Transfer paper

Transfer paper comes in special sheets and has a rubber-like surface that can be decorated with textile paint, textile markers and transferred to textiles. Use transfer paper to scan your own unique designs onto T-shirts, trousers, backpacks and so on. Choose from many types of transfer paper below.



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Create your own beautiful prints with transfer paper

Did you know that there is an easy way to make your own beautiful prints on T-shirts and other textiles? The method uses the smart transfer paper, which everyone can use to make beautiful prints.

Transfer paper is very special paper with a rubberised surface. It can be decorated as normal paper with textile paint acnd textile markers, while it is also possible to put transfer paper into the printer.

The smart thing about transfer paper is that everything you print or draw on it can easily be transferred to your textiles. You do this by ironing the motif on your transfer paper onto a T-shirt, for example, and end up with a beautiful, sharp print that resembles something a professional could have made.

That’s why transfer paper is the perfect choice for those of you who want to create your own unique prints on a T-shirt, for example. Transfer paper allows you to create your very own design with precisely the colours and motifs you love, so you can create a completely personal style that suits you.

You can do the same with prints on trousers, sweatshirts and all other types of textiles. For example, it could be a tote bag, a pillow case or something else entirely that you would like to decorate with a beautiful homemade print.

The possibilities of transfer paper are many, and it is therefore just a matter of being creative with textile markers, textile paint and your printer.

On this page we have gathered our range of transfer paper for your creative projects, where you will find different types of transfer paper that can be used on different coloured textiles. Here you will also find our selection of Iron-On and Smart Iron-On products, which provide number of techniques and lots of exciting options for decorating clothes and other textiles.

Make beautiful photo prints with transfer sheets

It sounds almost too good to be true, but you can actually make stunning photo prints on a T-shirt, for example, by using transfer sheets. That way, you can make a T-shirt with the exact motif you would like,

for example, a print of your favourite pet on a white T-shirt, or a picture of your child on a T-shirt or sweater.

The possibilities are endless with transfer sheets and a printer, because you can print out exactly the picture you want to transfer to a T-shirt or other clothing. A picture of a loved one, or a picture of a beautiful motif to  make your T-shirt modern and stylish, can be printed out quickly and transferred to your textiles, and you will immediately have a gorgeous, personal garment with a sharply rendered motif.

To print a photo on a T-shirt, for example, you need to place your transfer sheet in a printer, and it is crucial that you use an inkjet printer. Then you just need to print out an image as you would normally do with paper. When your picture has been printed, cut out the motif so that you don't get the white background on your fabric if you don't want it.

Then remove the layer of protective paper that is on the back of the transfer sheet. You are now ready to iron your photo onto your chosen textile. Simply put your photo on your T-shirt and cover it with a piece of baking paper, then iron it all over with an iron on the high setting. 

It’s so easy to make a beautiful photo print on a T-shirt with a transfer sheet that anyone can easily do it, as long as you have a normal inkjet printer and some transfer sheets.

Once your motif has been ironed onto your T-shirt, it can also be washed by machine, but it is best to use a 30 ℃ gentle cycle.

Create great details with Iron-On and Smart Iron-On

Iron-On is another clever method that you can use to make beautiful decorations on your clothes. Iron-On consists of beautifully coloured sheets that you can cut into motifs, patterns and text with a hobby knife or Cricut machine. You can cut out your favourite quote or any other motif you would like, and when you have the motif in place, it can easily be ironed onto a T-shirt or other textile.

You can combine Iron-On sheets in different colours and iron them on in different patterns to create a beautifully coloured effect on your T-shirt, or you can stick to a single colour for a classic, minimalist look.

Or try Smart Iron-On, another great technique that will add style and personality to your clothes.

Get a good idea for your next transfer paper project

The options with tranfser paper, Iron-On, and Smart Iron-On are many when it comes to decorating your T-shirts and other clothing. It’s all about being creative and making beautiful clothes, designed exactly as you intend.

Tranfser paper, Iron-On, and Smart Iron-On can also be used on all other types of textiles, so you have ample opportunity to personalise pillows, tote bags and much more.

You can also look in our idea catalogue if you need inspiration to get started using transfer sheets, etc. There we have gathered a wide range of different projects that you can freely start with, and you can therefore always look at our idea catalogue when you need inspiration. You will also find detailed guides so that all projects are easy for everyone to complete.

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