Hobby knives and artist's knives

We have a large selection of craft knives and cutting knives as well as replacement blades. You can find craft knives for most types of craft projects. Choose between rotary cutters and circle cutters as well as art and craft knives and fingertip detail knives.



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Great selection of cutting knives and artisan knives

The name Creativ Company reflects the core of our company, as our  main focus is creativity, hobbies and DIY projects. You can do a lot of things on your own, by thinking out of the box, or by being inspired by our catalogue of ideas. When you work with creative things, such as cutting and slicing, you have the opportunity to make a wide range of hobby items for the home.

A tool collection for creative work is hardly complete without a good selection of cutting knives and artisan knives. That’s why we have gathered the products that match this category here on our webshop. This means you can easily find the product(s) you are looking for, or which you foresee will be needed.

It’s always nice to have some good tools at hand, and many things are easier to work with if you don't have to use regular scissors.

Among the products above, you can choose different sorts, and you can click on each product if you want to see more information. On the individual product page, you can see information such as expected delivery time, product number, brand name and EAN number. Specifically for the knives on this page, you will often also be able to see whether the individual model is suitable for right or left-handed people.

Sharp prices for e.g. blades for knives, artisan knives, rotary cutters and cutting knives

We do our best to have sharp and competitive prices on all items in our webshop. It is essential for us that you can get a great knife at a good price. As far as possible, we try to have a wide selection, and we make sure to buy large batches so that we get a better purchase price from our suppliers.

When you buy blades for knives, artisan knives and cutting knives, as well as many other products from our webshop, you can expect to get good products at favourable prices. Some types of knives are more expensive than others, but this is due to e.g. the shape of each knife. The more advanced the knife, the higher the price will probably be.

If you can make do with a simple knife, such as a cutting knife or loose knife blades, the price will be lower than if you want a rotary cutter or perhaps an entire set of cutting knives, chisels and saws.

Sometimes we have great offers on the knives on this page, so you can save more money by buying your products from us.

Why are cutting knives and artisan knives good to have?

A regular pair of scissors is not so easy to use when cutting round shapes, nor is it suitable for cutting out the centre of the paper without cutting your way in towards the centre. Cutting knives and craft knives are great for creating fine lines and, thanks to the tip of the blade, you can control the direction more easily and thereby move the knife around and remove the “inner part” of your paper.

When it comes to regular knives, they are often large and impractical, and are therefore not suitable for crafting. For example, when cutting things such as paper, where you need to really concentrate, it is easier to control a cutting knife, a fingertip knife, or an artisan knife/craft knife.

Rotary cutters are also great to have in your creative tool box. Rotary cutters are perfect for creating straight lines. They’re more handy than scissors, as you just have to run the rotary cutter in a long, smooth movement, whereas scissors require you to move the blades up and down as you cut through the paper. When cutting with regular scissors, it's easy to make serrations unless you are good at controlling them.

What can you use the knives for?

All the knives on this page are intended to cut things such as paper and thin fabric. There are probably many more things you can use the individual knives for than what we have mentioned here. But some obvious uses of a cutting knife are to cut out homemade Christmas decorations, and to cut out paper. However, there may be limits to how thick a layer of paper you can cut through, so for some cutting you may need to use scissors instead.

The other types of knives can also be used for many different purposes. Like the cutting knife, the artisan knife can also be used for homemade Christmas decorations and paper cutting, but it can also be used to cut straight lines that are super sharp, and can easily outperform the same work when using scissors.

Many of our knives in the shop can be used for a wide range of things, and it is up to you whether you want to use them to make creative things or use them as tools in the office.

As the blades may become blunt over time, it may be a good idea to check if there are any loose blades for your preferred model, so that you can replace the blade. Some of the products come with spare blades from the manufacturer.

Get a great deal at Creativ Company

We cut to the limit when it comes to creativity, good customer service, sharp prices, and our great focus on social responsibility and the environment. With us, these things are paramount, and we will do what we can to ensure that you have a good experience every time you do shop with us.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, you can count on us, and you can also count on us to take care of your goods. If you are dissatisfied with your items, we are happy to exchange them. You can either buy things on our webshop or visit our physical store.

We hope you can find what you need here on our webshop. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can find our contact information on our .

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