterns, so you don't have to limit yourself to the classic square shape if you want to try something new.

You can cut a whole tree out of blackboard foil to decorate a door, or use it in combination with other elements, so that your blackboard becomes a decoration in itself instead of just being a square black surface.

All the chalk you need

Of course, a blackboard is not worth much if you cannot write on it. Therefore, you must also have a solid inventory of chalk, so that you always have a writing tool at hand when you need to write something down, or when you or your child would like to be creative with a lot of different colours.

We sell packages of classic white chalk, along with chalk in all the colours of the world, so you can always find the piece you need to colour in a tree, draw a house wall or make something completely different.

We also sell various accessories to choose from, e.g., chalk holders and various chalboard tools.

Find a good idea for your next project with blackboard foil

With blackboard foil, you can create a beautiful, useful blackboard on a free surface in your home. Blackboard foil can also function as a creative element in your home, aside from its use in a number of creative projects.

If you need some inspiration for using blackboard foil, you can always take a look at our idea catalogue for a good idea. Here, we have gathered a number of different projects, which involve the use of blackboard foil, and we encourage you to take a look if you love to be creative and make beautiful things from scratch.

All projects come with detailed guides so that you can easily succeed with even complicated projects. 

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