Painting overalls and aprons

You can find our selection of artist coats, smocks and aprons for both children and adults here. Choose between smocks, lab coats, aprons and disposable aprons.



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How do you choose the right painting smocks and aprons?

It’s great to be able to immerse yourself in the world of painting and set aside a morning or afternoon for a DIY project alone or with the family. But paint tends to find its way onto all the places where it isn't welcome. It is therefore a good idea to invest in painting smocks or aprons for the whole family.

On our website you can see an overview of our wide range of painting smocks, aprons and disposable aprons. But how do you choose the right apron? We’ve compiled a list of things to consider before your purchase:

  • Disposable apron or plain paint apron? - A disposable apron can be a good solution for you when facing a busy schedule. Once you have finished painting, you can dispose of it immediately and avoid having to take further care of it. If, on the other hand, you already now know that will be painting a lot or plan to in future, it is worth investing in a reusable, more durable painting apron. You can wash it again and again and have it as a fixture in your hobby box.
  • Size and length - We sell painting smocks and aprons for both children and adults, so remember to choose the right size. Our aprons also vary in length if you want protection right down to the knees, which many of our disposable aprons give you. Our customers preferences vary widely. All dimensions are stated on the individual products, so you can find out which design suits you best.
  • With or without a collar? - You will find painting smocks with or without a collar. Especially for children, a collared design makes sense for optimum protection, as the small hands tend to spread the fresh paint all over the body.
  • With or without sleeves? - Many of our painting aprons and smocks come with sleeves to prevent you or your children from getting paint up your arms, so you avoid worry about paint stains and can instead be attentive and immerse yourself with your children in the painting project. Please note, however, that all of our disposable aprons are sleeveless.
  • Colour and design - Choose from several colours and designs, e.g., black, white or blue when you buy painting smocks and aprons through our online shop. If you are a diligent hobby painter or a professional, you will soon be spending many hours in your apron. That’s why it’s important to find a model that fits your taste, while ensuring a good range of motion and comfort.

Painting aprons are an essential accessory for young and older painters.

The good thing about painting projects is that they can bring the whole family together. With our selection of painting aprons and smocks for children and adults, you can easily outfit the whole family for a shared hobby day.

But what can you actually do as painting projects? There are many options for making projects for children and adults of all ages:

  • Finger paint for the little ones – The little ones in the family are sure to find it fun and entertaining to get started with finger painting. It may be a good idea to invest in one of our painting aprons with sleeves, so that you are fully-protected from the start.
  • Hand and Footprints - Painting is a great way to capture your children's hand and footprints to compare over a number of years and see their growth over time. At the same time, it is an obvious gift idea for grandparents. Make them on one of our canvases or on salt dough.
  • Painting on canvas - Older children and adults can enjoy painting motifs on a canvas. You can paint anything from portraits of one another, landscapes, or something abstract from your imagination. For years to come, these images will evoke memories of a lovely, pleasant day.
  • Painting individual parts and DIY projects - Do you need ideas for creative DIY projects that the whole family can do together? For children and adults of all ages, it can be entertaining to make your own cars, animals, people, highrises, ice cream stands, greengrocers and much more using ordinary cardboard and paint. Simply put on a painting smock or disposable apron and unleash your inner creative soul.

Jump into our disposable apron and immerse yourself in a painting project

Our disposable aprons are perfectly suited for a single painting project over a weekend or during a school holiday. With a disposable apron, you are guaranteed the best protection while not having to spend time and space washing and storing painting smocks. At the same time, our disposable aprons are of a good length that provide the best protection for your fine clothes.

Our disposable aprons are sold in packs of 100. They are sleeveless, thus will fit all adults in the household, making them easy to use. Their lack of sleeves also gives you a good range of motion. With disposable aprons on hand, you are always ready to start a new DIY project. Moreover, they are also nice to have on hand for the more practical painting tasks, e.g., painting walls, fences or furniture around the house. Although 100 may sound like a lot, you will surely make use of them.

We help you find inspiration for new painting projects

At Creativ Company, we pay tribute to creativity and good ideas. Therefore, on our website we have published several different idea catalogues, some of which are based on different seasons and holidays. In just a few clicks, you can find plenty of inspiration for new DIY projects for the entire year, where you can paint and use your newly purchased painting smocks, aprons or disposable aprons.

Looking for a specific painting apron? Or do you have questions about some of our painting smocks? You are always welcome to contact us so that we can help you.

On our online shop you can order painting smocks, aprons and disposable aprons for the whole family, so you will be ready for the next hobby project. We deliver anywhere in the country within 3-5 business days.

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