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We have a large selection of wrapping paper for all occasions. Here, you’ll find wrapping paper in all kinds of colours and patterns for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings, confirmations and much more. The wrapping paper is available in rolls of various sizes, including bulk buys with up to 150 metres of wrapping paper per roll.



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All gifts deserve great wrapping

If you’ve already made an effort to find the perfect gift, you’ll naturally also need nice gift wrapping. This makes the gift seem inviting, and the recipient will want to avoid tearing up the wrapping paper.

The joy in people’s eyes is unmistakable when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift. This shows that you, as the giver, have put time and thought into the wrapping. You can make the gift more personal and unique in the way you wrap it. A beautifully wrapped gift is almost an extra gift in addition to the gift itself, and can add more value to the package.

Wrapping paper for all occasions

When wrapping your gift, it’s important to keep track of two things: who the gift is for, and what the occasion is. Whether you’re looking for wrapping paper for Christmas Eve, a wedding, or your child’s birthday, you’ll find it here at Creativ Company. Our selection includes wrapping paper with smileys, Christmas trees, pandas, balloons, and much more. We regularly expand our range with new and exciting motifs, so please keep an eye on the webshop.

  • Wedding wrapping paper. There are many options for finding the perfect wrapping paper for weddings here at Creativ Company. The colour red is a classic symbol of love, which can be decorated with pretty silk ribbons. You could also decorate wedding gifts with tulle and organza, which will immediately draw associations to the bride's veil.

  • Wrapping paper for the little one. The assortment includes a wealth of sweet and cute motifs that are suitable for the youngest members of the family. Feel free to use different stickers on the wrapping paper to make your child happy. Find some wrapping paper and stickers that match the child’s interests, e.g. an astronaut or pirate theme.

  • Christmas wrapping paper. When the gifts are placed under the tree during Christmas, it is of course also important that they look good. Both children and adults can enjoy the sight of wonderfully wrapped gifts. Choose a variety of different Christmas wrapping paper – in this way, when they're under the tree, no one can tell which gifts are from you. At the same time, it creates a more varied and beautiful look under the tree.

Christmas wrapping paper can also be used as Christmas decorations during cutting and pasting project days. Colourful Christmas paper is excellent for making garlands, mouse stairs, Christmas stars, and Christmas hearts. In this way, you can also use all the leftover Christmas wrapping paper that you won't be using to wrap presents.

Whimsical and unusual gift wrapping

Gift wrapping can be a great art in itself, and can be an incredibly enjoyable project. There are countless ways of decorating and wrapping gifts. Explore our big catalogue of ideas, where you will find inspiration for wrapping calendar gifts, baby shower gifts, and so much more.

It is trendy at the moment, and almost always looks good, to mix two different wrapping papers, one of which acts as a small “tablerunner”. First, wrap the gift in e.g red paper, and then cut off another piece of wrapping paper that fits the circumference, but is slightly narrower than the gift itself. This gives an incredibly pretty and unique look.

Remember the accessories for the wrapping paper 

Wrapping paper can of course stand alone, but if you want to spice it up even further, this can be done in a number of ways. Accessories help to make the gift even more personal and decorative.

  • Decorate the gift in the classic way using a ribbon. In our collection, you’ll find sparkling, glossy, matt ribbons in a wide range of different materials. Keep it clean with just one ribbon, or mix different styles to make the wrapping more unique.

  • Decorate the gift with a tag. Write a sweet, personal greeting or a nice little quote that is suitable for the occasion.

  • Our selection also includes wrapping paper in neutral colours, which can easily be dressed up with lots of decorations. You can also paint small figures, flags, etc. directly on to the wrapping paper, and in this way create your own personal wrapping paper.

The possibilities are endless – you just need to unleash your imagination. Remember that there are no rules for gift wrapping – do it the way you want and follow your imagination.

Of course, all the accessories are available here at Creativ Company. Click here for all our gift wrapping items, where you can find ribbons, gift tags, and cute stickers.

Wrapping paper for creative projects

Wrapping paper is of course made for wrapping gifts. But the functionality of wrapping paper is so much more than that. Below we have outlined some inspirational ideas for how wrapping paper can be used in other ways and become part of your creative projects. This way you can also recycle wrapping paper and give it new life.

  • Personalised boxes for storage. Do you have any old containers and boxes that simply collect dust? Cover them with colourful wrapping paper, and it will give them a real makeover. The containers and boxes can be used to decorate the home office or your children’s room, and can be used for storing writing and hobby supplies.

  • Gorgeous and colourful postcards. Often you have some small wrapping paper leftovers that you don't use. These paper remnants can be glued to cardboard and used as pretty postcards and birthday cards. You can even frame your piece of art and hang it on the wall.

  • Use the paper for origami. Wrapping paper can easily be used for origami, the Japanese artform. You can create many exciting shapes and unleash your creativity. We also have the classic origami paper in our range, which is designed for the purpose and is thicker in quality.

Wrapping paper is a relatively inexpensive material, and is therefore excellent for creative projects, as it won't matter if you make mistakes along the way. It is a paper that is easy to work with – and is therefore suitable for both children and adults.

Curious about even more ideas? Then check out our large and exciting catalogue of ideas, where you can explore many inspiring suggestions.

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