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Check out our wide range of good quality, transparent tissue paper. Tissue paper can be used in countless art and hobby projects. Choose from a wide range of colours or buy packs with assorted sheets of tissue paper.



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Tissue paper for all your creative projects

Tissue paper is a fantastic material that can be used for a wealth of different creative projects. Therefore, tissue paper is a favourite material for all creative souls, who use the thin paper in all projects that require a beautiful, colourful and lightly-transparent surface.

For example, paper decorations can be used to decorate Christmas giftwrapping, or it can be used to cut out small figures that you can glue on e.g. an Easter egg, a glass candle holder, or something else you would like to decorate with an elegant material that has a beautiful and soft surface in clear colours.

In other words, there are so many possibilities with tissue paper, which is why a good stock of tissue paper is a must for any hobby enthusiast. With tissue paper in different colours in your hobby cupboard, you always have something to choose from, and you will discover that there is almost no project that tissue paper in a beautiful colour will not decorate.

That’s why we’re delighted to offer a wide range of tissue paper here at Creativ Company, where you can find tissue paper in all the colours of the rainbow and more, while you’ll also find beautiful tissue paper with elegant patterns and shiny surfaces in e.g. gold or silver.

Light and elegant tissue paper for genuine paper art

Tissue paper is known to be a light and almost transparent paper material. This makes tissue paper suitable for a wide range of different projects, while the light and transparent shape also means you can use it for a multitude of things that normal paper or cardboard are not suitable for. Tissue paper is colourful and incredibly thin, which is why the paper appears transparent.

In addition, tissue paper behaves just like normal paper in many ways, as you can easily cut it, tear it and fold it as needed.

Silk paper also has a pretty surface, which is why tissue paper in all colours and patterns always gives a beautiful and elegant effect to everything it is attached to. Tissue paper is easy to stick on all surfaces using glue or lacquer. 

That’s why tissue paper is the perfect material for all creative souls, and it’s a particularly good choice for those who love to work with paper, and who like to make paper art. As mentioned, tissue paper is easy to cut, fold and roll, which is why you have the same opportunities to make beautiful figures using tissue paper that you have with normal paper.

This is why tissue paper is also a favourite material for Christmas cutting, and decorations for other holidays. For example, tissue paper is also a great choice for bunting, where the light and thin paper is easy to cut, while creating some really nice letters.

There are many options for creating beautiful paper art with tissue paper, and you probably already have a lot of great ideas of what you are going to do next time you are creative.

You can use tissue paper for decoupage

If you want to make nice decoupage, tissue paper is also a safe choice. In fact, tissue paper is perfect for decoupage thanks to its thin and light shape, and its translucent properties will allow the beautiful shades to penetrate the different layers beautifully.

Decoupage is a creative technique from many years back, which in short is just about layering paper around a figure. The different layers of paper are glued over each other around a figure, and in principle you can use everything from newspaper to napkins.

The material must not be too thick, as it will then be too difficult to shape around the figure you have made. This is why tissue paper is a great choice for decoupage, thanks to the fact that its thin and light form, and the tissue paper’s beautiful colours and smooth expression, naturally contribute to making your decoupage unique.

Decoupage can be used on many different items and with many different materials. Therefore, decoupage is a technique that gives you ample opportunity to be creative. For example, you could choose to decorate a nice cardboard box that you have lying around that could use a little boost. For this, you just cover the box with a layer of clear glue, and then glue several layers of tissue paper onto it until the box has the look you want. You can also finish off with a layer of lacquer, to create an even more attractive surface.

The same technique for decoupage can also be used on a wealth of other objects and figures. For example, if you want to make beautiful decorations for your home, you can decoupage homemade figures, or you can cover any other surface with beautiful tissue paper and clear glue.

Decoupage is also a fun technique, which is why working with decoupage is the perfect choice for an activity with your children on e.g. a Sunday afternoon. 

Do you need a good idea? Find inspiration in our catalogue of ideas

Tissue paper is a wonderful material, and is a safe choice for many forms of creative activities. You can use the thin and elegant paper for many types of paper art, you can make beautiful decoupage, and you can make a wealth of other creative things with a selection of tissue paper in beautiful colours.

With tissue paper, you can unleash your creativity, and use the beautiful colours to create gorgeous decorations, make lovely boxes for storing jewellery, etc., or you can use the thin and beautiful paper for some stylish gift wrapping.

But maybe you need a good idea to get started? If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use tissue paper, you’re always welcome to check out our catalogue of ideas, where we’ve put together a lot of different projects that include the use of tissue paper.

Each project comes with a detailed guide, so you can easily make some really beautiful things using tissue paper.

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