Braided Christmas hearts

It's easy to weave your own paper Christmas hearts with these pre-cut heart templates. Sold in packs of 8 assorted Christmas hearts. Choose from many motifs, colours and patterns.



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There is no Christmas without Christmas hearts

Most people have had a woven Christmas heart or two hanging on their Christmas tree. A Christmas heart is one of the biggest symbols that the heart of all festivities is around the corner. In our range of Christmas hearts, you can choose from several different colours, so you can match them to the other Christmas decorations in your home.

Once you crack the code for weaving Christmas hearts, you will find it difficult to stop. If this is the first time you’re making a woven Christmas heart – don't be afraid. The packs of Christmas heart templates from our webshop are equipped with a comprehensive guide that will help you succeed. Otherwise, you can also click here, where you'll find our online template for the classic woven Christmas heart.

The Christmas hearts can be made exactly how you want them – and in your favourite colours. If we don't have the exact colour you’re looking for, you can always go hunting in our paper and cardboard range, which we have in a wealth of beautiful colours.

Cosy and creative Christmas projects

During Christmas, there is an extra focus on cosiness and togetherness – so it's the perfect time to weave wonderful Christmas hearts with all your loved ones. The hours will pass quickly while weaving Christmas hearts in the company of family and friends, which is why it is also the perfect activity for both children and adults. The little ones can easily help to weave Christmas hearts. Our woven Christmas hearts are available at a good price, so if someone rips one along the way, it won't matter – just get out the next one.  

Arrange a Christmas arts and crafts day for your colleagues, friends or family, where you can sit and weave beautiful Christmas hearts together. This is also a good excuse to enjoy a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate – and to indulge in delicious Christmas treats.

The classic Christmas colours – or the trendy and modern ones?
Red and green – the classic colours that radiate Christmas to the highest degree. However, more and more people have also started to use more neutral tones in their Christmas decorations, which match the rest of the interior design in the home. Therefore, in our range, you can also find more subdued Christmas heart templates that are detailed and incredibly beautiful. These neutral woven Christmas hearts are available in grey, white and black.

Of course, you will also find the classic red Christmas hearts. The ordinary red and white ones, as well as some with pretty patterns and shimmering materials. Mix and match Christmas heart templates freely for a beautiful and charismatic look for the Christmas tree.

Decorate your home with woven Christmas hearts

Of course, it is best to decorate the Christmas tree with lovely homemade Christmas hearts. But there are a wealth of other ways you can decorate your home with Christmas hearts and turn up the Christmas cosiness in several ways.

  • Hang the Christmas hearts on a long string, and create a garland of woven Christmas hearts to be hung from windows, doors and the ceiling.

  • Hang the Christmas hearts on branches to decorate e.g. the hallway or kitchen. If you place them in the hallway, they will provide a wonderful welcome to the many guests who arrive during December.

The Christmas hearts can be hung around your entire home. If the children have helped to weave them, it is obvious that they will want them to decorate their own rooms. From time to time, parents can fill up the woven Christmas hearts with goodies, as a sweet surprise for the little ones.

A good, extra little tip: Weave some lovely Christmas hearts that can be given together with your Christmas card, or as a hostess gift for the winter’s many Christmas lunches. The Christmas hearts can also function as to-and-from cards for the many Christmas gifts under the tree.  

After spending many hours with Christmas heart stencils in your hands, you will of course also need to fill them with sweets and treats. The cosy Christmas hearts can be filled with all kinds of delicacies. For example:

  • Danish Peppernuts
  • Raisins and Nuts
  • Christmas chocolate
  • Homemade confectionery

Fill them up so that the family can enjoy them throughout December, and enjoy checking whether new Christmas treats have arrived.

Need to turn up your creativity even more? 

When the Christmas hearts are woven, you can write a little greeting from the Christmas elf or a sweet Christmas quote – or maybe add the year, so you can always remember exactly that Christmas. to find some of our pretty markers that add the finishing touch to your woven Christmas heart.

If you have a good dose of energy, and you want to dig a little bit deeper into your own creativity, you can also create some different Christmas hearts using materials other than paper. In our range, we have a large selection of hobby items and materials that you can search for.

For example, you can embroider or knit delicate Christmas hearts using our cotton yarn, or make pegboards shaped like colourful Christmas hearts. Only your imagination sets the limits for how you can create your own homemade and unique Christmas hearts. Explore our extensive catalogue of ideas for more inspiration.

The history of the woven Christmas hearts

The woven Christmas heart is a traditional Danish Christmas ornament. An old story tells us that the oldest preserved woven Christmas heart comes from our well known poet and writer H.C. Andersen. This heart was woven using yellow and green paper – and without a handle in the 1860s. A few decades later, the handle was added, and they started to be hung on Christmas trees.

Since then, the weaving of Christmas hearts has been used at Danish kindergartens to strengthen the creative abilities, patience, and fine motor skills of young children. Today, it has become a permanent part of the schedule when creating Christmas decorations around Denmark.  The classic Christmas heart is usually red and white in colour, which may symbolise the Danish flag and national pride. The woven Christmas heart is one of the most Danish Christmas ornaments that we have. Therefore, you must create at least one woven Christmas heart during December.

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