Watercolour pencils and chalks

Watercolour pencils and watercolour crayons are applied to watercolour paper and can then be toned out with water to create beautiful plays of colour and effects. Choose from many different types of watercolour pencils, crayons and water soluble wax pastels. Take a look at Gallery, a brand of watercolour crayons in high pigment student quality.



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Draw with watercolour pencils and paint with watercolour crayons

Watercolour paper is not only for painting on with watercolour paints. You can also find watercolour pencils and crayons that are perfect for creating beautiful, creative pictures and drawings.

Despite their name, watercolour pencils are different from ordinary pencils. In the old days, the coloured part of the pencil contained lead, but gradually the lead has been replaced by graphite mixed with clay, for example. In watercolour pencils, the actual 'core' of the pencil is made of watercolour paint. Watercolour crayons meanwhile are simply sticks of solid watercolour paint, with the exception of any paper wrapped around them.

We've gathered all the chalks and pencils for use with watercolour paints on this page, as they're all fairly similar to work with and because the finished result is more or less the same, regardless of which type you use. On this page you can find a wide selection of both water-soluble crayons and pencils, and we sell brands such as Neocolor, Gallery and Caran d'Ache.

You can choose from a wide range of colours in both watercolour pencils and watercolour crayons, so you should not let the colour range determine whether you choose one type or another. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's up to you which one you prefer. Both are easy to work with, and many people find it easier to paint and draw with this type of watercolour medium compared to traditional watercolours, which are painted directly onto the paper using a brush.

Often, you can choose between many pencils in one specific colour or a pack with a number of assorted colours.

Three different ways of working with watercolour pencils and watercolour crayons

Traditional watercolours are tubes or blocks of paints designed for watercolour paper and are intended to be applied liquidly, whereby the brush is dipped in a glass of water first to help absorb the paint, which is applied in wet brushstrokes onto the watercolour paper.

This traditional way of painting watercolour pictures has been expanded to include new methods with the use of either watercolour pencils or watercolour crayons. Both of these new methods to watercolour painting can be approached in three different ways.

The first option is to use watercolour crayons or pencils just like regular soft pastels or pencils and simply give the picture a 'dry' look by avoiding mixing the colours with water.

We do recommend however that you try using water to dissolve the paints, as this is where you get a really good interplay of colours, and the water also allows the colours to flow out.

There are two different ways to draw or paint with watercolour pencils or crayons. First, you can apply clean water only to the paper and then paint or draw on top of it to make the colours flow. Alternatively, you can draw or paint the way you would normally do, and then you can use a clean brush to paint on top of your beautiful colours with water.

Whether you prefer to give the picture a traditional watercolour look or you'd rather keep the picture without adding any water is entirely up to you. All three ways of working with watercolour crayons or pencils are completely acceptable, so you should simply choose the approach you prefer. There are advantages, however, to using the latter approach, as this gives you the best control over the process and thus a better chance of achieving the result you're looking for.

Good tips and ideas for drawing and painting with watercolour pencils or crayons

The easiest way to make watercolour pictures with watercolour crayons or pencils is to draw or paint the basic motif you want to create onto the paper first. Then, you can carefully apply water by painting on top of the beautiful colours using a brush and clean water. This is probably the simplest method to choose if you want to achieve the characteristic flowing effect.

There are many ways to draw and paint with watercolour pencils, but there are tips and tricks that can make the process easier. It is particularly useful to get an easy introduction to watercolour painting if you are new to this creative hobby. Everyone has to start somewhere, but hopefully we can help you with this.

The first tip we have is about the thickness and quality of the paper. Using strong watercolour paper with a good structure will enable you to work with the picture more easily while it's wet. Thicker watercolour paper can easily absorb the liquid without kinking. It's easiest to work with a flat surface, so both the paper and what you place it on top of are important.

Our other tip is about the surface that you choose to work on. Whether you use a lot of water or a little water to make your watercolour picture, there is a risk that the liquid, and with it the paint, will penetrate through the paper and into the surface below. It's thus a good idea to protect your surface if it's made out of wood, for example. You can make a waterproof mat using an empty plastic document sleeve and placing it under your picture.

To stop your watercolour picture from moving, you can carefully stick it down onto the mat with masking tape, so that you can work on it without worrying about it sliding up or down.

Learn much more about drawing and painting with watercolour pencils and watercolour crayons

Here at Creativ Company, we're so much more than a fantastic selection of creative items, hobby articles and other products. We also take pride in offering inspiring and informative articles. You can find a large selection of guides and other inspirational articles in our blog.

In addition to our many exciting posts in our blog, you can also delve deeper into all of our creative ideas, and you can find individual guides for techniques such as using watercolour pencils. To find specific instructions for using both types of products, click on either How to draw with watercolour pencils on paper or How to paint with watercolour crayons on paper.

These two articles offer a step-by-step guide to give you a good foundation for creating some beautiful watercolour pictures.

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