Drawing pens

We carry a large selection of good quality drawing pens. Our drawing pens are available in various qualities that are suitable for both school and institutions as well as hobby use. Most markers in the range are water-based, fine quality markers. Choose from a wide range of pen sets and packs.



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Drawing markers for all your creative projects

If you love to be creative, and if you can't get enough of powerful, beautiful colours, a set of drawing markers is a good choice for your collection of hobby items. rawing markers give you a means to easily and elegantly decorate your projects with beautiful colours, making them even more lively and pleasing.

There are no limits to how creative you can be with our high-quality drawing markers, which can be used on many different surfaces.

On this page you will find our assortment of various types of quality markers to choose from. Most of our drawing markers are water-based, and all of them are of high quality, making them suitable for all types of hobby use.

We sell large packages of drawing markers, as well as smaller marker sets containing all the colours you need for your projects.

Our drawing markers give you intense colours that will shine through, on paper and cardboard, while other absorbent surfaces will also be perfect for using them.

That is why drawing markers give you many options in your creative projects, so you can always pull them out when you want to decorate a figurine or something else with some beautiful colours and motifs.

Drawing markers have the advantage being better for small, fine details, while it is also easier to use drawing markers as opposed to paint, since you won't have to clean up paint and brushes.

That’s why drawing markers can easily be used to draw cute motifs on your Christmas clippings, and it can be used to make beautiful drawings in other creative projects.

Drawing markers for your children

Drawing markers are a perfect choice for any child who loves to draw. With a collection of drawing markers in every conceivable colour, your children will have plenty of chances to let their creativity loose. As parents, it is always exciting to follow what is happening on the blank surface.

A multicoloured marker set is a dream for every child, because with drawing markers and a piece of paper on the table, there are no limits to what your child can create. There are no rules when it comes to drawing with drawing markers, and your child can therefore do exactly what suits him or her, which is why drawing is an important part of every child's creative development.

Drawing markers can also be used by children of all ages, because they do not make a mess, the way that paints in tiny hands can. That’s why very young children can easily be included when drawing markers are in use, while the older children will also love using the beautiful and colourful markers.

For the youngest ones, it will be a great experience just to see how the colours come from the markers onto the paper, while the slightly older children can spend hours with their colouring books or creating their very own artworks from scratch.

For children, the possibilities with drawing markers are as open-ended as they are for you and most children will love owning a beautiful set of quality markers with quality markers in every imaginable colour. Therefore, you can also involve your children in your creative projects if they want to try something other than drawing on paper.

You can make small cardboard houses for your children to decorate, or planes, birds and other figures for them to colour in with their very own drawing markers.

With a marker set, your children can make their very own decorations for their room, making marker use  even more meaningful for them.

Quality markers for schools and institutions

At Creativ Company, schools and other institutions can also find all the drawing markers needed. We sell high-quality markers in large volumes, so you can buy a large pack of 12 different colours and 24 markers of each colour.

With a large marker set, the children will always have the opportunity to get a functional and colourful marker when the creative urge arises, whether in day care or kindergarten. A good set of functional markers is of course also a must for school pupils' creative hours.

The quality of our markers makes them suitable wherever many children need to use the markers frequently.

Get inspiration for your next project with drawing markers

Drawing markers of one kind or another give you a wealth of exciting creative opportunities. Our high-quality markers create beautiful colours and they are durable, which makes them ideal for projects where you want to colour a surface or draw small details.

In other words, the possibilities with drawing markers are many for those with creative fingers, and the same applies to all children, who will use the beautiful colours in colouring books, on blank paper and for other creative projects.

If you love to draw with drawing markers, and if your children also love their marker set, you can find inspiration for your next creative project in our idea catalogue. As mentioned, the options with drawing markers are many, and it can therefore be nice to have some inspiration for exciting projects with drawing markers.

In our idea catalogue you will find a wealth of different projects that you and your children can freely start on a Sunday afternoon or on holiday. Some of the projects are best suited to adults, while many projects can easily be done with children. 

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