School acrylic paint

School paint has been specially developed for use by children. The acrylic paint is suitable for most light-coloured surfaces and can be used on card and cardboard, packing paper, white paper, canvas panels, plaster, pulp, polystyrene, cotton wool, white plastic face masks, light terracotta and much more. School paint is also called poster paint, and is available in many colours, sizes and school sets.



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The perfect choice for creative projects with kids

When it's time for children to get creative, there’s almost nothing better than painting. Kids love the many colours that they can use to create their own artworks. For a child, there's not many things more exciting than a blank canvas and a rainbow of paint colours on the table, because it gives their creativity and imagination free rein.

When children paint, nothing is planned out in advance, and there are no rules or structure for what can happen. This means that children can paint whatever they feel like, which is why painting with kids is the perfect way for them to let their imagination run free.

Painting projects are popular with most kids, and children get so much satisfaction from seeing the completed piece in all its beautiful colours, which they can then present to Mum and Dad or hang up in their own room.

Painting with children is an ideal choice for a fun activity on a Sunday afternoon or a rainy day holiday, because the hours will soon pass with paint on the brush and a blank canvas, while the child gets the opportunity to discover and develop their creative sense and artistic skills.

Here at Creativ Company, we've gathered a large selection of the popular school paint, which is paint specially developed for children to use. We stock school paint in all the colours of the rainbow, and you have the opportunity to buy both large packs and individual paint colours.

Non-toxic paint for your children

The reason school acrylic paint is a good choice for children is that it has been developed to meet strict requirements in regard to the environment and harmful ingredients. School paint makes the perfect paint for all creative kids, as you are assured that it does not contain any toxic substances that could be harmful to children.

This is a big advantage, because as you probably know, paint can end up in all sorts of strange places once a kid has a brush in their hand, so it's very important to ensure the paint is not dangerous to get in the eyes, mouth or on the skin.

Our school paint is also environmentally friendly. That’s why our school paint has been awarded an 'A' eco-label, which is your guarantee as a consumer that the paint will not harm the environment around us.

School paint for all surfaces

Despite the strict environmental and health requirements, school acrylic paint is still paint, with all the properties that implies. This means that the quality of school paint has not been compromised, so it can be used for exactly the same things that you would use other acrylic paints for.

School paint can be painted on with a brush, dabbed on with a sponge or applied with a roller, so your child has ample opportunity to use a wealth of different techniques in their creative projects.

Our children’s paint is also of a good quality, so the children’s final projects will shine with the brightness they deserve.

While our school paint is especially effective on white surfaces, it's also very versatile, as it can be used on paper, card, paint boards, plaster, plastic masks and much more. In general, the more absorbent the surface, the better the paint, as the colours here will become more intense. On dark surfaces, the paint will not stand out as strongly, as it will not cover quite as well.

In other words, if you have a white or light surface, there are almost no limits to what your children can create with school paint. So there's no reason to limit yourself to the classic surfaces such as paper and paint boards. You can let your children try something new by painting on masks or plaster figures, which will give them even more exciting opportunities to be creative.

School paint for schools and institutions

School paint is so-named because it's such a popular choice for schools and institutions. When lots of children need to paint and be creative, safety needs to be in focus, so school paint is the right choice here thanks to its safe ingredients and environmental labelling.

The same applies to institutions such as kindergartens and after-school clubs, where school acrylic paint is a safe choice that guarantees plenty of entertainment for all those young creative minds.

At Creativ Company, you can buy school paint in large batches and in all the different colours, so you can be sure that there will be plenty to go round each time art is on the schedule at school or you have creative play planned at kindergarten.

Good ideas for your next creative project

With school paint, there are plenty of opportunities to start painting exciting motifs on paper and paint boards. As we've already mentioned, with a blank canvas there's nothing to stop children from really letting loose their imagination, which is why this type of creative activity with school paint is a good choice for all children.

But if your children are getting a little tired of painting on the same surface over and over again, you can try to boost their creativity with a different project where the children can use their school paint.

If you need a good idea for a creative project with children that includes school acrylic paint, try taking a look at our catalogue of ideas. Here, we've compiled a selection of creative projects that you can freely be inspired by for your next project.

You can find good ideas on what you can use school paint for, so it's a great place to look if you need some inspiration for what you and your children can do together this weekend.

In our idea catalogue, you'll find detailed guides on how to carry out each project. Each idea also contains a shopping list, making it even easier to get started with a new project.

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