Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint is used to create a magnetic surface. The paint is ferrous, as it has iron dust mixed into it. Magnetic paint can be applied directly onto the wall and can be used to create a notice board to stick your magnets on.



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Break the boundaries with creative magnetic paint

Magnetic paint (ferrous paint) represents a different and fun way of using paint, so you can carry out new hobby projects. It contains particles of iron dust that give the magnetic effect. To achieve good magnetism, it is recommended that you apply a minimum of three layers of magnetic paint to the surface. It is also a good idea to let the paint dry 24 hours between each coat. Be aware that this type of paint is thicker than normal hobby paint.

But what can you actually use magnetic paint for? There are many options, and an iron-rich paint like this can be used by adults and children alike. Some of the more obvious ideas are:

  • Painting wall surfaces - You can use magnetic paint to paint small and large surfaces of a kitchen or bathroom wall, for instance. The magnetic surface will then make it easy to attach children’s drawings, to-do lists or anything else directly to the wall, so everyone in the household can have an overview.
  • Homemade magnetic bulletin board - You may also choose to make your own homemade magnetic board out of ferrous paint. The advantage of making a homemade magnetic bulletin board from scratch is that you can make it in the size that best suits your kitchen, office, etc.
  • Other surfaces for fun and play - There are no limits to what you can do with ferrous paints. You can make small boards to use for fun and play, for example, when your children want to play school for all the dolls and teddy bears. In addition, you can use magnetic paint on other surfaces: in a playhouse, in the child’s room, etc. Only your imagination sets the limits for where and how you can use your magnetic paint.
  • Storage of sewing needles, drawing pins, etc. - A magnetic surface in a workshop, in a shed or in the home office can be used to advantage for holding smaller metal objects such as sewing needles, drawing pins or safety pins. This way, they are always at hand when you need them.

Use ferrous paint to help organise space in your home

In a busy and hectic working day, it can be nice to have a shared bulletin board where everything from to-do lists to meal plans can be put up for the whole family. Do you want to have a large surface to work with, without having to drill holes in the wall? Then it is a good idea to paint some of the wall with ferrous paint to achieve as good a magnetic effect as if you were making your own magnetic bulletin board.

Ferrous paint can make a lot of sense in spaces such as the kitchen or office. In the kitchen, it can be nice to have a magnetic wall, as especially in small kitchens it can be difficult to find space for a freestanding board. Magnetic paint allows you to make the most of your wall space. But a magnetic wall doesn't have to be just for practical purposes; it can also be used for decorations and provide plenty of space to hang your own or your children’s DIY projects. Once you have a magnetic surface in your home, you can also start creating your very own magnets with your own icons for any family member, smileys or Christmas decorations. You can find all the necessary accessories here in our online shop.

Give your home a homemade magnetic bulletin board

An alternative to a magnetic wall, a magnetic bulletin board can be made of ferrous paint, to hang up in any room in the house: in a child's room, kitchen or home office. A homemade magnetic bulletin board can be a good way to add more structure to your home, and in a child’s room it can be used to create an overview of your child’s schedule, home chores, etc.

Before you make your own magnetic bulletin board with magnetic paint, it is important that you measure the size of the intended board. The advantage of making a homemade magnetic bulletin board is that you can be creative when it comes to shape, size, standing or wall mounting. The possibilities are endless to give the board your own unique look.

A homemade magnetic bulletin board with ferrous paint can be used for many things in everyday life: scheduling a workday, preparing a meal plan, overview of pocket money, to-do lists, daily chores and much more. In addition, you can use magnetic bulletin boards for reminders, shopping lists, pictures, postcards and everything else that doesn't fit on the refrigerator door. Last but not least, with a beautiful homemade frame, you can make it part of your home’s decor.

You might also make a homemade magnetic bulletin board together with your child as part of a costume for a dress-up party, carnival or similar events. For example, if your child is dressed up as a robot or a refrigerator, it would be extra cool to use ferrous paint to create a magnetic surface on your belly where magnets and other metal objects could be attached. In addition, you can also give a homemade magnetic bulletin board as a gift to someone special.

We give you plenty of inspiration for new DIY projects

At Creativ Company, we want to create the best framework for children and adults of all ages to be able to develop their creativity. That’s why you can search for a wide range of products and ideas here on our website: so you can always find plenty of inspiration for your upcoming DIY project. You can use our search function at the top of the page to search for ideas for projects with magnetic paint, other than a homemade magnetic bulletin board.

On our website you will also find a selection of idea catalogues where you can dive into a world of creative projects. Among other things, we have several catalogues based on this year’s holidays and changing seasons, so there is something to be done all year round.

Do you have questions about using our magnetic paint on specific surfaces? You are always welcome to ask us for advice, so that you can be sure of succeeding in your creative projects.

Order ferrous paints now and look forward to fast delivery within 3-5 business days.

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