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With chalkboard paint, you can make your own chalkboard and use it for writing on with chalkboard chalk. Chalkboard paint is available in several colours. Available individually or in sets with many colours.



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Make your own blackboards at home with blackboard paint

It may sound too good to be true, but you can actually turn any surface of your home into a handy blackboard to write on and draw on as you recall it from school.

The magic ingredient is called blackboard paint, and it is the component that allows you to easily and quickly paint a homemade blackboard on a wall or a door in your kitchen, for example. There is virtually no limit to the surfaces you can turn into a blackboard with this paint.

Blackboard paint is easy to use by anyone. Just identify a surface in your home that you want to turn into a blackboard. For example, it could be a boring door in the kitchen, a free area on a wall, or even a kitchen table if you want to be able to be creative on a large scale.

Once you have set the right surface, start by thoroughly cleaning it. It is also a good idea to make a quick pass over the surface with some sandpaper to make the paint stick better.

Then you will be ready to get out the blackboard paint. Apply the paint to the chosen surface in an even layer with a foam roller. When the paint is dry, repeat the process once or twice and 24 hours after the last application, the surface will be ready.

Now you have a homemade blackboard on the wall, door, table, etc. that you can use exactly as you would use a normal blackboard. You can easily write on your blackboard with normal school chalk or you may choose chalk in all the colours of the rainbow to decorate your blackboard with beautiful figures and patterns.

With blackboard paint, it is easy to transform a boring door into both a to-do list and a work of art, while all other imaginable projects can also quickly become reality with a little creativity and a coat of blackboard paint. 

Homemade blackboard for children's rooms

A DIY blackboard is a perfect choice for the child’s room. For example, it might be on the inside of the door, on the side of a cupboard, or on a free wall space.

There are many options for creating a beautiful homemade blackboard inchildren's rooms, and there is no doubt that your child will love having the opportunity to write on the door, wall or cupboard with beautiful, colourful chalk. Children can unleash their creativity and paint the entire wall with beautiful figures, etc., while the blackboard can also be used to practise both alphabet and numbers when the child starts school.

A homemade board is a good, fun way to learn when it comes to maths and alphabets, and with a DIY board in a child’s room, you, as a parent, will also find it easier to join in and teach your little one when they have to spell their way through the alphabet for the very first time.

Blackboard paint for all surfaces and projects

You don't have to limit yourself to using your blackboard paint on a wall or a door. Blackboard paint can be used on virtually any surface, so it’s just a matter of being creative and finding a surface you want to write or draw on with chalk.

This is particularly useful in connection with your hobby projects, where you would like to make something extra out of a decoration for the table or for the wall, for example. You can use your blackboard paint on a small wooden panel and then write a little message on it to match the theme for Easter or Christmas, for example..

Stone is another decorative object that will look quite nice with a coat of whiteboard paint. The black stones can also make beautiful Christmas or other decorations on their own, and you can also write small messages on the stones.

With blackboard paint and a piece of wood , you can also make your own fabulous artworks for the wall. You can cut a piece of wood into an interesting shape, such as a small heart, which you can then paint and decorate with white or coloured chalk.

You can also paint a toolbox or hobby box and decorate and write on it when it has dried. You can do the same on all other elements of your home decor that you think look a bit boring and would like to decorate.

The attractive blackboard paint serves as decoration in itself, while you can of course make your things even more personal by drawing lovely patterns or writing a moving text.

In other words, the possibilities of blackboard paint and a little creativity are many, making it the perfect purchase for any creative soul who loves to decorate and personalise things in the home.

Find a good idea for your next blackboard painting project

If you would like more good ideas for projects with blackboard paint, you are always welcome to look in our idea catalogue. Here, we have gathered a wide range of different projects that include blackboard paint, so you can always look at it for inspiration for creative applications form the paint.

All our projects in the idea catalogue come with detailed guides on how to complete each project, and you are always encouraged to follow our instructions to the letter in order to successfully complete the project. Or, you may choose to just use our ideas as inspiration for your own projects.

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