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Be creative with punched cardboard and paper figures

If you want to unleash your creative soul, then punched cardboard and paper figures are just the ticket. You will never be too old to play or develop your creative skills. The advantage of drawing, cutting and gluing is that there is no rule or correct answer for what it may end up being. This gives your imagination free rein to create exactly what you think is fun and beautiful.

With cardboard and paper figures, there is room for you to sit and enjoy yourself or gather a group of friends or family around the table. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, maybe listen to some music in the background, while you each draw and cut out different cardboard and paper figures. It’s also a great way to spend time together and have some quality time with the people you care about.

At Creativ Company, you will find a large selection of punched cardboard and paper figures in all kinds of versions and themes. There is something to find for every taste, theme and occasion. You may choose to use the figures in hangings or other decorations for your home.

We find that many private families, daycare institutions, schools and workplaces regularly purchase different cardboard and paper figures. They give you a chance to enjoy yourself and to be able to develop your creative side.

Create your own Christmas mood with paper figures

Cut-and-paste will take on a whole new meaning at Christmastime, if you buy cardboard and paper figures in the right Christmas theme for you. You can create beautiful Christmas garlands, table decorations or figures to hang in the windows. This helps to spread a wonderful Christmas atmosphere both in the home and for those passing by.

We have carefully selected Christmas-themed cardboard and paper figures, so you can put together your own Christmas story. There are figures for both children and adults, so the whole family can enjoy hours of fun and contentment in the welcoming Christmas room.

Make creative table decorations for an event

If you are hosting a birthday party, wedding, confirmation or a themed party, cardboard and paper figures are a huge hit. With our wide range of figures, you can create unique creative table decorations that will catch the guests’ attention.

If the event has a special theme, you can illustrate it with decorations or centrepieces using creative figures. The fun part is making your own table decorations as you want them to be. With creative figures chosen from our assortment, only your own imagination sets the limits for how things will look. It is also you who will get all the recognition from the guests when they see the beautiful table decorations.

Figures in cardboard or paper can provide some fantastic options for creating a festive atmosphere. This makes them a fun and personal solution for decorating the event. They are also an inexpensive solution, which is why many people choose to use them as a table decorations or hangings to create the right ambiance for the day.

At Creativ Company you will find a wide range of cardboard and paper figures in all kinds of forms. There are thus plenty of options for making creative table decorations for a children’s birthday party, Halloween,  Christmas or another festive occasion.

Decorate your home with creative paper figures

Cardboard and paper figures are not only used for special events. We see that many people also use them to furnish their home, day care centre, school or workplace. You can use the figures as decorations in the living room, child’s room, office or hallway, so that guests are greeted with a personal impression when they enter. It is possible to hang the figures from the ceiling or on the walls as decoration instead of a picture.

By using cardboard and paper figures, you can also easily replace them if you want something new up or need to change the theme. For example, this could be the case in a child’s room, if your child thinks it is time for a new creative day where you can cut and paste some new figures together in a special theme.

Be inspired to decorate with cardboard and paper figures

As you may have noticed, cardboard and paper figures can be used for different decorations and events. Therefore, if you are planning a day with family, friends or a kindergarten, take a look at our “Creative Ideas” section, where you might find some inspiration for what you can do next. You will find a wide range of ideas and solutions aimed at both children and adults.

Explore our creative ideas with paper and cardboard and discover the many different possibilities and challenges that you can choose to take on.

A large assortment of cardboard and paper figures at great prices

At Creativ Company, we strive to be your favourite hobby shop when it comes to developing your creative side. That’s why we never compromise on our range of cardboard and paper figures – because you have to be able to choose many materials for your project. We are constantly adding different products, so that you always have new options and challenges to get started. You can always expect a competitive price and fast delivery if you order here online.

Your experience means a lot to us. That is why we take great pride in providing you with the best service and help when you contact us. You can contact us directly by telephone, email or visiting our physical shop in Holstebro. At Creativ Company, our competent and service-minded staff are always ready to meet you and answer your questions. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything on your mind. We look forward to hearing from you!

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