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Browse our selection of lino blocks for lino printing. Lino blocks are used to cut patterns in that you can then use as a relief surface. Choose between both hard and soft linoleum.



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Our range of lino blocks

On this page we have gathered our selection of lino blocks, which are available in both a hard and a soft version. The hard versions require a little more effort to cut, and are therefore well suited for the adults.

Our lino blocks are also available in different thicknesses, sizes, and colours. We sell lino blocks individually, as well as in bulk packages which are more cost effective. Hurry up and buy your lino blocks, so you can quickly get started on your creative project.

A lino block is made of resin, lime, linseed oil and wood flour. Underneath this layer, there is a robust and coarse canvas that is woven from the plant fibres of the jute plant.

How to use lino blocks

Have you tried linoleum printing before? If the answer is no, then it’s high time to try out this beautiful form of decoration. Because you can create incredibly beautiful pieces of art in this way. Linoleum printing is a pretty and simple printing technique, which allows you to make one beautiful graphic print after another.

Lino blocks are the first thing you need if you want to try out linoleum printing. Below we have made a step-by-step guide to linoleum printing. You'll see that the lino block is central to the process.

  • You can't perform linoleum printing without a block. A lino block is used for cutting and carving a beautiful motif.

  • Then you apply block printing ink to the block's elevations. Let the ink get all over it, so you don't miss any nooks and crannies. Here you need to stay focused and exercise some patience. If it is not done properly, you risk ending up with poor results.

  • When the ink is everywhere, the motif needs to be transferred to a piece of paper or fabric. And voila, you’re left with a beautiful piece of art – which you can then hang on the wall or give away as a gift. Remember that the image will be reversed like a mirror image when you press the ink onto the fabric.

A good tip: Remember to choose a piece of fabric or paper that will handle the ink well, such as a piece of fabric that absorbs nicely and where the ink will remain. Click here to find our selection of fabrics.

Now that we have shown you the process, do you still have the courage to try linoleum printing? Don't worry, it’s a creative project that’s easy to embark on – and it only requires a few tools. Specifically, you need the following items before trying out linoleum printing:

  • Lino blocks, which you will find a large selection of on this page
  • Lino knife
  • Block Printing Ink
  • Lino Roller
  • Paper, cardboard or fabric

All of these tools are of course available at Creativ Company, so you can buy it all together and have it delivered within a few working days.

A creative project for both children and adults                        

Producing linoleum prints is an incredibly fun and cosy project that is suitable for both children and adults. They can be designed in a wide range of different ways and shapes, and you can decide the skill level of your project.

If you let your children participate, remember to be a bit cautious. Let them think of ideas for motifs and patterns, while you do the cutting work in order to avoid injuries. Also remember to wear aprons when creating these beautiful pieces of lino block art. The ink can quickly make a mess, so put on an apron so it doesn't get all over your clothes. A good tip is also to use disposable gloves, so that you don't get ink on your fingers.

Create your own unique artworks

The options are endless when making linoleum prints, and you can create your own unique and homemade motifs on both fabric and paper.

In our extensive , you will find many suggestions on how to use linoleum printing. However, we have outlined some good examples below which might inspire you:

  • Unique invitations. This is ideal for a wedding, where you as a couple can create your own type of motif that characterises you as a couple.

  • Attractive garments. In our range, you will find a wealth of different ready-made textiles, to which you can add your own personal touch using linoleum prints.

  • The classic work of art. Of course, you can also create a classic work of art on a piece of A4 paper or cardboard, which you can then frame and hang on the wall. In this way, you can add your own unique touch to your home decor.

In fact, only your imagination can limit linoleum printing. Experiment and try out some different methods.

A classic and old form of craftmanship

The technique behind linoleum printing is ancient, and is actually derived from the classic wood cut-outs which date back to the 1300s. As an art form, linoleum prints gained popularity in the early 1900s, when major international artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse began to work with the material. This art form quickly spread around the world, and is still used today by many established artists.

To this day, linoleum printing continues to be ultra popular, and many schoolchildren are familiar with it from art class. This art form can also be seen on many modern and trendy posters – but you also have the opportunity to make your own linoleum posters using materials from Creativ Company.

Linoleum printing still lasts many hundreds of years later. It is probably one of those graphic printing methods that will never go out of style. You can shape the art form as you wish, and it is suitable for all ages. Whether you are a child or a professional artist, you can spend time in front of lino blocks. This art form has an incredible number of possibilities, and you just need to immerse yourself in it. The advantage of linoleum is also that it is a relatively inexpensive material, and it does not require you to own many aids before starting some entertaining and creative activities.

Here is will be a brief introduction to the history of linoleum printing, up to the present time.

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