Plain card and paper

We have a large selection of good quality, plain card. We carry several types of card for hobby and school use, including plain card, French card stock, tear paper, scrapbook paper etc. Choose from many colours of card or buy packs with several colours. We also have a number of special packs for Christmas and Easter in suitable colours to match the holiday. We also carry card racks for schools and institutions.



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Plain card and paper for your dream project

Some of the basic materials for being creative are paper and card. If you have them, you can almost do anything with a good dose of creativity and dexterity. Fortunately, at Creativ Company we have a huge selection of card and paper in an incredible number of beautiful colours, qualities and types.

This makes it easy for you to stock up so you're ready for your next creative project. Try to buy card in a colour that you don't normally buy. Be inspired by the colour and see what can come out of it. You'll be surprised by what you can be inspired by and what can come out of trying something you don't usually try.

Card isn't just card

Card isn't just card. And paper isn't just paper. They have a whole world of their own, and there can be a huge difference between which paper and card are the best to use for different projects. That's why we've made sure that we always have lots of different types of card and paper in stock.

We have thin, fine paper and thick, strong card. We offer both plain card and paper, as well as paper and card with different patterns and structures. You can also find very thick and rigid kraft cardboard made from recycled cardboard. Finally, we also have drawing paper in different thicknesses and with different surfaces, and you can find French card which has a rougher surface than standard card.

Once you've stocked up on the most gorgeous colours and qualities of card and paper, you just need to get the scissors and glue stick out and get started making beautiful creations for all occasions.

Plain card and paper for all occasions

At Creativ Company you can find plain card and paper in packs with only one colour. But we’ve also made it easy for you if you want to make decorations for one of the holiday seasons. We've put together card in packs with seasonal colours.

Therefore, you can find packs with Christmas card, Easter card and even spring card. Each pack contains a number of sheets in each colour, and the colours that we traditionally use for e.g. Christmas and Easter. A Christmas pack will therefore contain colours such as dark green, light green and red, while an Easter pack will include yellow and light colours.

Having said that, who says that Christmas has to be red and green, or that Easter can only be yellow? At Creativ Company, you have every opportunity to find your favourite colour and use it for Christmas decorations if that's what you want. Even if it’s purple.

We also have the most beautiful tear paper, with a white core and various gorgeous patterns on both sides of the paper. So when you tear it, it creates a really nice effect. It's great to use for collages or decoupage, for example.

Our structured card can be used if you need to make invitations or place cards. Use it togethe with crisp white paper and it will look like a million dollars.

Krea projects with card

You just need find inspiration for projects where you can use plain card and paper. If ideas are a bit thin, you can take a look at our large catalogue of ideas, which is packed with great inspiration, patterns and guides for lots of fun and cosy projects. You will find projects for special seasons, as well as ones that can be used all year round.

When you want to get creative with card and paper, you can approach the project in several ways, depending on what you are going to make. You can cut and stick card and paper onto each other to form nice figures or pictures that can either hang or stand, or even be framed on a wall.

You can also take a slightly different approach and make patterns with things you find in nature that you can use to decorate your figure. You can use the card as a base for a figure made of leaves, beechnuts or twigs. In fact, it is only your imagination that sets the limits for what you can use when making creative things with card.

Plain card and paper are also great for building things. You can fold boxes from the paper, or you can cut and glue boxes from card. If you're using thick kraft cardboard, you can build model houses or other large structures. Remember to have an adult by your side, as kraft cardboard has to be cut with a hobby knife and glued with a glue gun. It’s not suitable for little fingers.

You'll also need an adult to help if children are cutting paper, but if you have a cutting mat and a paper knife, you can cut out the most beautiful silhouettes or mobiles out of plain card. You can find an incredible number of beautiful stencils that you can draw from, so it's easy to design it just the way you want.

Creativity provides peace and extra value in everyday life

Plain card and paper can also just be used for painting or drawing. You can get paper that has a special surface that works well if you're drawing with a pencil, and there's also paper that is better if you want to paint watercolour, for example.

Whether you’re drawing or painting or cutting out pictures from card, they are all creative projects that give you peace and time for immersion. This is a gift in a hectic everyday, and the project actually doesn't need to be more than a ten-minute sketch on a piece of paper. Just calming your brain for a moment makes a world of difference. It means that you can be more present for your loved ones. And then you get to feel yourself and allow yourself to express your innermost feelings in a creative process. This is such precious time.

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