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Browse our large selection of weaving paper strips, ideal for making Christmas stars and other decorations. We have paper strips for both large and small Christmas stars and everything in between. Choose from paper strips in several widths, lengths, colours, patterns and designs.



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Make your own starry sky with weaving paper strips

Nothing signals Christmas like the classic woven Christmas stars. If you have some dexterity, you can easily weave a beautiful sky of personalised Christmas stars. At Creativ Company, we have a large selection of weaving paper strips, so all you need to do is find the ones you like the best and start weaving.

You will find thick and thin strips, plain strips, and star strips with patterns on them. You can also find beautiful lacquered weaving paper strips, which give you pretty and shiny Christmas stars. Try to see how many Christmas stars you can make before Christmas. Maybe you could run a family competition?

Paper strips for big, small and unique Christmas stars

If you think that the classic white and red woven Christmas stars made from paper strips are a bit too old fashioned, you’re lucky that you’ve ended up on our page. Because we have paper strips that allow you to make stars that are anything but old fashioned.

You can find very thin paper strips that you can use to make really cute Christmas stars. But such a project requires you to have very nifty fingers. But with a little dexterity, you can make the prettiest little Christmas stars out of thin paper strips.

If you’re more into huge Christmas decorations, you’ll need to get hold of our large, wide paper strips. With them, you can make large, beautiful Christmas stars that will decorate the windows or wherever you hang them. Maybe they’ll decorate the Christmas table?

You can also find paper strips in regular sizes, where the colour or pattern distinguishes them from the good old-fashioned ones. You can find some that are gold, black, patterned, and even some with relief motifs. So you can make your woven Christmas stars look just the way you want. 

Christmas stars made from strips like our mothers used to make

Weaving a Christmas star does require some practice. But if you haven't had much practice, don't let that stop you. Most of our Christmas star strips come with a guide. Therefore, there is no excuse for not making beautiful Christmas stars. In fact, they just become even more personal if they are a little wrinkled at the edges.

A good tip from me to you is to have a pair of scissors at hand. You can also cut off a bit of the end of the strips if they become too wrinkled to get through to the star while weaving. It's also a good idea to cut the ends into points before you start. This way it's easier to get the strip through the Christmas star.

Get a needle and some thread when you have finished your Christmas star, and sew the thread to the star so that you can hang it up. You can also sew several stars on to the same thread so you can hang them together. Perhaps you have made so many Christmas stars that you can make a whole garland.

Make your own personal Christmas stars and other woven items

In fact, you can also use the weaving paper strips to make much more than just the classic woven Christmas star. For example, you can make half a Christmas star, where you only make the centre on one side of the star. Then it can be glued to the windows or the wall using sticky tack. Try to make many stars and hang them up all together on the wall or window. It can look really beautiful.

You can also make small chubby stars from the paper strips. Then tie a knot on the paper strip and wrap the paper around itself a couple of times. Then staple the end and you should end up with a small pentagon. Now gently press the edges towards the middle, so that the pentagon is inflated. Now you should have a little chubby star of paper strips. You can find pictures of the process on this page or elsewhere on the internet.

The small chubby stars are especially cute when grouped. Try threading through the stars so that many can hang on the same thread, and then hang them up several strings together. They could resemble a mobile. Indeed, if you have used different colours to make the stars, you could make them into a rainbow mobile.

There is also the opportunity to make every child's favourite classic – the mouse stairs. Start with two paper strips that you glue together all the way out to one end. The strips should be perpendicular to each other. Then you just need to fold the strips over each other alternately. When you reach the end of the strips, you can either glue on more strips if your mouse stairs are not long enough, or you can finish the stairs by gluing the ends together. Sometimes it’s worth using a stapler or some tape to make it hold better.

Of course, the mouse stairs can be made using the colours you like best. You can make them unicoloured, or you can use two different coloured paper strips. If you have the patience – and enough paper strips – you could make a whole Christmas tree garland.

If you have been bitten by the joy of weaving Christmas stars, you can use them for much more than just Christmas decorations on the tree and in the windows. You can use them as to and from cards on your gifts, or you can decorate your gifts with woven stars either with or without the centre braid. You can also weave several of the large stars and combine them to create a pretty and personalised wreath for the door. If necessary, decorate it with a branches of spruce and a bow.

In reality, stars aren't items that only belong to Christmas. Weave a bunch of yellow and white stars together and place them on the wall and ceiling above your child's bed, to create a beautiful starry sky. Some can hang on string from the ceiling. You can also add glue and glitter to make them shine during the day, or you can paint them with luminescent paint to make them shine at night.  

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