Luminescent paint

Luminescent paint can be used in places you want to light up when the light is turned off. This 'Glow in the dark' paint provides a fluorescent light. There are several colours of luminescent paint to choose from.



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Tips and advice for using luminescent paints

Luminescent paint opens up a wealth of possibilities when it comes to DIY projects. We sell paint in all the colours of the rainbow, which can be used to add a little extra colour to everyday life after dark. But how does it work – and how do you use the paint in practice?

Our paint is fluorescent, which means that during the day it absorbs energy from its surroundings, which it then converts into light when it's dark. It can therefore feel completely magical. The intensity of the light varies depending on how many layers you paint. Luminescent paints have the greatest effect on light surfaces, where you can typically apply 2-4 coats, while on darker surfaces you will need to apply some extra coats to achieve the same effect. Try it out! Remember that the paint must dry completely between each layer to achieve a satisfactory result.

Luminescent paint for large and small hobby projects

Glow in the dark paint is suitable for a number of different projects. The light from the fluorescent paint can create a sense of cosiness and reassurance in your child’s room, or it can be a source of spookyness during this year’s holidays, such as Halloween or Shrovetide. The list of options is long, and you can find plenty of inspiration on our website.

  • Wall motifs – with luminescent paint, you can paint beautiful motifs on the walls of your child’s room that will light up while your child sleeps at night. For example, make your own beautiful night sky, the solar system, flowers, animal motifs, or Disney characters. You can paint according to your own designs, or use a stencil that you can buy or make yourself if you want a completely unique motif. When the motifs light up at night, your child will feel more secure.
  • Decorations - fluorescent paint can be used to make spooky decorations, e.g. for a Halloween party. It is a good idea to make your own figures like ghosts, spiders with glow-in-the-dark eyes, a pumpkin, or a scary witch. Only your imagination will limit how you can best scare your guests out of their senses!
  • Spooky candlesticks and tea light holders - with glow in the dark paint, you can easily decorate your homemade candlesticks and tea light holders for a particularly scary look. For example, you could make your tea light holders look like ghosts, and paint them in any colour so they light up your Halloween table decorations.
  • Themed party - you can hold your very own glow in the dark party, where you can paint everything from decorations to your own clothes with fluorescent You can choose to go all out and make your own decorations, such as place cards, vases or figures painted using luminescent paint. You can also use glow in the dark paint to write your guests’ names, a welcome sign on the door, or a sign over the evening’s menu or drinks menu. There are many options and, with glow in the dark paint, you can be sure that a fun theme will be set for the evening.
  • Hanging decorations - hanging decorations that can be hung in your windows are something you can enjoy making all year round. Especially during the dark seasons, you will benefit from the fluorescent paint, which gives a special light to the creepy ghosts or anything else you wish to decorate your home with. You can use our luminescent paint on many kinds of materials, such as cardboard, papier-mâché or clay.

Make glow in the dark DIY projects at your child’s level

Luminescent paint is definitely something that will add some sparkle to your child's life. The magic of being able to create figures, lamps or drawings, paint them with fluorescent paint, and then see them light up in the dark is something that fits perfectly as a hobby project at a child’s level. The older children can easily paint using luminescent paint on their own. With safety in place, you can throw yourself into many fun DIY projects with your children.

  • Dress up – if your child needs to be dressed up for Shrovetide or Halloween, one great idea to use glow in the dark paint for the dress up outfit. For example, if your child wants to be a robot, you can paint luminous buttons or text on the robot’s belly. You can also make accessories as part of the costume, e.g. a sword out of papier-mâché, which you can then paint with glow in the dark paint. The luminescent paint is sure to turn heads among the other children. Especially for Halloween, it is possible to make spooky costumes using fluorescent paint.
  • Masks - in connection with masquerade balls or Shrovetide, you can start making masks with your children. Masks can be made using normal cardboard, an elastic cord, and a stapler. Then you paint it with fluorescent paint in true glow in the dark style. The advantage of making masks is that they can be decorated with essentially everything from beads to feathers and sequins. Therefore, the whole family is guaranteed many hours of creative entertainment.
  • Figures and decorations - by modelling small figures and decorations, you can make pieces for boardgames, hanging decorations for your windows, or a keyring out of clay. With some layers of glow in the dark paint, you can look forward to the dark and observe the luminous effect in the living room, in your child’s room, or in the home-built fort.

Find inspiration in our catalogues of ideas

Do you need inspiration on how to use our fluorescent paints for hobby projects? At Creativ Company, we love to share our good tips and tricks so that you get new ideas for your next DIY project. That’s why you’ll also find more catalogues of ideas here on our website, that you can browse and be inspired virtually.

Looking for a certain type of luminescent paint? Or do you have questions about the individual products, the procedure, and new glow in the dark projects? We are always ready to guide, so that you can make the most of our products.

Order our fluorescent paint now and have it delivered within 4-6 business days, so you can get started on your new hobby project.

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