Christmas cornet decorations

It's easy to make your own paper cones to hang on the Christmas tree with these pre-cut templates. Sold in packs of up to 100 cone templates. Choose from many motifs, colours and patterns. You can also buy plain cones that you can design and decorate yourself.



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Choose your favourite motif and colour

In our range, we have a wealth of beautiful cone stencils in different colours and patterns, so hopefully you can find your favourite type in the wide selection. Of course, you will also find neutral cones without patterns, which are available in whitish shades. This gives you a great opportunity to decorate as you wish. We have cones in different sizes and carton thicknesses. Some even come in huge sizes, which can be used for many fun occasions – including as perfect decorations for children’s birthday parties.

Making your own homemade paper cone is a relatively easy (and not least cosy) activity, and both children and adults can participate. It is a creative task that can be adapted according to your ability and age – and you decide how much you want to decorate them.

Christmas and December cones

Many people will quickly draw associations to the heart of all parties, Christmas, when they first hear the word “cone”. And there is good reason for this. The cone is one of the oldest types of Christmas decorations that we have in Denmark. In many Danes’ homes, it is a steadfast Christmas tree decoration.

In our range, we have several printed motifs of cones, which are well-suited to the cosy holiday season. You can decorate your entire house with these cones in different ways. If you want to go the classic way, the cones must of course hang on the Christmas tree and be filled with Christmas treats. But they can also be hung around the windows and function as a beautiful interior ornament.

In our catalogue of ideas you can find inspiration for creating your own cute cones for the Christmas tree. For example, you could make one featuring Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Click here to find the instructions and follow them step-by-step. It is a cone that differs from the classic cones – but which will undoubtedly spread smiles and joy throughout December. It is also guaranteed to be a creative activity that can be shared with the little ones.

Use cones as party decorations

Cones are perfect party decorations – and can be used for more than just decorating. Our range includes large cones that can be used as party hats.

New Year’s Eve is the one day of the year when you simply must wear a hat. Some families and friends have a fixed tradition of dressing up with a fun and whimsical hat. Buy some neutral hats here at Creativ Company, and make it a cosy and festive tradition to decorate your own hats – or even better, design and decorate each other’s hats, which is a fun twist to the norm. This is the perfect entertainment for your New Year’s Eve party (and parties in general) - and both children and adults can participate. Several of our cardboard cones also come with an elastic band attached, so you can be sure that they do not fall onto the dance floor during the party.

In addition to creating quirky and colourful hats, the cones can also be used in other ways as party decorations. This is because cones without handles can be used as decorative lamp shades for LED tealights – this is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to create cosy party lighting. Can be used both indoors and outdoors for garden parties.

Decorate your own cones

If you're feeling extra creative, you can look through our range of paper and cards, where you will find a wealth of different coloured paper. Try using some different paper, such as velvet paper or crepe paper, to make your own unique and special cones. Click on our large where you will find inspiration for different and unique ways of making cones.

But who says that cones necessarily need to be made from paper at all? Cones can also be knitted, crocheted, or done in another completely different way. In this way, you will be able to produce a more distinctive and robust cone that will attract admiration both near and far.

It does not necessarily need to be Christmas and December by the time you choose to put your cones on display. Let them decorate your house all year round – choose neutral colours from our Christmas-proof cone templates. The handle can also be designed in a number of ways. For example, in our range you can find some colourful or patterned yarn that will add the finishing touch to your pretty homemade cone.

Fill the cones with a lot of treats

Most paper cones have a cavity, which of course must be used. Below, we will show you some good suggestions of what you can fill your cones with. Read on and get inspired.

  • Fill them with spruce, moss and cones for a rustic and natural look. This is a particularly good idea for the Christmas season – you can also add a cute little elf to the side of the cone. If the cones are made of sturdy material and thick cardboard, they can also hang on the front door and welcome guests.

  • Fill the cones with homemade treats – such as fried angel wings, Danish peppernuts, and other delicious cookies. Hang them on the Christmas tree, or close the cones with tape and give them as a cute hostess gift.

The history of the cone

The cone is actually one of the oldest decorations on the Christmas tree, and dates right back to the mid-19th century. But its story doesn't start there. Before the cone became a classic piece of Christmas decoration, it was just used a form of packaging, which has since become one of the most Christmassy things we have.

In the old days, the cone was used by the grocer and travellers who sold flour, sugar, grain, and similar products in bulk. They put these  items into the cone, and then closed it using tape.

The tradition of the cone containing something edible has been around for a long time. The old song ”Højt fra træets grønne top” (“From the green top of the tree”) from 1847 uses the following lines to tell us that: “First the tree must be displayed, then eating must be done”. And for this, the cones and braided Christmas hearts are perfect for hiding all kinds of delicacies to be be enjoyed in December.

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