Acrylic markers

Our range of acrylic markers can be used to draw on virtually any type of surface. The markers can be used on paper, card, papier-maché, wood, stone, glass, textiles and plastic. Choose from many different types of acrylic markers, sizes and brands. For example, we carry the well-known Posca markers and Plus Color markers.



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A large and comprehensive selection of acrylic markers

Drawing and painting is a fun pastime for young and old alike. Acrylic markers are a subcategory of markers, and because they're such a specific type, we've chosen to gather them in one place. We sell such a large selection of acrylic markers that you'll probably have to click through several pages in order to view our entire range.

It's important for us to have a wide assortment, and in addition to all the other products, you can find specific acrylic markers from brands such as Posca and Plus Color. You may need to click onto the next page of products to find precisely the Posca or Plus Color marker you want.

There are almost no limits to what you can do with acrylic markers. You can use them to draw or paint on many different surfaces, and we sell a wide range of colours, tip thicknesses, pack sizes and types. We also sell acrylic markers from many different brands. Take a look around our webshop and we're confident that you can find acrylic markers to match your needs.

Unwind and immerse yourself in painting or drawing with acrylic markers

The creative gene runs deep in many people who enjoy making things themselves. There's something special about homemade things, as we know that the person who has created them has often put their body and soul into the finished result.

When it comes to unwinding after a long week, the obvious choice might seem like being inactive and passively entertained by the TV. In our opinion however, it's much better to do something active and/or creative, so that you activate your brain while creating something that you or another person can use.

The best hobbies are the ones that stand the test of time, and painting and drawing are both some of the most popular creative pastimes. There is a wealth of different activities that you can do either alone or with friends or family. When you’re enjoying yourself and creating something under your own steam, the focus is on the present and togetherness, and it’s a perfect way to unwind.

Painting and drawing with acrylic markers is for everyone

Acrylic markers come in many different sizes and colours. We believe that you never grow out of doing creative things, and this is certainly the case with painting and drawing. Painting or drawing with acrylic markers allows you to relax while spending your time on something constructive. There are many ways to unplug and unwind, but painting and drawing is a perfect activity for bringing the whole family together.

Whether you prefer simple markers with toned-down matte colours or are more into bold, bright colours and metallic hues, we have a good selection. In short, we offer a selection of markers for all ages that also caters for a wide range of different projects and personal preferences.

Young children should be supervised by an adult when painting and drawing with acrylic markers, as they have a tendency to put things in their mouths.

Examples of things you can paint or draw on with acrylic markers

Acrylic markers are a special type of marker. They're actually a combination of ordinary markers and paint. The dye in the markers contains acrylic, which is a plastic material. A lot of paint also contains acrylic, so you can expect markers with acrylic ink to provide excellent, saturated coverage. Compared to standard markers, which have a colour that allows you to see through to what's underneath, acrylic markers are ideal for projects where a plain block colour is desired and either full or partial coverage.

Some specific examples of mediums suitable for drawing on with acrylic markers are:

  • Paper (for making and colouring 'ordinary' drawings)
  • Card (e.g. invitations)
  • Papier-mâché (for example a papier-mâché pig, on which you can draw eyes and a mouth)
  • Wood (e.g. figures or designs for Christmas, Easter or Halloween decorations)
  • Stones (make your stone collection beautiful by drawing or painting on them – you can also write the date and place on a stone that you picked up somewhere special you visited on holiday)
  • Glass (old jam jars can be used to store things like rubber bands and paper clips, and you can decorate the jar with small drawings of what’s inside the jar)
  • Textiles (e.g. you can create a fabulous original drawing or write something special on a T-shirt, either as a gift to yourself or for others)
  • Plastic (old plastic items can be cleaned and decorated to give them new life, for example as storage containers)

There's a big difference in how waterproof these markers are, so if you're planning on using your acrylic markers for drawing or painting on something that requires regular washing, you should go for the most waterproof products.

Advantages of buying acrylic markers from our range

We always do our best to be transparent about both our products and our company as a whole. Acrylic markers from our range are good-quality products that you and others can enjoy. When you buy products from our webshop, you can rely on quality products and good service, and we're proud of our high rating on Trustpilot.

We offer fast delivery and secure payment with all payment solutions.

Creative moments of togetherness are our passion

Our hearts beat for everything that has to do with creativity and bringing people together. We love to use both our hands and heads on creative projects, and our hope is that we can pass on this pleasure to all our customers who shop with us. You can expect many productive hours of entertainment, creativity and cosiness with a good selection of acrylic markers.

We're focused on ensuring that everything functions exactly as it should. So you can expect a positive, safe experience when you shop with us. We take care of you as a customer, just as we are committed to nurturing good relationships among our employees, suppliers and others.

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