Metallic, varnished and glitter paper and cardboard

Here, you'll find our wide range of paper and card with glitter, metallic and holographic effects. We have a wide selection of special paper including metal paper, glitter paper, holographic paper, gold and silver paper, pearlescent paper, reflective plastic, rainbow card, deco foil, glitter card and much more. Choose from many different types of paper and card or buy packs with assorted colours.



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Beautifully finished, all-purpose Special Paper

Metallic and lacquered paper and cardboard are an excellent complements to the materials we use when cutting and pasting. They also gives a better and more complete results than gold or silver spray, for instance.

Do you like to make your own personal gift cards, decorations and collages? Are you curious to explore all the creative things you can do with paper and scissors and glue?

If you can answer yes to any of this, you should definitely take a closer look at our wide assortment of special paper, metallic cardboard and foil. The applications include everything you can use ordinary paper and cardboard for – and so much more.

Silver, gold, shimmering stars and paper materials in all the colours of the rainbow. You’ll find everything here; it’s an obvious assortment to explore when it comes to making decorations or decorations for those very special occasions where nothing should be missing .

What are the characteristics of the different materials?

When you buy special paper for the creative projects or the fun of making Christmas decorations with friends or family, it can be good to know a little about the materials. Especially so if you want to try something new and you want to be sure that the purchased items suit the purpose.

The market for specialty paper is large, and the assortment is quite varied. Of course, this is also reflected in our rich product assortment, and there is a lot to choose from.

The precise product descriptions and images give a really good impression of the specific products, and you can see the exact dimensions and how many sheets you order, for example.

Here you can read about the different types and designations in general, so that it is easier to get an overview and then select the right product. When bending, shaping and cutting and gluing, the qualities of the materials are just as important as the appearance and colour.

The selection here belongs to the paper category, and this is of course because the most important component in the products is paper or cardboard in various forms. Most of them are then embossed with varnish or otherwise infused with a shiny, metallic finish on one or both sides.

This includes metallic paper and cardboard, glittered paper and cardboard, hologram paper and design paper.

Products of this type can generally be processed in all the same ways as ordinary paper and cardboard. However, you may still find that there are some differences. For example, the individual sheets can be slightly stiffer than cartdboard without a metallic finish. The way they keep their shape when bent can also be slightly different. Also, not all glue types adhere equally well to all surfaces. These are all qualities that the creative soul can utilise with good effect and achieve unique results.

The mother-of-pearl cardboard and paper and the rainbow cardboard are probably the two types most similar to standard cartdboard with regard to texture and other properties.

The most important exceptions are the products made entirely from foil or plastic, namely the hard foil, embossing film, reflective plastic and deco film. Of course, this is also stated in the name or product description, but it can be good to be aware of it in advance.

Metallic paper is ideal for special occasions

Paper and cardboard with a metallic or shiny finish are materials quite suitable for holiday and special occasion decorations.

Shiny Christmas stars in silver or gold are obviously popular ideas, or how about personalised place cards for New Year’s Eve that shine like real fireworks.

The wide assortment of colours and textures opens up countless possibilities and variations, from the most sparkling and festive to the most understated and simple, e.g.,, paper angels with white mother of pearl wings.

As you know, the only limits are those of your imagination. But inspiration opens up new paths and new ideas, and you shouldn't deprive yourself for a look in our massive idea catalogue. Whether you’re cutting stickers for everyday use or special occasions, or decorating the very special and personal gift, there is no doubt a good idea to inspire you.

What is decoupage?

If you are familiar with the world of cutting and pasting and are interested in some of the things you can do with paper and scissors, then you have almost certainly come across the word 'decoupage'. Many of the products here are very suitable for decoupage, and the word is used extensively in our large idea catalogue.

Perhaps you know that decoupage is related to collage and that it is about decorating with beautiful pictures and cuttings. But do you know how the two things are different and what actually makes decoupage what it is?

In short, decoupage is a method by which paper cuttings are used to decorate other objects, e.g., gift boxes, books, lampshades or serving trays. Leaf gold or metallic glossy paper is also often used in decoupage.

The picture or motif in the decoration is fixed to the surface of an object with several layers of a clear, transparent varnish, which can then be polished or sanded down. This gives the whole decoupage a beautiful, even finish, which for the naked eye is reminiscent of finished printing, and you can hardly see some decoupage is done with ordinary paper cuttings. 

Collage is a broad term for works of art or decorations composed of several different elements. Most people have probably tried to make a collage from magazine or newspaper clippings. Of course, the same can be done with coloured and metallic paper like those you find here in the assortment, and really nice effects can be achieved when the colours are combined creatively.

Most decoupage thus has an important element of collage, but not all collages are decoupage. For example, a beautiful and decorative collage can easily function as a picture in its own right and hang framed on the wall.

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