Here, you’ll find our wide range of soft and hardcover notebooks and sketchbooks. Choose from many types of notebooks with either blank, lined or squared paper. The notebooks have covers in rough natural paper with a rough surface. We have soft and hardcover notebooks and sketchbooks in several formats.



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Notebooks for all purposes

If you love being creative in one way or another, a notebook is a good friend to have by your side. The same applies to everyone who is well on the way to learning one subject or another, where a good notebook is essential in order to be able to record the wealth of new information. 

If you are a student, if you have a child at school or if you need a notebook for a creative purpose, our assortment on this page is the right place to look. Here you will find a notebook for your specific needs, where you can choose between notebooks with lined or squared paper, or blank pages.

You will also find differently sized notebooks, all made of rough natural paper, which is pleasant to the touch and lovely to look at, so you don't have to puzzle too much over which design to choose.

Unleash your creativity with a sketchbook

Notebooks are popular for all creative souls who enjoy drawing and painting. Here a classic sketchbook – a notebook with blank pages – is just the right choice, as you have plenty of opportunity to practice and develop your skills.

With a notebook with blank pages and a sharp pencil, you always have the chance to unleash your creativity on the white pages, and since it is easy to carry both items in your bag, a notebook with blank pages is also the perfect accessory when you want to make sketches of something you see in nature, in the city or among the people around you.

In other words, with a notebook in your bag, you can always start developing your creative talent when you feel like it, and since all your sketches will be collected in a durable and practical book, you don't have be afraid of losing them.

Our notebooks are of good quality, with a hard cover that will keep your sketches safe in your bag and elsewhere, and you will always know where to find your sketches.

Notebooks for other creative projects

A notebook doesn't just have to be a collection of blank,  square pages. Within our assortment on this page, you will also find other opportunities to be creative with a notebook that has nothing to do with sketching.

A notebook is also an obvious choice for a nice scrapbook, and we actually sell notebooks made especially for that purpose. You can find notebooks with large, blank pages and plenty of space for pictures and clippings, and the front page of our scrapbooks is also decorated with colours and patterns, and typically also comes with a window so that you can insert a picture of the person the book is about. 

Our scrapbooks are made with strong pages that let you create a very special memory for a loved one to celebrate in connection with a confirmation, wedding, or decade birthday.

In a scrapbook you can insert meaningful pictures and make beautiful decorations that will give the book a unique look and make it a very special gift for any grand occasion.

At Creativ Company you will also find other notebooks that can spark your creative genes, and you can choose inspiration books with lots of good ideas for those who want to learn something new.

Keep track of your thoughts with classic Chinese notebooks

If you enjoy writing down your thoughts, or if it is necessary for school or study, a classic Chinese notebook is a good choice. Chinese notebooks have lined pages, so you can organise your notes and thoughts on the blank pages.

Thus, they are good to have on hand when making a shopping list, jotting down a good idea or any thoughts that you are afraid of forgetting. With a notebook in your bag, you can always write down the important things, and if you use a single notebook, you always know where to find your important ideas, or just your shopping list, whenever necessary.

Chinese notebooks are also a good choice for those who keep a diary and want a practical, simple notebook for all their thoughts. Our Chinese notebooks are notebooks in the simplest sense –  just a blank cover with lined pages, so there will be nothing to distract you from your thoughts as you start writing.

Finally, Chinese notebooks are also an obvious choice for students of every level. A notebook has the advantage having all your notes in one book, so you don't have to fuss with scattered pages that get lost in your bag.

A notebook is an important element for students of all levels, including adults, because no matter where learning takes place, the new skills must be written down to remember them.

Find a notebook in the perfect size

At Creativ Company, you will find notebooks in a variety of sizes, so you can choose a format that fits your needs perfectly. For example, if you love making large sketches and drawings, you may choose a large notebook with blank pages in A4, to give yourself optimum opportunity to express your creativity.

If you need a smaller notebook that fits easily into your bag, you will also find many options. You can also choose medium-size notebooks for plenty of writing space and ease of transport at the same time.

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