Mardi Gras barrels and piñata

Are you looking for a barrel to smash at the spring carnival or a piñata for party fun? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can find everything you need for the carnival and parties here. Choose from large and small wooden or cardboard carnival barrels, carnival bats, crowns for the carnival king and queen and party piñatas. You can also choose a full carnival set with barrel, crowns, balloons and streamers.

Mardi Gras barrels and piñata
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Festive Shrovetide decorations

Shrovetide is an old tradition in Denmark, originally celebrating that spring was on its way with more colourful days in nature. Over time, the colourful aspect has expanded, and most people – children, young people, and the elderly alike – associate Shrovetide with a big splash of colour in terms of both decorations and costumes.

If you are in doubt about how to decorate for Shrovetide, we have put this page together featuring a lot of lovely Shrovetide decorations that you can create yourself. Whether you want to decorate your own home, a sports hall, kindergarten, or school, there is a lot of fun inspiration for Shrovetide decorations to be found in our catalogue of ideas.

All you have to do is open your mind, set aside the time, and let yourself be inspired. When you have found something that you would like to try – either alone, with your children, or as a large group activity in kindergarten or at school – just click on ideas.

The page you enter will show you what materials you need for creating the decorations yourself. At the same time, you get a step-by-step guide on exactly how to do it in your own home.

Shrovetide decoration activities for everyone

With the room fully decorated for Shrovetide, the stage is set for a banger of a party. Stepping into a hall with streamers, masks on the walls, decorated barrels, flag banners, and lots of other creative things that catch your eye, you will be even more encouraged to join in on all the fun in your costume. This gives you the courage to try to win the beautiful, homemade crown for the cat king and cat queen.

Both children and adults can appreciate this. There are a lot of fun preparations ahead, before the big Shrovetide party begins. This is because a lot of unique and decorative Shrovetide decorations need to be made.

You can make Shrovetide decorations in any way you like. Children and adults can add figures from all their favourite universes and turn them into Shrovetide decorations. That’s the beauty of Shrovetide. There are absolutely no special requirements.

Simply enjoy an activity, like decorating your own mask. It can be decorated for princesses using small pebbles and beads. Feathers can be glued to it, to dress up as a small red Indian. The mask can also just be black, red, or any other colour that matches the costume. Anything goes.

Shrovetide ris and room decorations

The highlight of any good Shrovetide party for both children and other childish souls is when the cat has to be knocked out of the barrel. Of course, we have a great selection of different barrels. We suggest that you buy the barrel well in advance. Then you can make it even more decorative at home, at kindergarten, or at school.

You can paint it, glue figures to it, add glitter, and so much more. The kids will also love hitting a colourful barrel that they have helped to create. And on a Shrovetide barrel, there is fortunately plenty of room for everyone to add a little creation, write their name, or glue a black cat.

Masterpieces that you can also make for the wall. Invite the kindergarten class to a Shrovetide decoration workshop and make a lot of cool decorations to hang on the walls. Shrovetide decorations can be made of almost anything. However, there are some things that are extra fun to make decorations from, and not everyone knows about them.

For example , EVA foam is great for making colourful decorations for Shrovetide ris or the wall. Classics such as cardboard, glitter, crepe paper, and colourful feathers should always be used when decorating a Shrovetide party.

Everything needed to make a nice Shrovetide decoration

When looking for inspiration for your Shrovetide decorations here at Creativ Company, you will find everything you need for both the party and your home. Now we have talked a lot about decorating the actual Shrovetide party.

Do you want to celebrate the coming of spring in your home? Then there are a lot of cosy things that you can spend time on together at home, so that both adults and children can get excited about Shrovetide. For example, make your own Shrovetide ris. Long ago, the Danish Shrovetide ris was used to make others 'rise up' in the morning. During Shrovetide, one would hit people's duvets with the ris until they got up.

Making Shrovetide ris is a really cosy activity that children can immerse themselves in. All you need are some crumpled and pretty sticks from mother nature, some string to tie around them, and lots of fun, creative things to make. Shrovetide ris can be decorated using pipe cleaners, cat figures, small cardboard barrels, and anything else you associate with Shrovetide. It looks festive and can be decorated with candy for Shrovetide morning.

You can also cut and paste a lot of figures for the Shrovetide barrel and the wall at home. The classic Shrovetide elements are witches, black cats, barrels, feathers, and Shrovetide ris, which all contribute towards making the day extra decorative.

Shrovetide is a holiday season for children and the young at heart, where imagination becomes a reality, and you can play real robbers and soldiers, princesses and frogs, or something else completely different for a day. It’s liberating and soothing for the soul. Regardless of whether you prefer classic or reimagined Shrovetide decorations, you will find inspiration here.

We wish you lots of fun decorating for Shrovetide, and with making all the activities something in which you can all gather around for companionship and creativity. Every good Shrovetide party requires a lot of creative preparation. There needs to be beautiful Shrovetide decorations, which means cosy moments with cutting and pasting activities for everyone. So, let your imagination run wild and do whatever you’ve always dreamed of.

Also remember to have basic materials, such as glue sticks, cardboard and in all the colours of the rainbow ready, so that your creative expressions are boundless.

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